This Week in Valheim: Ninja Warriors and VR Waifus

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There's always something cool happening in Valheim and this week is no different! There isn't much in the way of news, but there are still plenty of cool community creations, mods, and more to see!

This Week In Valheim 04-17-21 slice 2 Community Creations

This Week in Valheim Community Creations

The community is always coming up with cool buildings, art, mini-games, and more—here's what we saw this week!

This Week In Valheim 4-17-21 Ninja Warrior

Valheim Ninja Warrior Course and Competition Created

Ninja Warrior is a TV show that challenged people to navigate a pretty tough obstacle course. Now, a few lucky Vikings get to test their mettle in a specially created obstacle course for the game! The timing is apt, too, since Ninja Warrior is coming back to the recently relaunched G4TV this year.

This Week In Valheim 4-17-21 art Alex Chen and u-mrmng
Image Credit: Alex Chen on Reddit (left), /u/mrmng on Reddit (right)

Alex Chen and /u/mrmng Continue to Impress with Valheim Fan Art

This Viking survival game has a pretty simple art style, but imaginative artists keep cooking up some absolutely astonishing fan art. Alex Chen builds on his comic-book-style series we've previously showcased with the Plains biome, and /u/mrmng on Reddit builds on last week's batch of Monsters with the creatures of the Swamp.

This Week In Valheim 4-17-21 Dragon lighthouse by u-FossLoveChunk

/u/FossLoveChunk's Dragon Lighthouse is Astonishing

Many players probably want to move onto stone buildings as soon as they can, but a new creation from /u/FossLoveChunk on Reddit shows why you shouldn't sleep on using wood, even in the later parts of the game. Check out this beautiful dragon lighthouse he built! (And the rest of the base ain't half bad, either.)

This Week In Valheim 04-17-21 slice 3 Modding

This Week in Valheim Mods

This is a very moddable game, and the programming nerds have been going wild with their own creations. Here are some of the cooler new developments from the last week!

Master the Dead in the Valheim Necromancy Mod

A new magic mod made its debut last week and now there's a little something extra to throw in: The Valheim Necromancy mod lets you create some minions to assist you in battle. Don't be misled by the name, though; you can only raise a small army of skeletons to help you. If you were hoping to have a Troll or Fuling follow you into battle, you're out of luck... at least for now.

Spud's Sharpness Lets You Buff Your Weapons

There's already a Grinding Wheel in the game, but it doesn't do much other than upgrade the level of your Forge by 1 as part of the Workbench upgrade system. A modder named Spudman54 has cooked up a functional Grinding Wheel that actually has a use: It buffs your weapon with more damage for 10 minutes. You can get it on Nexus and Thunderstore.

This Week In Valheim 4-17-21 Valheim VRM mod

Valheim VR Gets Even Weirder

Earlier this month, a new mod let you enjoy the game in virtual reality. Now, a new Valheim VR mod does something a little different—it lets you replace the player character with any model in the VRM format, a file type that is often used for avatars in VRChat. Finally, you can take your waifu into battle.

Make More Powerful Drinks with Enhanced Potions

The Enhanced Potions mod has been out since early April, but its creator has been consistently adding new content. Sure, there are already some useful Meads and Potions in the game, but this particular mod adds some cool new craftables that can let you fly or walk underwater! You can get it on Nexus and Thunderstore.

Sleepover Mod Makes Bedtime Better

Our last mod for the week tinkers with something that we all have to deal with, even in real life: bedtime. The Sleepover mod on Thunderstore lets you toggle on options to ignore requirements for a Campfire, exposure, or being dry. It also adds some more interesting additions, especially for the couples out there: You can finally share a bed with someone else.

This Week In Valheim 04-17-21 slice 4 Must-See Moments

Valheim Must-See Moments: April 10–17, 2021

With so many people playing Valheim, there are bound to be some pretty funny, awesome, or downright unbelievable moments in the game. Check out some of the funnier ones we've seen this week!

When Boat Sledding Goes Wrong

"Boat sledding" is an absolutely insane idea where players will put a boat at the top of a mountain, build a ramp, and then try to ride the boat down into the water. It's time consuming to create, highly dangerous, and completely unnecessary—so of course the madlad Vikings of Valheim absolutely love to do it. Unfortunately, sometimes it can go very, very wrong. Check out what happened when /u/DragonPixelss missed the mark on his latest boat launch.

Do Not Mess with 2-Star Fulings

Finally, we have a bit of comedy (with a dash of terror) for players just getting to the Plains—check out what happens when you try to sneak up on 2-Star Fuling. Based on what other Redditors are saying (and my own experience), you're probably going to want to kill these little goblins from a distance, even if you have maxed-out Padded Armor.

This Week In Valheim 4-17-21 melharucos Stamina Management

Twitch Streamer melharucos Shows Why Stamina Management Matters

Our last must-see moment from the week comes from Twitch streamer melharucos, and it's one of the best examples of disaster dominoes I've ever seen in the game.

Managing your Stamina is very important in Valheim. If your Stamina bar is empty, you can't run, you can't jump very high, you can't swing your weapon, and you can't block any attacks—you're basically a sitting duck until it recovers. That's why smart players will try to avoid letting their Stamina get too low.

A new Twitch clip from melharucos shows exactly what happens when you don't manage your Stamina properly. A troll bashes a rock he's standing on, breaking the rock and effectively trapping him in a pit. Subsequent hits expose the water underneath, and melharucos doesn't have enough Stamina to climb up the steep rocks or jump out of the water. It isn't long before he meets his end at the business end of the Troll's log—let this one be a lesson to anyone who works themselves to exhaustion out there!

That's it for all of the crazy and cool things we saw in Valheim this week! If you're just getting started with the game, why not check out some of our guides to get an edge on the enemies of Odin?

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