This Week in Valheim: Runescape, Macs, and More Ways to Build!

This Week in Valheim, we explore cool community creations from Game of Thrones and Runescape, some great new building mods, Mac support, and more!

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This Week In Valheim 04-10-21 cover

This Week in Valheim, we explore cool community creations from Game of Thrones and Runescape, some great new building mods, Mac support, and more! Here's all the cool stuff we've seen this week!

This Week In Valheim 04-10-21 slice 1 News

This Week in Valheim News

Valheim news has been somewhat lighter than usual this week—hopefully, that's a good sign that Iron Gate is making good progress on the first big content drop!

Valheim Mac Version 'Might Be Possible' in the Future

One Redditor took the time to ask Iron Gate about a Valheim Mac version. Unfortunately, it doesn't look likely anytime soon judging by the response he says he's received.

Hi ____,

We do not currently support Mac because we don't have a Mac computer at the office. Adding Mac support and debugging and testing would take [a lot] of development-hours that we don't have [at the moment]. In the future it might be possible to add Mac [compatibility].

//Best regards Jens

According to Statista, Macs comprise approximately 18% of PCs around the world. However, that's not necessarily reflective of people who are gamers; the latest Steam Hardware Survey, for example, only shows a total of 2.98% of Mac users on the platforms. With numbers like that, I can't imagine that a Valheim Mac version would be a huge priority anytime soon, especially with all of the other work Iron Gate has to do.

This Week In Valheim 04-10-21 Easter contest winners

Easter Contest Winners Announced

The Valheim Easter Contest is over. Five talented artists made some pretty cool themed creations for the candy-filled holiday. Here are the Easter Contest Winners according to the announcement:

  • @It__Winter with their boss eggs!
  • Instagram user derheiko78 with these sharp contours!
  • These absolutely adorable piggies by Instagram user nuudelipannu!
  • Instagram user samaramon.m with this creative collection!
  • Jorgeleoperez on Instagram with these detailed little paintings!

Each of these lucky winners is getting a free copy of the game for their efforts. Congrats!

This Week In Valheim 04-10-21 slice 2 Community Creations

This Week in Valheim Community Creations

The Valheim community is always coming up with something cool to show off. Here are some of the more interesting things we've seen this week!

Turnips: It's What's for Dinner

A particularly talented Redditor by the name of /u/TheNarrator11 has cooked up some pretty cool Valheim commercials, but they're not for the game—rather, these commercials cover the items in the game. 

Thus far, he's already made a commercial for Turnips and Sausages, two of the most useful food items in the game. It looks like the game's Mead and Potions are getting a commercial of their own pretty soon, too!

This Week In Valheim 04-10-21 u-mrmng Black Forest art

Artists Continue to Impress

Two weeks ago, we showed off some fantastic art from Alex Chen and Lisa Ayre. It looks like the Valheim community has tons of talented artists, and this week is no different!

/u/mrmng on Reddit has completed a project to draw every enemy in the Black Forest biome, following up with the completed Meadows biome drawing. We'll probably get to see the Swamps in the next couple of weeks!

This Week In Valheim 04-10-21 Winterfell

Game of Thrones Winterfell Comes to Life

There are many good things and many bad things about Game of Thrones, but the various castles and set pieces created by the show's art team are universally praised (and for good reason)—they're really cool.

/u/TheHeiretic has brought one of these places to life with a full recreation of Winterfell, the capital of the North and the home of House Stark. It's pretty well done with the limitations on building in Valheim as they are today—I can't wait to see what people cook up when the Hearth and Home update drops later this year!

This Week In Valheim 04-10-21 Runescape

Runescape, Revived

Game of Thrones isn't the only thing getting a shoutout this week. Building in Valheim offers a lot of opportunities to get creative, and one player went for a bit of a throwback: Prepare for a nostalgia trip back to the lands of Runescape.

A classic Runescape location was recreated on Reddit by /u/dsciimmy. It's more than just an exterior, though! The interior of this castle has many familiar sites for old-school players of the game. Go ahead and check it out!

This Week In Valheim 04-10-21 Birthday Card

The Best Birthday Ever

The final community creation for this week is something a little unusual. /u/emomobile recently had his 36th birthday, and he also happens to have a bit of an obsession with Valheim—something many of us can certainly sympathize with. His wife had noticed, too, and she created the really cool birthday card you can see above. Gentlemen, never neglect the importance of the Making Me Laugh skill—it can win the day!

This Week In Valheim 04-10-21 slice 3 Modding

This Week in Valheim Mods

Valheim modding shows no signs of stopping, and there are some pretty cool new additions this week!

This Week In Valheim 04-10-21 Skyheim Magic Mod

Skyheim Gets Magical

Valheim does have a bit of magic such as the Forsaken Powers, but you're not exactly going to be casting a Firebolt for 2d6 damage. That is, unless, you grab the Skyheim mod on Nexus or Thunderstore.

Skyheim adds five tiers of spells to the game along with a new "Mana" resource to fuel them. You can unlock new spells by defeating bosses, and some of them are pretty darn cool.

Tombstone Tracker Makes Death Less Annoying

Death is frustrating in Valheim, but one of the worst things is disappearing tombstone markers. If you die while retrieving your corpse, you'll only get to see your latest tombstone marker. Now, the Tombstone Tracker mod on Nexus and Thunderstore will let you see markers for every death location—and you can clear them out, too!

This Week In Valheim 04-10-21 Custom Building Items

Custom Building Items Enhances Your Option

The upcoming Hearth and Home update is going to add some new building items for players to tinker with, but why wait? The Custom Building Items mod on Nexus and Thunderstore solves the problem for now by making more existing in-game assets available to players for building.

It's Going Down with the Basement Mod

Speaking of building, one of the downsides of how Valheim's terrain system works is an inability to truly build underground. Thankfully, the Basement mod on Thunderstore is here to help. This mod lets you build a basement anywhere you like, and you can even extend it further underground up to five times.

And that's it for this week! There's plenty of fun to be had in Valheim, but it isn't always easy to understand — be sure to give our guides a once-over and get a better feel for the game!

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