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In this Valheim Plains Biome Guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know about this deadly Biome and how to defeat its monsters.

Where is the Valheim Plains Biome?

The Valheim Plains Biome is located about halfway between the center of the Map and the edge. That means that you won't find it on the starting island or any of the nearby islands; you'll need to get a Boat and travel quite a distance before you find this Biome.

While the Mountains are tough enough in their own right, the Plains Biome represents a severe difficulty spike. Deathsquitos will instantly kill under-equipped players, and roving bands of Fulings are nothing to sneeze at, either. Do not enter the Plains lightly, lest you find yourself unable to get your equipment back.

Aside from an array of deadly creatures, the Plains Biome is home to large Birch forests. That makes this Biome a good location for securing large amounts of Fine Wood for your Building and Crafting projects.

Valheim Plains Biome Creatures

There are no passive Creatures in the Plains Biome other than the occasional Gull.

Valheim Plains Biome Plants

  • Cloudberries
  • Flax
  • Barley

Valheim Plains Biome New Items

  • Black Metal Scrap
  • Fuling Trophy
  • Fuling Berserkey Trophy
  • Fuling Shaman Trophy
  • Fuling Totem
  • Growth Trophy
  • Tar
  • Lox Meat
  • Needle

Valheim Plains Biome Guide - List of Enemies

Valheim Plains Biome Guide - List of Enemies

Here are the enemies you can expect to find in the Plains Biome.


The Deathsquito is essentially a gigantic mosquito. It hits pretty hard and has been the death of many an underequipped player over the years.

Deathsquitos may seem impossible to deal with, but they're pretty easy to kill once you know what you're doing. Deathsquitos will fly in a circle around you until they charge straight at you to attack. You can either parry the attack and follow up with a melee hit or snipe them with a Bow from afar. Wait for the right moment and you can emerge victorious.


Fulings are simple-minded creatures that carry either a Sword, a Spear, or a Torch. Don't let their small stature deceive you -- Fulings hit hard and can kill you quickly, even if you have top-tier gear.

Treat Fulings like any other melee enemy and parry their attacks. Deal with large groups one at a time, and don't be afraid to run. Overconfident players can be quickly overwhelmed, especially if they're near a Fuling Camp.

Fuling Berserker

Fuling Berserkers are gigantic creatures with massive clubs, typically only found near Locations like the Fuling Camp. Your only saving grace is that their attacks are slow. Skilled players with good gear can parry their main attack, but Berserkers also have a triple club swing that hits a little harder -- it's better to dodge this attack rather than attempt to parry it.

Fuling Shaman

A Fuling Shaman is a spellcaster that makes the situation about a hundred times worse by casting a protective buff over his fellow Fulings. That's not to say they're defenseless, mind; the Shaman can also cast a nasty fireball attack.

Shamans should always be your #1 target when you're attacking a Fuling Camp. Preferably, you'll want to kill them before they cast any spells. If you can't, your fight against all of the other Fulings will be much harder.


The Growth might simply look like a black slime, but it's much tougher than its brethren in the Swamps. The Growth wields a nasty ranged attack that does a fair amount of damage and also slows you down severely.

Fortunately, Growths and Fulings are not friendly to one another. A useful strategy for dealing with either is luring a Growth near a Fuling Camp and letting the two groups of enemies fight it out, allowing you to finish off the survivors with greater ease.


Lox are gigantic, furry creatures that are highly territorial. They won't bother you if you keep your distance, but they'll happily stomp you or your Buildings to pieces if you get too close to them. The meat from these creatures can be used for some pretty great Cooking recipes, and that's not the end of their usefulness -- they can also be tamed and ridden as mounts. Check out our Animals Guide for more details on how to raise Lox.

Who is the Boss in the Plains Biome?

Yagluth is the boss of the Plains Biome. You'll have to collect 5 Fuling Totems from Goblin Camps and other Locations to summon him.

Valheim Plains Biome Guide - Locations

Valheim Plains Biome Locations

Here are the notable locations in Valheim's Plains Biome.

Fuling Camp

Valheim Plains Biome Guide - Goblin Camp

A Fuling Camp can have over a dozen Fulings along with a couple of Fuling Berserkers or Fuling Shamen. Do not approach this location lightly. It's best to attempt to pick off Fulings from afar with a Bow rather than charge in.

While this location can be deadly, visiting it is an unfortunate necessity -- it can be home to a Fuling Totem, the item you need to summon the fifth boss Yagluth. (Bear in mind, there is no guarantee that a Fuling Totem will spawn at every Fuling Camp!) You can also occasionally find bits of useful treasure such as Coins and Black Metal Scrap.


Valheim Plains Biome Guide - Ruins

Ruins are long-forgotten structures that usually have one or two Fulings hanging about. The only notable feature is a treasure chest at the top of the stairs.

Stone Tower

Valheim Plains Biome Guide - Stone Tower

These are much like the Stone Towers you'll see elsewhere in the world, although these have clearly been reinforced with Fuling constructions.

Stone Towers may have treasure inside or a Fuling Totem. Once you clear them out, though, they can make a fine location for a temporary base.


Valheim Plains Biome Guide - Stonehenge

Stonehenges may have a treasure chest somewhere near the circle of pillars. These valuables are usually protected by Fulings (and occasionally Fuling Berserkers).

Critically, you can sometimes find the Yagluth Vegvisir in or around a Stonehenge. Make sure to check out this place if you're trying to track down the Plains' Boss.

Tar Pit

Valheim Plains Biome Guide - Tar Pit

A Tar Pit is where you can find Tar. (Big surprise there!) This location is also a spawn point for Growths, deadly Tar-based slimes that have a powerful ranged attack.

Yagluth Altar

Valheim Plains Biome Guide - Yagluth Altar

The Yagluth Altar is where you summon Yagluth. It can most easily be recognized by the distinctive hand-shaped rock formation surrounding it.

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