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Screenshot of the vast expanse that is the snow covered mountains in Valheim

Our Valheim Mountains Biome Guide will cover all of the enemies in the area, as well as the new items, creatures, and plants found within the unforgiving cold that lies atop the mountains. 

Where is the Valheim Mountains Biome?

The Mountains biome can be found pretty much anywhere in the world of Valheim, other than extremely far North or South as those are designated for future biomes. The Mountains are a dangerous place, and you can die from the severe cold weather if you do not have the correct cape (Lox Cape or Wolf Fur), chest piece (Wolf Armor Chest), or Mead (Frost Resistance Mead) with you. Warming up by a fire will also stop you from succumbing to the elements. 

Valheim Mountains Biome Creatures

There are no creatures found within the Mountains Biome in Valheim. 

Valheim Mountains Biome Plants

There are no plants found within the Mountains Biome in Valheim, although it is the only Biome where you can find Onion Seeds. Onion Seeds can only be found in chests within abandoned structures. 

Valheim Mountains Biome New Items

  • Silver Ore 
  • Onion Seeds
  • Obsidian 
  • Dragon Eggs
  • Freeze Gland 
  • Crystal 
  • Wolf Pelt
  • Wolf Meat
  • Ulv Trophy
  • Red Jute
  • Fenris Claw
  • Fenris Hair 
  • Drake Trophy 
  • Wolf Fang 
Screenshot of a Dragon Egg located within the mountains of Valheim

Valheim Mountains Biome Guide | List of Enemies

Here are the enemies you'll find within the Mountains Biome in Valheim:

Stone Golem 

Stone Golems are large enemies made of stone that attack by slamming their fists down on you. This does a decent amount of damage, so be careful if you happen to encounter one in the Mountains.


Bats are extremely annoying creatures, as they fly all over you in swarms and attack by biting. Though they do not do much damage, they hit so many times in a row, it can be deadly if you encounter too many at once. They are flying creatures, so be sure to aim properly in order to strike them down. These are only found in Frost Caves. 


Ulv's are wolf-life creatures that appear to only attack by swiping you with their claws. From what we have seen, they usually travel in packs and are mostly found within the Frost Caves. 


These animals are deadly and have a bite that you won't soon forget. They can be found traveling in packs or roaming by themselves, but either way, they are extremely powerful. They seem to only attack by slashing their target, but again, this does a very hefty amount of damage. 


Drakes are also flying creatures, but they can be found outside roaming the mountain ranges. Though they don't hit very hard, they are still strong enough to kill you, so it is best to be prepared if you see a swarm of them nearby.

They can also be found near the Dragon Eggs that you will need to summon the boss of the Mountains later on. Be sure to collect eggs as you come across them, as you need three total to summon Moder. They also weigh a ton, so be wary of what you have in your bags when looting one. 


Fenring creatures can be found in the mountains during the nighttime, and they only stand on two legs, unlike Wolves and Ulves. They are extremely aggressive and will attack on sight. Their attacks include melee slashes and leap attacks, as well as a howl, but at this time it is unknown if that howl does any damage or not. 


Cultists are absolutely terrifying to come across, as they do a massive amount of AOE fire damage by breathing fire onto their target. They seem to only be found in caves, but nonetheless still scary to encounter. They look almost like werewolves and have dark black fur and glowing eyes. They are found nearby what appear to be altars, with different items such as Fenris Fur, Red Jute, and Fenris Claws atop pedestals. 

Who is the Boss in the Mountains Biome?

The boss of the Mountains Biome in Valheim is Moder

Valheim Mountains Biome Locations

Here are the notable locations of the Mountains Biome in Valheim: 

Abandoned Log Cabin

Valheim Mountains Biome Guide - Abandoned Log Cabin

The abandoned log cabin isn't just a great place to take a break from the cold weather next to a fire, but it can also be home to treasure chests for you to collect useful items. There is also a chance to find Onion Seeds here, which can help later on down the line with cooking recipes. 

Drake Nest

Valheim Mountains Biome Guide - Drake Nest

Drake nests are usually protected by 2-3 drakes at a time, but with the right armor and weapon, they are not too hard to bring down. These eggs weigh a ton and will weigh you down depending on what you have in your bags. These eggs are extremely important, as you need three total in order to summon the boss of the Mountains biome known as Moder later on. 

Frost Cave

Screenshot of the Frost Cave in the mountains of Valheim

Frost Caves are home to several different enemies and can spawn in random locations. Some of them are quite small, while others are twisting and turning labyrinths that are easy to get lost in. Ulves, Cultists, and Bats run rampant inside these icy caves, but they do have a decent amount of loot, and there are chests that can be found within them. 

Mountain Well

Valheim Mountains Biome Guide - Mountain Well

Well oh well, we have a few wells in the Mountains biome, and though they are pretty to look at, they also are known to have treasure inside. Be sure to inspect each one you see just in case. 

Stone Tower Ruins

Valheim Mountains Biome Guide - Stone Tower

The stone towers can house treasure within them from inside chests, but beware; there are weapon-wielding Skeletons inside of them protecting that treasure.. or just staying out of the cold. 

 Moder Altar (Mountains Biome Boss)

Moder Alter in Valheim Mountains Biome

Moder's Altar can be found pretty much anywhere throughout the map within the Mountains biome, but luckily there is a way to have it marked on your map. You will need to search any Stone Towers you come across in the Mountains in order to find the Moder Vegvisir, which will allow you to place a marker on your map where the altar is located. You will need to bring three Drake Eggs to it in order to spawn the boss of the Mountains.

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