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Valheim Potions and Mead can be major game-changers in this seriously-tough survival crafting game. This guide will tell you what they are, why you want them, and how to make them!

How Potions and Mead Work in Valheim

Valheim Potions and Mead will typically give you a temporary buff when consumed. These buffs may also come with cooldowns, preventing you from chugging a bunch of Potions to shrug off damage in a fight.

You cannot Craft Potions and Mead outright — you need to cook a Mead Base at a Cauldron first and then brew the Potion or Mead in a Fermenter. You'll also need the ingredients for the Potion or Mead. Honey is especially important -- it's used in every Potion or Mead as of the Mistlands Update.

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What You Need to Get Started Making Mead and Potions

Making Valheim Potions and Mead is a pretty simple affair once you've met the basic requirements. To start, you're going to need Bronze, and that means you'll have to defeat Eikthyr to unlock the Pickaxe. Then, you'll have to travel to the Black Forest Biome so you can collect the Copper and Tin you need to make Bronze.

After you have a Pickaxe and the base materials, you'll need to Build the following:

  • 1 or more Beehives
  • Campfire
  • Cauldron
  • 1 or more Fermenters

Once you have that all together, you're ready to start making Potions from your ingredients!

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How to Make Valheim Potions and Mead

Making Valheim Potions and Mead is easy once you've got the setup done! The only downside is that it takes time for the Potions and Mead to ferment in the Fermenter; it's usually a good idea to build multiple Fermenters.

Here's how to make Potions and Mead in Valheim:

  1. Collect your Honey and other ingredients from their sources.
  2. Use the ingredients to Cook the appropriate Mead Base in a Cauldron.
  3. Place the Mead Base in a Fermenter and wait for it to be finished.
  4. Collect the finished Potion or Mead when it's done.

Fermenters take a couple of days to complete the process, so don't expect to get your Potions or Mead right away. Plan ahead!

Valheim Potions and Mead Guide table

List of Valheim Potions and Mead

Here is a list of all of the Valheim Potions and Mead in the game:

Potion / Mead Mead Base
Potion / Mead
Effect Mead Base Ingredients
Minor Eitr 1 1 10 125 Eitr over time. 10 Honey, 5 Sap, 2 Jotun Puffs, 5 Magecap
Frost Resistance 1 1 10 Protects against the cold.  x10 Honey, x5 Thistle, x2 Bloodbag, x1 Greydwarf Eye
Major Healing  1 1 10 125 health over time. x10 Honey, x4 Bloodclots, x5 Royal Jelly
Medium Healing  1 1 10 75 health over time.  x10 Honey, x4 Bloodbag, x10 Raspberries, 1 Dandelion 
Minor Healing 1 1 10 50 health over time.  x10 Honey, x5 Blueberries, x10 Raspberries, x1 Dandelion
Poison Resistance 1 1 10 You take less damage from poison.  x10 Honey, x5 Thistle, x1 Neck Tail, x10 Coal
Lingering Stamina 1 1 10 +25% Stamina regeneration over time.  x10 Sap, x10 Cloudberries, x10 Jotun Puffs
Medium Stamina  1 1 10 Replenishes 160 stamina fast.  x10 Honey, x10 Cloudberries, x10 Yellow Mushroom
Minor Stamina 1 1 10 Replenishes 80 stamina fast. x10 Honey, x10 Raspberries, x10 Yellow Mushroom
Tasty 1 1 10 Lowers health regen by -50%, but increases stamina regen by +100% x10 Honey, x10 Raspberries, x5 Blueberries
Lingering Health 1 1 10 +25% health regeneration over time. x10 Sap, x10 Vineberry Cluster, x10 Smoke Puff
Lingering Eitr 1 1 10 +25% Eitr regeneration over time. x10 Sap, x10 Vineberry Cluster, x10 Magecap

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