New Valheim Mushrooms And Forge Teased In Developer Update

Published: May 25, 2022 9:00 AM /


The player facing down a trap in Valheim

Valheim developer Iron Gate has teased some new features arriving in the game's upcoming Mistlands update. They include a brand new forge to help you craft seriously powerful gear, as well as some curious new mushroom variants to cook with.

What's being teased in the new Valheim dev update?

The last Valheim dev update revealed new information about the Mistlands hare, as well as some of the buildings you can expect to see in the forthcoming update. Now, Iron Gate has released another devblog in which the studio talks about more features coming to the Viking survival sandbox game in Mistlands. First up, the dev teased a new crafting forge that you'll need to use if you want to build Mistlands-tier gear. Iron Gate describes the forge as having "a little extra" to help you craft higher-level weaponry.


The new crafting forge in Valheim
You'll need to use this new Valheim forge if you want Mistlands-grade weapons.

As well as the new forge, Iron Gate also teased some new Valheim mushroom variants you'll be able to find in the Mistlands update. According to the devs, you'll be able to cook with these new variants, although Iron Gate is remaining tight-lipped regarding exactly what recipes the 'shrooms will be useful for. We did get a look at the mushrooms, though, and they're looking all snazzy and mysterious, just like Mistlands mushrooms should. Here they are in all their weird glory.

Some new Valheim mushroom variants
These new Valheim mushroom variants will be used in some exciting recipes, we'd wager.

When is the Valheim Mistlands update launching?

We don't have a release schedule for the Valheim Mistlands update yet. The Mountains update for the game landed in March, and the last major update before that was September's Hearth & Home, so we might not get Mistlands for a few months yet. In the new Valheim dev update, Iron Gate says it wants to update the game's engine before launching Mistlands (and before releasing a patch that fixes some pesky cloud sync errors), so there's work to do before Mistlands is released. However, the devs say work on the biome isn't being impacted by the technical stuff, so things seem to be progressing smoothly. So smoothly, in fact, that Iron Gate's Richard Svensson found time to pose with some pretty awesome-looking Viking gear to show off the team's work on new weapon animations. Here he is preparing to do battle.

Iron Gate's Richard Svensson posing in Viking gear for Valheim

You can pick up Valheim right now on Steam, where it's currently in Early Access. The game will cost you $19.99 or your regional equivalent. You're in good company if you do decide to grab it; last month, Iron Gate and publisher Coffee Stain announced that Valheim sales had, rather remarkably, crossed the 10 million mark since launch, demonstrating the enduring popularity of this Viking survive-'em-up (vampire Valheim takes be damned). If you're just starting your journey in this brutal Nordic realm, make sure you take a look at our Valheim guides hub so you can learn all about the interlocking mechanisms of Iron Gate's fascinating Viking world.




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