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Our Valheim Map and Cartography Table Guide will tell you how the Map works, how to share it with others, how to ping the map in Valheim, and more!

How the Valheim Map Works

The Valheim Map will not have anything revealed when you first start a new game or join a new server. As you move through the world, you will automatically reveal more of the map.

Unfortunately, the Map does not reflect changes you make to the world as of Early Access Version 0.208.1. If you dug a canal or placed Buildings, they won't show up on the map.

How to Show or Hide Yourself on the Valheim Map

Here's how to show or hide yourself on the Valheim Map:

  • Keyboard and Mouse - Click the "Visible to Other Players" radio button on the bottom right of the map screen.
  • Xbox Controller - Bring up the Map by pressing the View button (the one with two squares above the D-Pad). Press Y and you'll either show or hide yourself on the Map as indicated by the "Visible to Other Players" radio button on the bottom right of the Map screen.

How to Find Bosses on the Valheim Map

You can find Bosses on the Valheim Map by finding Boss Runestones and interacting with them -- this will reveal the closest associated Boss. Otherwise, you'll have to input your Map Seed into a site like the Valheim World Generator.

How to Ping the Map in Valheim

Here's how to ping the map in Valheim:

  • Keyboard and Mouse - bring up the Map by pressing M. Middle-click on the Map and it will Ping the Map on your cursor.
  • Xbox Controller - press the View button (the one with the two squares above the D-Pad) to bring up the Map. Press X on the Map and it will Ping the Map on your cursor.

Valheim Map and Cartrography Table Guide - Cartography Table

How the Valheim Cartography Table Works

The Valheim Cartography Table can be used to share Map data with other players. You can record your map data by interacting with the box on the table, and you can read the map data of other players by interacting with the physical Map on the table.

How to Unlock the Valheim Cartography Table

You can unlock the Valheim Cartography Table by picking up all of the component parts at least once:

The Cartography Table requires Bronze and Fine Wood, both of which require that you get a Pickaxe and smelt Bronze. You'll have to explore the Black Forest Biome to find what you need to make Bronze.

How to Build the Valheim Cartography Table

Once you've picked up all of the component pieces, you can build the Valheim Cartography Table with the following items:

  • 10 Fine Wood
  • 10 Bone Fragments
  • 2 Bronze
  • 5 Leather Scraps
  • 4 Raspberries

Valheim Map and Cartrography Table Guide - Console Commands

Valheim Map Console Commands

These Valheim console commands can be used to reveal the map, hide it again, or disable it entirely.

First and foremost, you'll have to press F5 and type in "devcommands" to enable the use of Valheim cheats. Once that is done, you can use the following four commands to affect the map.


exploremap will reveal the full Valheim Map in its entirety.


resetmap will hide the entire Map, even areas you've explored.


resetsharedmap will reset the data shared via Cartography Tables.


nomap will disable the Minimap and Map. This command would most likely be used for custom games or servers where you do not want a player to be able to see the map.

Valheim Map and Cartrography Table Guide - Map Seed

How the Valheim Map Seed Works

The Valheim Map Seed is a series of case-sensitive letters and numbers that are used to create a procedurally-generated world. If someone else enters the same seed as you're using, they will generate the exact same world as you have.

How to Find the Valheim Map Seed in Single-Player

You can find the Valheim Map Seed in single-player by checking the "Select World" screen. A randomly-generated seed is automatically provided when you create a new world; you'll also have the option to input a custom seed if you prefer.

How to Find the Valheim Map Seed in Multiplayer

Unfortunately, finding the Valheim Map Seed in multiplayer is a little more challenging. If you're a player, you won't be able to get the map seed unless the admin gives it to you.

If you're the server owner, however, you have two options for finding the Map Seed in multiplayer:

  1. Open up the server with FTP and download the .fwl file. From there, you can open it with Notepad and find the Map Seed.
  2. Put the .fwl file in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim\worlds. You can then find the Map Seed in the same way that you do in single-player.

That's it for our Valheim Map and Cartography Table Guide. Check out our other Valheim Guides below!

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