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This Week In Valheim Cover 06-12-21

This week in Valheim, we recap a developer AMA session that details some future plans, discuss the sad news about the Hearth & Home update delay, and (as always) show off the cool community creations, mods, and videos we've discovered!

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This Week in Valheim News

There's finally some Valheim news this week, and yes, it's about the upcoming Hearth & Home update. Unfortunately, it's not all good news.

Valheim Hearth & Home Update Delayed to Fall 2021

The Valheim Hearth & Home Update has been delayed to Fall 2021. The massive influx of millions of players has been a great success for Iron Gate, but it's also introduced more than its fair share of problems to the game. Iron Gate's efforts to squash bugs and deal with other issues has ultimately led to the decision to delay the first major update.

As an additional consequence of this change, the Valheim roadmap will be altered. The new Mistlands biome will be delivered sooner than expected, but the smaller pieces of content such as the updates to the Ocean biome will be delayed to a later date. We'll be able to enjoy the Hearth & Home update sometime in Q3 2021.

Valheim Developers Detail Future Plans on Reddit

Aside from the Hearth & Home delay, the developers also stated that they would be holding an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on the Valheim subreddit. That session has since gone live and there are quite a few interesting answers in the mix. Here is a quick summary of some of the more interesting points:

These are just some of the more interesting tidbits from the Valheim developer AMA; you can read the full AMA on the /r/valheim subreddit to see all of their answers.

This Week In Valheim 06-12-21 slice 2 Community Creations

This Week in Valheim Community Creations

The Valheim community has cooked up some pretty impressive builds this week — and a neat little real-world creation, too.

This Week In Valheim 06-12-21 - colosseum u-VociferousBiscuit
(Image Credit: /u/VociferousBiscuit on Reddit.)

Now This is How You Do a Colosseum

Building a colosseum (or some other kind of huge arena) is simply a must in survival games — after all, you may as well duke it out with your friends in style! /u/VociferousBiscuit showed off one of the more impressive arena builds I've seen to date on Reddit — it's well worth checking out the full gallery!

A Real Troll Trophy

Everyone likes to remember their first Troll kill, but @SophieGrunnet on Twitter went a step further — she made a real-world trophy featuring the heads of one of these deadly creatures. The scariest thing of all? It's actually kind of adorable.

How to Build a Circular Roof in Valheim

Building a roof on a square building is easy. Building a roof on a circular building is much more difficult, a fact that I have encountered myself more than once. I wish I had seen this tutorial from /u/Ender-Cowboy on Reddit that teaches you how to build a circular roof — I certainly could have used it!

This Week In Valheim 06-12-21 - Vikea u-_-GH05T-
(Image Credit: /u/_-GH05t- on Reddit.)

Some Assembly Required

Naturally, a large community server will lead to some roleplaying — it's no surprise that some players on The Comfy Valheim server did the same. What is a surprise, however, is the way they decided to go about it: by embracing the culture of the modern Vikings and opening up "Vikea."

Vikea is a store where people can come to get some rather unique furniture. A video was also posted showing off the contents of the store — there's a lot more here than you might think!

This Week In Valheim 06-12-21 - Valheim Overwatch Hanamura u-miss_yee419
A comparison between the Valheim Hanamura build by /y/miss_yee419 on Reddit and the Hanamura map in Overwatch.


One of my favorite kinds of builds in games like this is when someone recreates an existing structure, object, or scene. Nano, Miraboo, Infi, and MissYee knocked it out of the park with their recreation of Hanamura from Blizzard Entertainment's first-person shooter Overwatch.

It's not quite done just yet, but what this team has put together is certainly impressive — especially when you compare it side by side with the actual in-game map. You can also check out this great timelapse video showing off the project.

This Week In Valheim 06-12-21 slice 3 Modding

This Week in Valheim Mods

In this week's batch of Valheim mods, we're highlighting has a nice mix of new weapons, aesthetic choices, and one of the most awful things that could possibly be added to a game: loot boxes.

This Week In Valheim 06-12-21 - Race Selection Mod u-Mixone-Computing

Be More than a Viking

We usually highlight mods that have just released or have had a major update, but this is a rare exception: /u/Mixone-Computing showed off a work-in-progress version of the Race Selection Mod on Reddit and it's honestly too hilarious not to watch it.

The Race Selection Mod will let players be more than a Viking in the most literal sense. Want to play as a Troll? Go for it! The modder's goal is to incorporate all of the humanoid races as playable characters, although we can't say how this might play until it actually launches.

Better Clubs for All

The Club is good for about the first 20 minutes of the game; other than that, you won't really need to use it again (unless you're going up against Bonemass). The Better Clubs Mod on Nexus lets you craft new variants such as the Spiked Club, the Spikier Club, and the Fire Starter, each of which gives you a reason to use this deadly hunk of wood for just a little longer.

This Week In Valheim 06-12-21 - MoreGreenFire mod

Green is Good with the MoreGreenFire Mod

You know those cool green torches in the swamps? You can eventually unlock them to craft yourself, but that's it. The MoreGreenFire mod on Thunderstore adds a green hanging brazier, a green wood torch, and a green sconce for players who want to show off a slightly different visual style in their base.

Finally, Loot Boxes in Valheim!

The TraderGamble mod on Nexus is so evil that I suspect it was created by Loki — it adds the "Haldor's Gamble" item that you can purchase from the Merchant. For the low, low price of 10 gold, you can take your chances at getting a cool item! If you're unlucky, though, you might get an angry swarm of bees or a monster spawn instead. (Yep, this was definitely the work of Loki.)

This Week In Valheim 06-12-21 slice 4 Must-See Moments

Valheim Must-See Moments: June 5–12, 2021

This week's must-see moments are a little weirder than usual, but still well worth watching!

This Week In Valheim 06-12-21 - Farming Lox u-HiEffort
(Image Credit: /u/HiEffort on Reddit.)

Someone Finally Figured Out How to Farm Lox in Valheim

Players have come up with all sorts of ways to farm creatures in Valheim, but the large hit-point pool and the high damage of the Lox makes it a particularly challenging creature to farm. /u/HiEffort showed off his discovery on the best way to farm Lox — as long as you're near a swamp.

Boat Sledding Goes Wrong Yet Again

Sliding a boat down a mountain is practically a tradition in Valheim. Some people do it for fun, some people do it to transport ore, and some people have their boat sled go hilariously wrong as shown by /u/Calm_Definition_3500 on Reddit. I've seen dozens of these videos, and what happens in this one is certainly a first!

This Week In Valheim 06-12-21 - admin fight u-_Vinrenu_
(Image Credit: /u/_Vinrenu_ on Reddit.)

When Gods Fight, the Earth Trembles

When two Valheim players get into a fight, things get settled with a nice match of kicking or a sword duel. When two server admins fight, however, things are a little more epic. There are clearly some mods used in this battle between two admins shared by /u/_Vinrenu_ on Reddit, and man does it look like an epic (and unfortunately brief fight).

And that's it for This Week in Valheim! We'll continue to chronicle all of the cool, funny, and weird stuff we find out about the game. In the meantime, why not have a gander at some of our Valheim guides?


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