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Valheim Mistlands Dev Update Shows Off New Fashions And More

September 13, 2022 9:21 AM

By: Joseph Allen


A new Valheim Mistlands dev update has dropped, and it's showing off a few more of the features you can expect from the update when it lands. New additions will include extra fashion choices for the image-conscious Viking, as well as a brand new boss and more.

What's in this latest Valheim Mistlands dev update?

Over on SteamValheim developer Iron Gate shared more of what we can expect from the Viking survival sandbox game in its next major update. The dev starts off by saying that the "boss-related stuff" for Mistlands is still in progress, but that it'll definitely be something you've never tackled in Valheim before. Exciting, no?




Iron Gate also says it's been discussing whether Mistlands feels like it's in the right place progression-wise, and the studio came to the decision that it needed to rejig some things. That's why a new "special extractor item" for processing and a new Black Core have been added. The purpose of the new Core is mysterious right now, but Iron Gate will likely elucidate in the coming weeks.

The new Black Core in the Valheim Mistlands update
A new Black Core is being added in the Valheim Mistlands update. What does it do? Nobody knows. Spooky!

As well as the new Core and extractor, the new Valheim Mistlands update content also includes some stuff that will come as a pleasant surprise if you're a Viking who cares about their appearance. Iron Gate is adding brand new hairstyle and outfit options, with a new feather cape item available to make your Viking friends (and Odin's ravens) jealous.



When is the Valheim Mistlands update coming out?

Right now, Iron Gate says it is "not quite ready" to set an official date for the Valheim Mistlands update. The studio has been slowly trickling information about what Mistlands will contain over the last few months, showing off a new forge, new buildings you'll be able to construct, and plenty more. One thing's for sure: when Mistlands arrives, it'll be huge.

You can grab Valheim right now via Steam Early Access, where it'll set you back $19.99 or your local equivalent. The game is also on its way to both PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass next year, although it's not entirely clear whether it'll be leaving Early Access at the same time. We'll bring you more on this as we get it. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Valheim guides to help you find your way around this imposing Norse realm.


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