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March 23, 2022

By: Robert N. Adams


Open-world survival crafting games always felt like they were missing something -- and apparently, that magic ingredient was Vikings. Valheim is a game that deposits you in an otherworldly realm filled with bountiful nature and deadly monstrosities, charged with destroying the enemies of Odin (either by yourself or with your friends).

Although Valheim may look like a lo-fi version of Dark Souls or Elden Ring, don't be fooled -- this is definitely a survival game. Buildings, farming, and crafting are big parts of the formula, and you'll need the right tools (and the right knowledge) to survive.

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 Why You Should Play With Friends | Can You Play Solo?F.A.Q.

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Valheim Guides - Guide Hub - Play With Friends

Why You Should Play Valheim With Friends

Valheim is definitely fun to play with your friends, whether you're simply getting into a game together or you're really getting into the whole Viking thing and singing sea shanties on a boat. It also offers some gameplay advantages.

Consider the challenges that are made easier when you have someone to back you up. The Elder Boss, for example, can only really target one player at a time. That lets one of your buddies focus on dodging attacks while the rest of your team does damage.

There's a fair amount of work to do in Valheim, too. You have to mine ore (often away from your base), and then you have to bring the ore or the bars back home to actually craft with them. The simple act of transporting goods can be a challenge, especially if you have to travel near or through a hostile area. Playing with friends lets you split up the work -- and you have to worry less about fighting off hordes of enemies while you're trying to get back home.

Valheim Guides - Guide Hub - Play Solo

Can You Play Valheim Solo?

While Valheim works well as a multiplayer game, you don't have to play it with friends -- you can absolutely play Valheim by yourself. Some of the bosses, however, can be much more challenging when you don't have help.

Solo players should focus on building bases anywhere that is far away from your base. If you're sailing across the world, you certainly don't want to have to make the trek back if you die -- especially because you might not have a boat!

Using Portals is helpful, too. While you'll still need to use a boat to move any ore or metal, you can save yourself a lot of time by relying on portals for long-range transport (once you've set things up the first time, that is).

Although you'll have fewer hands to help with work, you'll also have fewer mouths to feed -- you won't really need to make massive farms or smelt hundreds of bars of metal to get yourself geared up.

Valheim Guides - Guide Hub - F.A.Q.

Valheim F.A.Q.

What is Valheim?

Valheim is an open-world survival crafting game where you (and your friends) play Vikings who have to fight against Odin's enemies.

Is Valheim Multiplayer?

Yes, Valheim is multiplayer.

Do You Need a Server to Play Valheim Multiplayer?

No. You can host a game from any client.

What Is the Max Playercount in Valheim?

The max playercount in Vvvalheim is 10 players, but you can increase that with mods.

What Happens When You Die in Valheim?

When you die in Valheim, you will drop a tombstone containing all of your equipped items and the contents of your inventory. Tombstones will float on water. You will also lose 5% of your levels in skills.

Can You Dual Wield in Valheim?

No, you cannot dual wield in Valheim. However, you can get a mod that allows dual wielding.

What is Vulkan in Valheim?

Vulkan is a graphics API similar to OpenGL or Direct3D. Generally speaking, it offers lower CPU usage in exchange for slightly lower graphics.

Is Valheim Steam Deck Verified?

Yes, you can play Valheim on your Steam Deck as of March 2022.

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