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Want to find the Valheim Swamp Biome? Our guide tells you how to find it, the dangers you'll face within, how to use the Swamp Key, and more!

Where is the Valheim Swamp Biome?

The Valheim Swamp Biome is located about halfway between the center of the Map and the edge of the Map. Finding a Swamp isn't too hard, but you probably won't be able to walk there. I searched the entire island I started on and didn't find one, so that means your best option is to travel by boat. (It's possible that you might get lucky with your seed, but there are no guarantees.)

It's really that easy -- hop into a boat and sail around until you see dead trees. However, you can end up sailing for quite a while -- I spent a good 30 minutes or so on the water before I finally encountered my first Swamp Biome. You may be luckier than I was, but you also might have to search even longer.

Valheim Swamp Biome Creatures

There are no peaceful creatures in the Swamp.

Valheim Swamp Biome Plants

  • Thistle
  • Turnip

Valheim Swamp Biome New Items

  • Abomination Trophy
  • Ancient Bark
  • Blob Trophy
  • Bloodbag
  • Chain
  • Draugr Trophy
  • Draugr Elite Trophy
  • Entrails
  • Guck
  • Leech Trophy
  • Scrap Metal
  • Surtling Trophy
  • Wraith Trophy

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Valheim Swamp Biome Guide | List of Enemies

    Here are the enemies you can expect to encounter in the Valheim Swamp Biome.


    Your first encounter with an Abomination will likely be a surprise. That's because it's disguised as branches and it's very easy to miss. You'll often not know an Abomination is nearby until you see it emerge from the ground.

    Much like Trolls in the Black Forest, Abominations are large and in charge. Its melee attacks can easily destroy wooden structures and rapidly deplete your health. Fortunately, it seems to have a vulnerability to fire -- it's best to tackle this enemy from afar with some Fire Arrows.


    The Blob doesn't do much in the way of damage compared to some of the other enemies in the Swamp Biome. The real danger, however, is that it inflicts Poison damage on you, and that can kill you. Stay far away and you won't get hit by its poison gas cloud.


    Draugr are like a meatier version of Skeletons. There are both melee and ranged versions of this enemy. Draugr will slowly approach you until they get close, and then they'll charge in for the last bit of distance.

    While Draugar are on the surface, they're the greatest danger when you're in the close quarters of a Sunken Crypt. Explore each new room carefully so you don't get trapped and killed.

    Draugr Elite

    As the name implies, the Draugr Elite is a stronger version of the Draugr. The Trophy that drops from this enemy is used to Craft the Iron Sledge.


    Leeches stalk the waters of the Swamp. They can poison you much like the Blob, but they're worth killing -- the Bloodbags they drop are used in some powerful Potions and Meads.


    Oozers are souped-up versions of Blobs, and killing them doesn't end the threat -- a dead Oozer will simply split into two Blobs.


    As with the Black Forest, Skeletons populate various places in the Swamp Biome. Fortunately, you don't have to deal with them in the Sunken Crypts.


    Surtlings are fire elementals with a powerful ranged attack. Their greatest strength, however, is also their biggest vulnerability -- they will rapidly lose health when exposed to water. Luring them into the waters of the Swamp can put a quick end to the fight. Surtlings are a renewable source of Coal and Surtling Cores, so they're always worth killing.


    Wraith are floating specters that only come out at night. While they can be an annoyance, they're also a good source of Chain.

    Who is the Boss in the Swamp Biome?

    Bonemass is the boss of the Swamp Biome in Valheim.

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    Valheim Swamp Biome Locations

    Here are the notable locations that can be found in the Valheim Swamp Biome.

    Bonemass Altar

    Valheim Swamp Biome Guide - Bonemass Altar

    As you might expect from the name, the Bonemass Altar is where you can summon Bonemass, the Boss of the Swamp Biome.

    Draugr Runestone

    Valheim Swamp Biome Guide - Draugr Runestone

    The Draugr Runestone is a special Runestone that always has Draugr around it.

    Fire Hole

    Valheim Swamp Biome Guide - Fire Hole

    The Fire Hole is a spawn point for Surtlings. Lower the ground around it with a Pickaxe until it's submerged underwater and the Surtlings will die almost instantly, giving you a renewable source of Surtling Cores and Coal.


    Valheim Swamp Biome Guide - Graves

    Graves can feature spawners for both Skeletons and Draugr. Destroy the spawners or you risk being overwhelmed by enemies.

    Guck Tree

    Valheim Swamp Biome Guide - Guck Tree

    The Guck Tree is a source of Guck, a Crafting Material used in some items, Potions, and Mead. You'll likely need to Build a Ladder or similar structures to reach the higher Guck deposits. Take care not to fall!

    Sunken Crypt

    Valheim Swamp Biome Guide - Sunken Crypt

    Sunken Crypts are the dungeons in the Valheim Swamp Biome. They feature Blobs, Draugr, Draugr Elite, treasure, and -- most importantly -- a lot of Scrap Metal that can be smelted into Iron Ore.

    Swamp Hut

    Valheim Swamp Biome Guide - Swamp Hut

    Swamp Huts are dilapidated wooden structures that sometimes have a treasure chest. They can serve as good temporary outposts if needed, but don't expect these wooden structures to stand up to much punishment.

    Swamp Ruins

    Valheim Swamp Biome Guide - Swamp Ruins

    Swamp Ruins are stone towers that often have Skeleton or Draugr spawners inside and occasionally feature treasure chests. These are ideal locations for building a temporary base.

    Swamp Well

    Valheim Swamp Biome Guide - Swamp Well

    Swamp Wells sometimes have treasure at the bottom, but they can be empty, too. Wells that spawned in lower ground could be flooded with water and impossible to fully explore.

    That's the end of our Valheim Swamp Biome Guide. If you found it helpful, why not check out our other guides below?


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