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Valheim Comfort Guide

February 26, 2021

By: Jackson Wery


One of the most important mechanics in Valheim is learning how to properly stack buffs. The right foods, equipment, and setup can make or break your journey. One of the more mysterious buffs is "rested," which is when a player is in comfortable surroundings. Its benefits aren't immediately apparent, but in Valheim, Comfort is a critical game component that shouldn't be ignored. The temporary buff is a huge boon when it comes to exploration, resource-gathering, and combat. Needless to say, it makes progression much easier when you set yourself up for success.

Maximizing the "rested" buff involves making it last longer. To do this, players should find ways to increase their resting place's "Comfort." The bonus for being well-rested includes a bonus to health and stamina regen. That means restoring health 50% faster, and refilling your stamina bar twice as fast! This is incredibly helpful no matter what you plan to do with your buff. Your basic bonus lasts for 7 minutes after leaving comfortable surroundings, but each rank in Comfort adds a minute to the time. That means, with the current cap of 17 Comfort, that you can have that hefty rested buff for 24 minutes!


Valheim Comfort 5
Maximize your Comfort in small areas. A small dwelling or room dedicated to Comfort is a good idea.

Improving Valheim Comfort

Increasing Valheim's Comfort level is simple. Each piece of furniture or item that improves quality of life increases Comfort by 1. Sitting around a campfire (X key by default) for a moment is the easiest, but least effective, method of becoming well-rested. Early Valheim makes it rather difficult to gather resources, but once you have a roof over your head you can begin decorating. The furniture adds to Comfort in about a 10-meter radius around it, or just under five 2x2 wooden floor tiles. Thus, designating a small room just for Comfort may be in your best interest.

When starting out, there are a lot of things that need attention in Valheim. Once you've taken care of your basic needs, you can divert some resources to Comfort. Thankfully, early-game boosts are many of the same things you'll need or want to make anyway. Your first furniture should be a bed and a campfire. When building, be sure to allow ventilation for smoke to escape, otherwise, you may inhale too much and begin suffocating. The bed, campfire, and shelter will give you a starting Comfort of 4. Once you've put together a bow and can take out deer, use their hides to build a rug for another point in Comfort. Other rugs exist as well, but the creatures you can turn into rugs lurk in biomes that are best left alone in the early game.

Valheim Resting
It can be hard to discern, but there is a radius to Comfort of about four tiles (see below).

Once you advance a bit and acquire a bronze axe, you can use fine wood to craft new furniture. Fine wood can be harvested from birch trees in Meadows biomes, so it's a low-risk material to gather. There are a ton of things to prioritize first, but you can take this as an opportunity to further buff your rested duration, as well. Use some fine wood to build a table and chair. Benches and stools don't currently stack with chairs, and only the highest bonus (from chairs) should apply. That provides a healthy comfort level of 8, enough for 15 minutes every time you refresh the timer. Add a banner (of any sort) for another point.

The next increase to Comfort will require you to dig up some iron. With the Stonecutter, you can use Stone to make a Hearth, adding a hefty 2 to your Comfort. With iron nails (and some other materials), you can build a hanging brazier, a raven throne, and a dragon bed. The dragon bed's 2 Comfort will supersede the regular bed's. This will hit the current soft cap of 17 Comfort rather handily.

Valheim Not Resting
Just moving a little bit can take out (literally) out of your comfort zone. Be careful when building, and plan ahead!

Other forms of improving Comfort exist, but are much harder to come by. The Maypole (a green, looping structure) spawns in abandoned villages in Meadows biomes and adds another point of Comfort. Without cheating, however, it cannot be moved or built-in normal gameplay. The same can be said for the Christmas tree, which must be spawned in manually and does not even appear naturally in the world.

Naturally, since Valheim is still early in its life cycle and development, there may be other ways to improve your Comfort in the future. Be sure to check back with us at TechRaptor often for all things Viking-comfort related. Until then, be sure to take a look at our guides compendium for ValheimValheim recently sold over 4 million copies, with hundreds of thousands of concurrent players. If you're looking for some help getting started, we have all sorts of content geared towards helping you begin your adventure. Let us know when you've finally perfected that cozy longhouse, and stay tuned for more information as Valheim journeys through early access.

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