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How to Find and Defeat a Valheim Troll

February 8, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams


The Valheim Troll is one of the tougher enemies in the game for a new player. You can beat this gigantic enemy if you have the right strategy — and you'll also get some cool loot for your trouble.

Valheim is a game that's all about brutal enemies from Viking mythology, and the Troll is one of the first real challenges that a player will encounter in the Black Forest. It's big, it's angry, and you're going to have a hard fight ahead.


Valheim Troll Guide Meadows
Your first fight against a Troll will probably be out in the world.

How to Find a Troll in Valheim

Finding a Valheim Troll isn't terribly difficult. They're pretty hard to miss — a Troll is easily 25 feet (7.6 meters) tall and bright blue in color.

Odds are, you're going to find a Valheim Troll when you're wandering in (or near) the Black Forest. Keep running around the Black Forest until you see one in the distance.

Valheim Troll Guide Troll Cave
Troll Caves can be found in the Black Forest. They'll typically have bones near the entrance.

Troll Caves are Full of Treasure

Another option for finding a Troll in Valheim is the Troll Cave. As one might expect, this is a cave that has a Troll in it.

Trolls can drop some decent loot regardless of where you fight them, but a Troll Cave has a lot more goodies for you to grab up. You can find Yellow Mushrooms, Coins, Amber, Amber Pearls, and even some basic resources within! Be sure to search the Troll Cave carefully so you don't miss anything!

Valheim Troll Guide treasure
Make sure not to miss any of that Troll Cave treasure — notice that there is an Amber Pearl to the bottom left of the image.  Search carefully!

How to Beat a Valheim Troll

Fighting a Valheim Troll is a challenging prospect for a new player, but it's certainly doable. In fact, you can beat a Troll using the basic Crude Bow, a few dozen Arrows, and not much else.

Let's get one thing out of the way: Yes, you can fight a Troll in melee combat. It's generally not a good idea, though — the Troll's attacks hit hard, and even a Bronze Shield and a full set of Bronze Armor might not absorb enough damage to make this a viable strategy. There's also the risk of the Troll knocking down trees; these trees can fall and damage you.

Whether you sneak up on a Troll or you're ambushed by one, the strategy is the same:

  1. Jog (don't run) until you're about 20–30 feet (6–9 meters) away.
  2. Shoot an Arrow at the Troll.
  3. Keep shooting until the Troll gets closer.
  4. Start jogging away as it gets closer.
    • If the Troll gets close enough to attack, run — don't jog — to get out of range of the melee attack.
  5. Keep the Troll at a distance, firing arrows at it until it's dead.

And that's it! If you do this right, you won't take any hits — you can kill a Troll with no Armor and a Crude Bow. A Troll will drop some Troll Hide (which can be used to craft stealthy Troll Leather Armor) and some Coins.


One final important note: Don't fight a Troll near a wooden base. It can and will smash your base to pieces!

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