This Week in Valheim: Massive Mountains and Happy Bees

This week in Valheim, we check out some pretty big player builds, a cool new mod that adds a drawbridge, a shout-out to the happiest bees, and so much more!

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This Week in Valheim 05-08-21 cover

This week in Valheim, we check out some pretty big player builds, a cool new mod that adds a drawbridge, a shout-out to the happiest bees, and so much more!

Once again, there isn't much in the way of Valheim news this week — many gamers (myself included) are patiently waiting for the Hearth and Home update and are hoping to hear some good news soon. That hasn't stopped the community from continuing to cook up cool stuff, so let's check it out!

This Week In Valheim 05-08-21 slice 2 Community Creations

This Week in Valheim Community Creations

The Valheim community is always making some neat stuff. We've found a lot of cool stuff this week including some pretty impressive builds!

This Week in Valheim 05-08-21 big Bridge
(Image Credit: /u/Rollins93 on Reddit)

A Pretty Big Bridge

Building a big bridge can be a challenge, but some people go above and beyond. /u/Rollins93 on Reddit wanted to join up two landmasses linking his world's spawn point and his main base. In the end, he created one of the coolest-looking bridges I've seen in quite some time!

Secret Rooms 101

You can build a secret room in Valheim in all sorts of different ways. Whether you're covering up an entrance with a plant or hiding it behind a particular piece of wall or flooring, there are lots of options for concealing a little something special in your base. /u/16bitfighter on Reddit decided to use a Banner to hide a "secret spot" in his base with some nice amenities — specifically, a neat little hot tub with some cool glowing effects.

This Week in Valheim 05-08-21 The Bees Are Happy
The Bees Are Happy indeed. (Image Credit: /u/bigredrider11 on Reddit (left), @Eupholie_ on Twitter (via Reddit, right).)

The Bees Are Happy (and So Are We)

"The Bees Are Happy" has been a meme in the Valheim community for a long time; this message pops up when you build a Beehive, a critical first step for making your own Potions and Mead. When the Bees are happy, you get rewarded with delicious honey! This love of Bees has inspired a girlfriend to make some nice plaques for her guy and his friends. It also led to one Redditor discovering the work of Eupholie, an artist with a proclivity for drawing adorable bugs.

This Week in Valheim 05-08-21 Two Dads Base
(Image Credit: /u/Djennik on Reddit)

Elegant Simplicity

When it comes to community creations, we often highlight huge buildings, weird builds, or really cool fan creations—but a good home doesn't have to be huge or complex. Sometimes, simple works just fine. This cool base built by two dads with very little free time shows that you don't need to grind for hundreds of hours to make a comfy home.

This Week in Valheim 05-08-21 WALL-E and Giant Spider
(Image Credit: /u/ Arreksis on Reddit (left), /u/Relative-Ad-5961 on Reddit (right).)

WALL-E and the Curious Case of the Giant Spider

Some people like to make big buildings. Other people, however, just like to build something weird—and that leads us to this giant WALL-E statue by /u/Arreksis on Reddit and clever use of a Serpent trophy to make a big ol' spider created by /u/Relative-Ad-5961 on Reddit.

This Week In Valheim 05-08-21 slice 3 Modding

This Week in Valheim Mods

Valheim modders continue to work to make the game better. This week, base builders get some pretty cool improvements (and the Trader get s a little love, too).

BetterWards Protects Your Base

The Ward is one of the items that many players just don't use all that often, but you're missing out — did you know that it can also protect your base from damage? That's pretty cool, and the Better Wards mod (Nexus, Thunderstore) takes things even further by giving you several additional options, some of which are pretty powerful. These new options include indestructible structures, infinite fireplaces, and buffs for players within the Ward's area of influence.

More Gates Gives You Options (Including a Drawbridge!)

Valheim is sadly lacking in options for doors — there's a grand total of three in the game. While the upcoming Hearth and Home Update might add some new options, the More Gates mod at Nexus and Thunderstore can tide you over for now. Several new door designs, poles, and even a working drawbridge are included!

This Week in Valheim 05-08-21 trader

Better Trader Makes the Merchant Better

The Better Trader mod (Nexus, Thunderstore) does exactly what it says on the tin: It makes the Valheim Merchant better! This mod increases the Merchant's stock from a handful of items to over 300 in total; you can even customize the Merchant's stock and prices with a bunch of options!

TerrainReset Solves One of Valheim's Biggest Problems

Although Valheim Update 0.150.3 fixed terrain issues earlier this month, some players are still having problems. That's where the TerrainReset mod on Thunderstore comes in; it promises to give you a second chance by completely undoing any terrain edits within an area you define.

This Week In Valheim 05-08-21 slice 4 Must-See Moments

Valheim Must See Moments: May 1–8, 2021

With millions of players, there's always something cool happening in Valheim—here are some of the coolest things we've seen this week!

This Week in Valheim 05-08-21 Meatgrinder 3000
(Image Credit: /u/Izzelgrf on Reddit)

The Meatgrinder 3000 is Pretty Metal

You can tame Boars, Wolves, and Lox in Valheim, but harvesting these animals for meat can take a bit of time. That's why /u/Izzelgrf on Reddit built the Meatgrinder 3000, a collection of sloped roofs that pile up all of the animals in one place—and as you can see from this video, a two-handed hammer makes quick work of the creatures.

What Happens When a Troll and Sea Serpent Fight?

Trolls are pretty hardy creatures, but the Serpent is tough enough in its own right—which one of the two would win in a fight? /u/donkeyh_ found out what happens when these two massive creatures battle—from a very safe distance, of course.

This Week in Valheim 05-08-21 big mountain
(Image Credit: /u/borischung01 on Reddit)

Really Big Mountain

The Mountains biome can prove to be challenging for some players, especially because some of the peaks can get pretty high. /u/borischung01 found a mountain so large that he was inspired to build a path to the top and he just recently completed the journey to the peak; it's so big that you can't even see the bottom! And as big as it is, /u/seslert on Reddit might have found an even taller mountain—you can actually see the curvature of the realm.

That's all for this edition of This Week in Valheim! While we're all waiting around for that Hearth and Home update, why not brush up on your knowledge by checking out some of our guides?

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