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Where to Find Valheim Flax and Barley (and How to Farm It)

February 25, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams


Finding Valheim Flax and Barley can prove to be a challenge, especially for new players. This guide will tell you where to find it, how to farm it, and why these two crops are currently the best in the game!

Valheim's food system starts out simple enough, but venturing into the Black Forest unlocks the ability for you to farm crops. Carrots are a good source of early game food — especially if you cook them into Carrot Soup. Turnips (found in the Swamps biome) are even better, but both of these veggies are just the start for what's possible with growing crops.


Valheim Flax and Barley Linen Bread Fulings
Getting Flax or Barley will not be an easy task.​​​

How to Find Valheim Flax and Barley

Valheim Flax and Barley can only be found in the Plains biome. This is the toughest biome in the game for its Steam Early Access launch and it shouldn't be ventured into lightly.

To start, you likely won't even find the Plains biome until you've built a Raft (or even better, a Karve or Longboat) and started sailing to other islands. That's probably for the best; the Plains biome is packed with deadly enemies.


Both Flax and Barley can be found within Fuling camps in the Plains biome. You might be able to steal it away by running by, but it's probably better to carefully take out the enemies one by one. Iron weapons (and/or a few friends for backup) will be needed if you want to have a chance at success, but you should probably wait until you've beaten the fourth boss Moder in the Mountains biome.

Valheim Flax and Barley farming Linen Bread
Farming out in the open in the Plains is basically suicide.

How to Farm Valheim Flax and Barley

Farming Valheim Flax and Barley is much more challenging than Carrots and Turnips for one simple reason: it can only be grown in the Plains. Attempting to grow it elsewhere will inevitably fail.


It's a good idea to beat the Mountain biome if you want to make the most of Flax and Barley; you can't really use either of them until you unlock the Artisan Table. The Artisan Table is unlocked by defeating the game's fourth boss Moder in the Mountains biome. While you could grab some Flax and/or Barley by being sneaking (or sniping the Fulings from a distance), you won't actually be able to use it until you defeat Moder.

From there, you'll need to set up a farm. Sturdy and high walls are strongly recommended lest you get swarmed by Deathsquitos. Loxes can prove to be a problem, too, and their attacks can make short work of your buildings. Once you have a sturdy base built, you can plant the crops and harvest them when they're grown as you do with Carrots and Turnips.

What is Flax Used For?

  • Making Linen with a Spinning Wheel
    • Linen is used for making some weapons, tools, and armor

What is Barley Used For?

  • Making Barley Flour in a Windmill, which is an ingredient in:
    • Blood Pudding
    • Bread
    • Fish Wraps
    • Lox Meat Pie
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