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Our Valheim Mistlands Biome Guide will tell you everything you need to know about this new biome, its terrifying bugs, and the dense fog that conceals it.

Where is the Valheim Mistlands Biome?

The Valheim Mistlands Biome can be found roughly on the outer half of the map. That means you will almost certainly need a Boat to access it  -- and that's just the beginning of the challenges you'll face here.

As the name implies, the Mistlands are covered in a thick mist that is virtually impossible to see through without some kind of aid. That aid comes from Wisps, which you must capture by building a Wisp Fountain.

The Wisp Fountain will naturally attract Wisps to it in any biome where it's placed. Wisps can then be used to Craft a Wisplight, an equipable item that causes a Wisp to follow you and dispel the mist, allowing you to actually see where you're going. Wisps can also be used to craft Wisp Torches which also dispel the mist (albeit to a smaller radius) and provide infinite light with no fuel.

Monstrous bugs called Seekers inhabit the Mistlands; these creatures are highly aggressive and not to be taken lightly. Equally dangerous are the Dvergr -- although neutral at first, they will turn on you if you damage any of their property (and you'll need to do so in order to get a Dvergr Extractor and Craft the next tier of armor).

Finally, the Builders out there will find a lot to love about this biome -- a new material called Black Granite can be found throughout the biome and can be used to build some cool structures.

Valheim Mistlands Biome Creatures

  • Hare

Valheim Mistlands Biome Plants

  • Jotun Puffs
  • Magecap

Valheim Mistlands Biome New Items

  • Bilebag
  • Black Core
  • Black Marble
  • Blood Clot
  • Blue Jute
  • Carapace
  • Dvergr Extractor
  • Egg
  • Mandible
  • Mechanical Spring
  • Raw Hare Meat
  • Raw Seeker Meat
  • Refined Eitr
  • Royal jelly
  • Sap
  • Scale Hide
  • Sealbreaker Fragment
  • Sealbreaker
  • Soft Tissue
  • Wisp
  • Yggdrasil Wood

Valheim Mistlands Biome Guide - List of Enemies

Valheim Mistlands Biome Guide | List of Enemies

Here are the enemies you'll find within the Mistlands Biome in Valheim:

Dvergr Mage

Dvergr Mages usually wield either a Staff of Embers or a Staff of Frost. If you're particularly unlucky, you can encounter multiple Mages in the same settlement.

These magical spells hit like a truck and can carry nasty debuffs such as being on fire or being slowed by Ice. Do not fight Dvergr Mages lightly, especially if they have other Dvergr nearby.

Dvergr Rogue

Dvergr Rogues are equipped with Crossbows. While they are not nearly as deadly as their Mage brethren, they're typically more numerous and dangerous enough in their own right.


The Gjall is a floating oddity that looks like something out of the Cthulu mythos. It's fairly passive until you get into its range; then, it shoots explosive projectiles at you that can also set you on fire.

Killing a Gjall is best done with a ranged weapon. Braver Vikings may get it in their head to ride on its back, but the Gjall will shake you off after just a few seconds. It seems very difficult (if not outright impossible) to avoid the shake by jumping.

The Gjall drops a Bilebag; you'll need three of them to craft the new Axe that debuted with the Valheim Mistlands Biome.


Seekers are large, bug-like creatures that have the ability to fly short distances. While you can usually hit them with a ranged attack to start a fight, you should expect them to quickly close to melee distance. Seekers drop Carapace, a crucial component for Crafting the new armor in the Mistlands.

Seekers aren't terribly strong if you're equipped with good gear for the Mistlands. That said, they are often found in groups of 2-3. Make sure to watch your back just in case one of their buddies is flying in to help.

Seeker Brood

Seeker Broods are typically only found within Infested Mines and the Infested Citadel. They spawn from eggs, regardless of whether you destroy them or they get destroyed as collateral damage. Broods are not much of a threat alone, but you may face multiple at the same time if an AOE attack causes a bunch of eggs to break.

It's a good idea to destroy any Seeker Eggs and kill Broods before engaging in a serious fight. Having these little ankle biters attacking you can be an unwelcome distraction.

Seeker Soldier

Seeker Soldiers are tougher versions of their flying cousins. While Soldiers cannot fly, they have three hard-hitting attacks:

  • A bite with moderate knockback
  • A headbutt with strong knockback
  • A claw attack with AOE damage

Block or parry their attacks, counterattack once -- twice at most -- and then fall back and prepare to block again.

Seeker Tick

Seeker Ticks will jump on your back and slowly drain your health. It's best to kill them from a distance before they can latch on to you.

Unfortunately, these creatures tend to travel in packs -- especially in an Infested Mine. Avoid large groups of them at all costs and handle them at a distance where possible.

Who is the Boss in the Mistlands Biome?

The boss of the Mistlands Biome in Valheim is The Queen.

Valheim Mistlands Biome Guide - Locations

Valheim Mistlands Biome Locations

Here are the notable locations of the Mistlands Biome in Valheim. Note that I had to occasionally place Mist Torches on the ground to make these locations visible in some cases; do not assume that they naturally spawn in all of these locations.

Ancient Armor

Valheim Mistlands Biome Guide - Ancient Armor

Ancient Armor is the leftovers of some battle against giants a long time ago. It can take the shape of breastplates, helmets, and swords. Destroying the Ancient Armor with your pickaxe will drop Scrap Metal which can be smelted into Iron.


Valheim Mistlands Biome Guide - Aqueduct

This is the ruined remains of what was probably a massive aqueduct. Fortunately, you can still find some use for it -- this structure can give you a solid amount of Black Marble, Iron, and Copper Scrap.

You could take this apart from the top down, but the easiest strategy is to bring a Stonecutter with you and destroy the bottom-most pillars. The rest of the structure will gradually collapse and you can pick up the pieces for use elsewhere.

Dead Giant

Valheim Mistlands Biome Guide - Dead Giant

A long-dead Jotun has left only bone and flesh behind. This point of interest can take the shape of various different body parts including a ribcage and skull. The bones can be mined for Black Marble, and the interior of some bones will have Soft Tissue.

Excavation Site

Valheim Mistlands Biome Guide - Excavation

These locations typically have multiple Dverger Mages and Dverger Rogues in the area. It's often protected by walls and Wisp Torches. Occasionally, this location may be overrun by Seekers and have no Dverger whatsoever.

The excavation crane is usually hovering over the bones of a long-dead Giant. You can harvest these and get some Black Metal (and potentially some Soft Tissue, too), but beware -- doing so will likely anger the Dverger, forcing you to kill them.

Guard Tower

Valheim Mistlands Biome Guide - Guard Tower

The Guard Tower is one of the primary settlements of Dvergr civilization remaining in the Mistlands. While some Guard Towers are occupied by Dvergr, others have been abandoned or overrun and are instead populated by Seekers.

Populated Guard Towers will have a Dverger Extractor in a crate and are protected by a Ward. Rarely, a Guard Tower will have a basement staircase that leads to an Infested Mine. The exterior of populated Guard Towers has blue banners which can be destroyed to get Blue Jute, a material used to make decorations.


Valheim Mistlands Biome Guide - Harbor

The Harbor is another outpost of Dvergr civilization. In my experience, these are exclusively populated by Dvergr and rarely encounter any hostile takeovers. These locations are protected by a Ward and they are also home to a Dvergr Extractor in a crate.

Infested Citadel

Valheim Mistlands Biome Guide - Infested Citadel

The Infested Citadel is home to The Queen, boss of the Valheim Mistlands Biome. There are only a handful of these locations in the entire world. The Dvergr-built vault doors cannot be opened until you Craft a Sealbraker, and that requires several trips to Infested Mines to collect Sealbreaker Fragment pieces.

This location is unique up to this point in the game -- it's the first totally-isolated boss arena. The interior is a large, open space with several levels connected by large stairs. Seeker Eggs are tucked away in corners and can easily make your boss fight much harder than it needs to be, so make sure to destroy these before engaging the boss.

Finally, The Infested Citadel is covered in the same Mist that permeates the rest of the Mistlands. You'll need to bring a Wisplight with you at the minimum. Strategically-placed Wisp Torches can help make your fight a little easier, but The Queen and Seekers will actively destroy them if they can reach them.

You can learn more about the boss fight that takes place here in our The Queen Boss Fight Guide.

Infested Mine

Valheim Mistlands Biome Guide - Infested Mine

The Infested Mine is the main dungeon of the Valheim Mistlands Biome. It is jam-packed with all types of Seekers, so head in expecting a fight.

Take care walking through the area -- holes in the floor can drop you to the level below. Wooden planks or vines block some passages, but these can be destroyed with a weapon or tool. Other passages are simply covered by doors. You can also find secret doors in the Infested Mine that are marked by glowing blue runes; these always lead to a treasure room with Gold and some other valuables.

Aside from having more bugs than Windows ME, the Infested Mine is also the primary location to find three key items: Black Cores, Royal Jelly, and Sealbreaker Fragments. This location may also have the Vegivisir pointing you towards the location of The Queen, the boss of the Mistlands.


Valheim Mistlands Biome Guide - Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a variant of the Guard Tower with a glowing orb in the top of the tower. As you might expect, these are placed near the water. Lighthouses will usually have blue banners throughout that can be destroyed to get Blue Jute, a Crafting material used in some decorations.

Lighthouses contain Dverger Extractors and are protected by Wards, along with one or more Dvergr Mages and Dverger Rogues. 

Yggdrasil Root

Valheim Mistlands Biome Guide - Yggdrasil Root

The roots of the world tree Yggdrasil are nigh-impenetrable. The only thing that will pierce them is a Dvergr Extractor, an item that can be found in Dvergr Component Crates at Dvergr settlements. (Unfortunately, breaking open the crate will aggro the Dvergr, so be prepared for a fight!)

Placing a Dvergr Extractor in the Yggdrasil Root will slowly produce Sap. Sap can be combined with Soft Tissue in an Eitr Refinery to make Refined Eitr, a crafting material used for the high-end gear that you can Craft in the Valheim Mistlands Biome.

Thanks for reading our Valheim Mistlands Biome Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides, too!

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