This Week in Valheim: Big Bucks and Happy Little Trees

This week in Valheim, we check out some happy little trees, a lesson on dealing with Stone Golems, and the addition of a rather suspicious new plant!

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This Week In Valheim 05-22-21 cover

Once again, it's time for  This Week in Valheim! This week, we get to check out some beautiful artistic busts, a lesson on dealing with Stone Golems, and the addition of a rather suspicious new plant!

This Week In Valheim 05-22-21 slice 1 News

This Week in Valheim News

We're still waiting for that coveted Valheim Hearth and Home Update, but that's not to say there hasn't been something happening—it's been a very good week for Valheim (and by extension, Embracer Group).

Valheim Drives Strong Financial Year For Embracer Group

Embracer Group has a lot of companies under its umbrella and it's been growing aggressively. One of its many subsidiaries happens to be Valheim's publisher Coffee Stain, and it credits the game as part of an especially successful fourth quarter for Fiscal Year 2020. While the company's back catalog is surely responsible for a lot of this success, the majority of last quarter's profits from Coffee Stain rests squarely on Valheim's shoulders.

"The quarter was driven by the release of Valheim, selling more than 6.8 million copies during the period," read Embracer Group's financial report. "This truly amazing game continues to find new players globally and we expect another 1.0-1.2 million copies to be sold before the close of the current quarter ending June."

This Week In Valheim 05-22-21 slice 2 Community Creations

This Week in Valheim Community Creations

Valheim players are always cooking up some kind of cool builds, gadgets, or other silly creations—here are some of the best things we saw in the last week!

This Week In Valheim 05-22-21 u-britzerland busts
(Image Credit: /u/britzerland on Reddit (left, right).)

Going Bust (in a Good Way)

/u/britzerland on Reddit seems to have a flair for art. Utilizing a mod that allows object rotation, a Bust of David was created by using 3,000 (!) item stands and a massive skull was made using a mix of stone building pieces. Unfortunately, creating art like this just can't be done without mods—and that's something that the artist would like to see changed.

"Everything is harder in vanilla," /u/britzerland said in a Reddit comment. "I would like a mod to be made that places things like this in the world so you can come across them by chance on rare [occasions]. Like how coming across stone henge [sic] in plains is rare. I think it could add some diversity to exploration[.]"

This Week In Valheim 05-22-21 u-TheDarkoParadox Helm's Deep
(Image Credit: /u/TheDarkoParadox on Reddit.)

Going Deep

This is almost a universal law—if there's a game where you can build stuff, someone is going to build Helm's Deep from The Lord of the Rings. Welp, it's finally happened thanks to the hard work of /u/TheDarkoParadox on Reddit.

Mind, this isn't just the exterior of the building—this creative soul has done up the interior pretty nicely, too. Check out the video of /u/TheDarkoParadox's Helm's Deep build on Reddit to see more of this great build!

This Week In Valheim 05-22-21 u-britzerland art
(Image Credit: /u/britzerland on Reddit.)

Happy Little Trees

Here we have someone getting innovative: /u/britzerland on Reddit has created some neat in-game art. This isn't a texture mod or something like that—he used square text boxes and the Colorful Signs mod (available on Nexus and Thunderstore) to make these images by hand. Pretty neat!

This Week In Valheim 05-22-21 u-AberrantMonk8 Seaside Inn
(Image Credit: /u/AberrantMonk8 on Reddit.)

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Our final Community Creation for the week is something pretty neat: /u/AberrantMonk8 showed off a pretty cool little island home on Reddit. A build like this is exactly the kind of thing I like to see, and there are plenty of other oddball designs you can check out for inspiration!

This Week In Valheim 05-22-21 slice 3 Modding

This Week in Valheim Mods

As always, the Valheim modding community is putting together cool new content for players to enjoy while we wait for the next update. Here are some of the neater mods we've seen this week!

Clean Up Your Cut with CustomWigs

One of the downsides of Valheim is that you can't really change your hair after creating your character. Worry no longer—the CustomWigs mod on Thunderstore introduces craftable wigs to make it easy for you to change up your style!

This Week In Valheim 05-22-21 Building Health Mode mod

'Building Health Mode' Makes Fixing Up Your Home Easy

Another minor Valheim annoyance is having to repair your base after an attack. With the Building Health Mode mod (Nexus, Thunderstore), you can figure out the damage at a glance thanks to a colorful heat map.

Blaze It With These Two Mods

Making Mead in Valheim is fun, but there are, er, other medicinal plants that aren't in the base game. Valweed (Nexus, Thunderstore) introduces a new plant for you to grow that gives you some interesting buffs; alternatively, you can craft a suspiciously-shaped lantern with a new mod (Nexus, Thunderstore) that gives you a buff while it's equipped.

This Week In Valheim 05-22-21 slice 4 Must-See Moments

Valheim Must-See Moments: May 15–22, 2021

As always, we're closing out This Week in Valheim with our must-see moments: the crazy, the hilarious, and the just plain weird things that were fortunately captured on camera (so to speak).

This Week In Valheim 05-22-21 u-BluPolaris Elder fight
Narrator: It did not, in fact, protect the warrior as expected. (Image Credit: /u/BluPolaris on Reddit.)

I'm Falling For You

Fighting The Elder boss in Valheim can be a challenge—whether you're battling him up close or from far away, it's certainly a step up from the game's first boss fight in the Meadows. In this video from /u/BluPolaris on Reddit, we see why you shouldn't rely on destructible environments when trying to take on this particular boss.

The Troll Vs. Series Continues

We're previously shown what happens when a Troll and a Sea Serpent duke it out. This week, /u/AverageDistance on Reddit shows us a battle between a Troll (an enemy from the game's second biome) and a Lox (a creature from the game's fifth biome). Three guesses on which one of the two won!

This Week In Valheim 05-22-21 u-Wethospu_ Stone Golem
(Image Credit: /u/Wethospu_ on Reddit.)

The Right Tool for the Job

As we've detailed in our guides, bosses have different strengths and weaknesses to weapons; using a Poison Arrow against the game's third boss Bonemass, for example, won't really do much in the way of damage. Now, /u/Wethospu_ on Reddit shows us which weapon is the best for dealing with Stone Golems—and no, it's not the pickaxe!

We're all done with This Week in Valheim! Be sure to check out our Valheim guides below if you really want to up your game!

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