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Last Update: November 27, 2022


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If you've seen the Valheim "The Forest is Moving" warning, congratulations -- you've just stumbled into a Base Raid. These Valheim Events can prove tricky for the unprepared player. Here's what you need to know!

A big part of Valheim is Building a base. This lets you sleep at night, safely store your materials, and craft new items without worrying about enemies stabbing you in the butt. Unbeknownst to some players, your base can be raided -- and it can prove to be especially destructive to your home.


Valheim The Forest is Moving Base Raids Guide Fuling Berserker
Unprepared players can be quickly overwhelmed during some of the tougher events.

What Are Valheim "The Forest is Moving" Events and Base Raids?

The Valheim "The Forest is Moving" event is likely one of the first ones you'll encounter. Simply put, this will send a bunch of enemies to attack you within a red circle on the map.

There are a bunch of these different kinds of events in the game and some of them are much more challenging than others. A portion of these events could result in your death, cause serious damage to your base, or both. And yes, they can happen in multiplayer.

Thankfully, these Valheim events last for less than three minutes total. It's entirely possible to weather the storm from within the safety of your base. Sometimes, however, it's much more important to charge out your front gate and deal with the problem -- and it can be pretty profitable, too.


Valheim The Forest is Moving Base Raids Guide Story Events

Valheim Story Events

The Valheim "The Forest is Moving" event (and other similar events) are classified as "Story" Events. These events will only appear at certain points in the game, largely depending on which bosses you may or may not have defeated.

These events are temporary, in a sense. Once you've beaten the Elder, for example, you'll never see the Valheim "The Forest is Moving" event again. The downside, however, is that it will be replaced with a different event featuring much tougher enemies.


You'll only ever have to worry about one of these Valheim Events at any one time -- here's when the events can happen, what you'll face, and how to survive them!

Valheim The Forest is Moving Base Raids Guide Eikyhtr Rallies


Eikthyr Rallies the Creatures of the Forest!

Trigger: Eikythr Not Yet Defeated

This is the first event that you could possibly encounter in Valheim. This Base Raid sends a bunch of Necks and Boars to attack you. Simply put, you can look at this event as free meat.

This event can be challenging... but only if you're unarmed. Even a Level 1 Wood Club should be enough to take on these enemies without dying. That said, being attacked by a bunch of enemies can still prove overwhelming, so be careful!

Valheim The Forest is Moving Base Raids Guide Greydwarf

Valheim The Forest is Moving...

Trigger: Eikthyr Defeated


The Valheim "The Forest is Moving" event is one of the ones you're most likely to see. Eikthyr can be beaten pretty quickly -- arguably in the first day or two -- and you might not see his special event at all.

Thankfully, this event just sends a bunch of Greydwarves at you. While it's nominally more challenging than Boars and Necks, it's not as tough as some of the later Base Raids. And hey, the Valheim The Forest is Moving event gets you a bunch of Resin and Wood when you're done killing!

Valheim The Forest is Moving Base Raids Guide Foul Smell

A Foul Smell from the Swamp

Trigger: The Elder defeated

This is where Valheim events start to get really challenging -- you'll quickly find an army of Draugr and Skeletons on your doorstep. These enemies move surprisingly fast compared to what you've fought thus far (especially the Draugr).

This will also be the first event that has archers in the mix, so don't stand out in the open like a dummy! Try your best to take these guys on one at a time and you'll end up with some Entrails for your efforts.

Valheim The Forest is Moving Base Raids Guide Cold Wind

A Cold Wind Blows from the Mountains

Trigger: Bonemass defeated

Defeating Bonemass is a major hurdle for new Valheim players. Once you do, however, you'll soon find yourself attacked by Drakes. These flying ice dragons can kill a well-equipped player very quickly if you're not careful!

Your best bet for this event is to stay near cover and shoot the Drakes down with arrows. Alternatively, you can cower inside the safety of a building.

Valheim The Forest is Moving Base Raids Guide The Horde

The Horde is Attacking

Trigger: Moder defeated

The Valheim "The Horde is Attacking" event is arguably one of the worst (if not the worst) in the game. This sends Fulings, Fuling Shaman, and Fuling Berserkers right up to your front door. I wouldn't hold it against you if you sat inside and waited for it to be over because these enemies sure are tough.

This event is also somewhat special for the initial Early Access release of Valheim. Once you defeat the fifth boss Yagluth, this event is over for good... at least until the developers launch more bosses and cook up some new events to terrorize you.

Valheim The Forest is Moving Base Raids Guide Enemy Events

Valheim Enemy Events

The Valheim "The Forest is Moving" event and other story events will eventually end, but there are still a few events that plague you throughout the game. As far as I know, these won't go away even after you've beat Yagluth, the fifth (and currently final) boss in the game.

These events work much like the Story Events: you'll get a warning and a bunch of enemies will attack you at the same time. Wait long enough and most of them will go away. Believe it or not, some of these are actually worse than the Story Events.

Valheim The Forest is Moving Base Raids Guide Skeletons

Skeleton Surprise

This event is literally just a bunch of Skeletons and Skeleton Archers charging you. To be honest, this particular event is probably more of an annoyance than anything else.

You shouldn't have very much trouble dealing with these enemies as long as you're in Bronze Armor or Troll Armor and have Bronze weaponry. There's not really much upside in the loot, either, as most players probably end up with more Bones than they know what to do with.

Valheim The Forest is Moving Base Raids Guide Trolls

The Ground is Shaking

"The Ground is Shaking" is probably one of the most dangerous Valheim Events. This event sends two Trolls to your base at the same time. If you don't yet have Stone buildings, you are in serious trouble.

If you have Stone buildings, shoot at the Trolls from within the safety of your walls or structures. It's unlikely that they'll destroy anything made of Stone before the event ends. If you don't have Stone buildings, however, your best bet is to get away from your base as soon as you can. A Troll can quickly destroy wooden structures and you might end up having to replace several walls and part of your roof (or worse!)

I've only ever seen two Trolls come at me at the same time. However, I've noticed a third Troll spawn in after I've killed one of the initial pair. While this Valheim Event is probably more challenging than most, you'll come out of it with some Troll Leather and Gold for your trouble.

Valheim The Forest is Moving Base Raids Guide Wolves

You Are Being Hunted

Defeating Bonemass will eventually lead you to the Mountain biome. This biome has plenty of challenges, but the Wolves are perhaps one of the most dangerous things to deal with.

When you see "You Are Being Hunted," it's time to run. You have at least half a dozen wolves coming after you. This is not an easy fight even in top-tier gear, so get your back to the wall (or better yet, behind a wall) and get ready for a seriously-tough fight.

Valheim The Forest is Moving Base Raids Guide Surtlings

There's a Smell of Sulfur in the Air

One of the later Valheim events will throw a handful of Surtlings at you. This might seem like a tough fight, but it's really not as hard as you would think. Surtlings can only use ranged attacks and it's very easy to dodge them.

There's a bonus to beating this event, too -- you'll likely get some Coal and Surtling Cores for your trouble. Both of these items are useful, so you're likely to look at this event as a boon more than anything.

What's Up, Gjall?

This event was not properly working in the Mistlands public test. As far as we can tell, this causes a number of Gjall to assault your base. The starting and ending triggers are not yet known.

Gjall are flying creatures, so this brings a unique challenge similar to "A Cold Wind Blows from the Mountains" -- make sure you have plenty of Arrows on hand!

They Sought You Out

This event wasn't properly working in the Mistlands public test, either. It seems that this causes an army of Seekers to attack your base.

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