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How Valheim Portals work - Teleport guide

February 7, 2021

By: Tyler Chancey


Chances are, if you've been following our guides on the Viking survival crafting sim, Valheim, you've been seeing item descriptions and online discussions about teleportation and portals. Considering just how dangerous and large this game's map can get, you wanna know how to make one of these for yourself to cut down on trips. Look no further, this is the guide for you.

Valheim Portal
First thing's first, we need materials.



Valheim Portal - How do you make it?


First, you'll need to collect the following items:



  • 2 Surtling Cores. These can be found in Burial Ground dungeons. Watch out and be ready for a fight, they're usually crawling with skeletons.

  • 20 Greydwarf Eyes. These are dropped (naturally) by Greydwarves. They frequently pop up in the Black Forest. Be careful, they fight in groups.

  • Some Fine Wood. Only certain trees drop Fine Wood, and they can only be cut down by bronze tools. If you need help on how to craft these tools, please consult our Smelting Guide.



Valheim Teleport - how it works


Once you've assembled all of these items you should be able to build a portal. Once you build the portal, you'll have to tag it with a simple word. Once you do that, make a second portal in a different location and tag it with the exact same word. This will link the portals.

Keep in mind that these tag words are case sensitive. If you tag one portal with the word “Cave” and the other with the word “cave” they will not be linked. Keep in mind spacing, capitalization, and character placement. Only two portal can be linked together.

Furthermore, portals cannot be built in certain areas or instances. You can't build them in troll caves or burial grounds for example, and anything that is warded with ancient runes appears to be off-limits as well.


Otherwise, there appears to be no maximum distance on how far these portals can connect. If you really wanted to, you could set up a connection across the map, through biomes, and right into your fortress. If you put in the effort, a portal network can make travel a breeze.

A Message stating an item is preventing teleportation
Apparently contraband even exists with magical teleportation.

Valheim - Some Items Cannot Be Teleported


Finally, certain items cannot be teleported. Things like metal ore or ingots will be incompatible with the portal. Although it seems stuff like tools, weapons, and armor are allowed. Generally speaking, if you check the description of an item in your menu, it'll say whether or not it is safe to teleport.

This is important to keep in mind because if you have any of these items on you, the portal will not work. It would be quite embarrassing if you tried a daring escape from a troll only to have your escape route lock on you. The basic rule of thumb appears to be that raw materials have to be moved the long way, but more refined tools, weapons, and food should be fine.


And that is how to make your own portals in Valheim and how they function. Here's hoping this helps you survive a bit longer in this harsh Viking world. For more help, feel free to read our other guides and share them with others.

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