This Week in Valheim: Hanoks and Handy Mods

This Week in Valheim, we explore some extra handy mods, a group of surprisingly deadly bees, and a touching tribute to Berserk author Kentaro Miura.

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This Week In Valheim Cover 06-19-21

This Week in Valheim, we explore some extra handy mods, a group of surprisingly deadly bees, and a touching tribute to Berserk author Kentaro Miura. Let's dive in!

As usual, there's no Valheim news this week. Last week's edition of This Week in Valheim has something interesting to check out, though — a number of details about the game's future that were revealed by the developers in a Reddit AMA. It's well worth checking out, but for now, let's move on to this week's content!

This Week In Valheim 06-19-21 slice 2 Community Creations

This Week in Valheim Community Creations

The community has cooked up some cool stuff this week — and in one case, the cooking is a little more literal than usual.

This Week In Valheim 06-19-21 u-jimsmoments89 Vikingville
(Image Credit: /u/jimsmoments89 on Reddit.)

The Port Town of Viking-ville

/u/jimsmoments89 on Reddit admits that he's bad at naming, but he certainly isn't bad at building — check out this awesome port city that he built. It's got plenty of room for all sorts of activities, more than a few places to park your boat, and even a lighthouse!

Hanok Before You Enter

We've seen more than a few players create their Viking home in the style of another culture. This week, /u/miss_yee419 had decided to design her house in the style of a Korean "Hanok" home. Experienced players will notice that a lot of care and effort went into this highly detailed build — give it a look!

A Stunning Tribute to Berserk Author Kentaro Miura

The sudden passing of Berserk author Kentaro Miura has certainly had an impact on manga fans and authors. Tributes of all types have appeared around the world, and it looks like Valheim is no different — /u/Valheimer2345 shared a massive statue of Guts that was built in tribute to Miura-san.

This Week In Valheim 06-19-21 u-Valheimians Valheim Cake
(Image Credit: /u/Valheimians on Reddit.)

Delicious, Delicious Cake

There are some pretty creative cake decorators out there, and this Valheim cake from /u/Valheimians is pretty darn good. Made with marshmallow fondant over a yellow sponge cake, this delicious treat probably made their husband pretty happy, too.

This Week In Valheim 06-19-21 slice 3 Modding

This Week in Valheim Mods

Most of this week's Valheim mods are all about utility — these mods will make your game a lot more versatile!

This Week In Valheim 06-19-21 Wayshrine mod

Heading Home is Easier with Wayshrine

The Wayshrine mod (Nexus, Thunderstore) requires a server admin to make the most of it, but it's so useful that it will be worth your time. This mod allows you to place structures that, when activated, will teleport the player back to their spawn point. Handy!

Dedicated Server DevCommands Makes Things Easier for Admins

Speaking of server admins, the Dedicated Server DevCommands mod on Nexus can make maintaining your server a whole lot easier. Simply put, it grants access to some console commands to server admins, although you won't be able to do everything.

This Week In Valheim 06-19-21 Catalyst Machine mod

Catalyst Machines Shows the First Steps of Automation

The Catalyst Machines mod on Nexus is pretty simple to start, but it's laying the groundwork for more ambitious automation in Valheim. Get the mod on Nexus and you can get started with automated Resin, Stone, and Wood farms with more to come.

Gotta Go Fast with Fastercrafting

The Fastercrafting mods on Thunderstore makes crafting faster. Based on the default code, you should be able to craft stuff in 1/4th of the time it normally takes. It's a simple (but useful!) upgrade to your game!

CustomDverger Will Brighten Your Day

Finally, the CustomDverger mod on Thunderstore makes getting a good light source a little easier. It adds eight new Dverger Circlets that you can craft to the game, two of which can be made pretty cheaply towards the beginning.

This Week In Valheim 06-19-21 slice 4 Must-See Moments

Valheim Must-See Moments: June 12–19, 2021

Deadly wolves, murderous bees, and other oddities — here are the wonderfully weird and funny things we've found throughout the week!

This Week In Valheim 06-19-21 u-50thStreetInc Wolves
(Image Credit: /u/50thStreertInc on Reddit.)

Running With the Wolves

Wolves can be powerful allies in Valheim, but /u/50thStreetInc on Reddit showed us just how powerful they can be. He brings a literal pack of deadly 2-star wolves to fight Yagluth, the game's fifth (and currently final) boss. The battle is over before you know it — somehow, I have the feeling that wolves are probably going to be nerfed in a future update.

A Lack of Support

Iron Gate introduced some great terraforming changes a few weeks ago, but the fundamentals are pretty much the same. One of those fundamental facts is that buildings require structural support — and /u/katwhales on Reddit showed us the unfortunate result of what happens when you accidentally destroy the only rock supporting your entire base.

This Week In Valheim 06-19-21 u-_SoulKa_ Plains Swamp Dungeon
(Image Credit: /u/_SoulKa_ on Reddit.)

This Dungeon Got a Little Lost

This must-see moment is a little unusual since it's not a video, but it's not exactly a community creation, either. /u/_SoulKa_ on Reddit found a very tiny Swamp biome in the middle of the Plains biome and it just so happened to have a Crypt on it. You can see the full screenshot (and the discussion) in the Reddit submission, but there's one point that people are generally agreeing on: this is a fantastic place to build a home.

Don't Mess With Bees

"The Bees Are Happy" is a long-running meme in the Valheim community. Happy bees will produce Honey for you, a critical ingredient for making Mead and Potions. However, the bees can get angry too — Twitch streamer NeilNewbon showed us just what that looks like.

We're all done with This Week in Valheim! I'll be taking next week off, but one of my colleagues will be filling in to bring you the same great content roundup of all the cool stuff we found in the community. For now, please go and check out our Valheim guides to up your knowledge on the game!

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