Exclusive Interview: Dungeon Souls Development Changes

dungeon souls interview

Dungeon Souls, originally released by Mike Studios in July of 2015, has recently undergone a change in management that has the game being developed under a new (but former member of the team) lead developer. We caught up with April Poland, the game’s Executive Producer to discuss the studio name change, Dungeon Souls development, and where the game is headed! ... Read More »

EGX Rezzed 2016 – Mode7 Interview with Paul Kilduff-Taylor

Frozen Synapse 2

During our time at EGX Rezzed 2016, myself and Alex Baldwin were able to meet up with Paul Kilduff-Taylor, the Co-founder of Mode7 Games. You may know of this development team as the creators of games such as Frozen Synapse and Frozen Cortex.  Paul Taylor and Ian Hardingham founded the UK based studio back in 2005 and released the award-winning Frozen Synapse in 2011, but for those ... Read More »

Dream Team talks Boxy Kingdom – Bringing AAA Quality to Mobile

Boxy Kingdom

AAA developers Scott Miller (Founder of 3D Realms) and Lee Perry (former lead designer on Gears of War) came together to create their own mobile game company called Dream Team. Dream Team’s first game, Boxy Kingdom, incorporates endless-hopper style movement with roguelike dungeon crawling and its own unique brand of combat. Boxy Kingdom is available on iOS as of April 28th ... Read More »

A Chat with YouTuber Rob “Tyger” Rubin

Rob Tyger Rubin

A friend of mine gave me a video to look at it, and I followed through with his recommendation. In it, a YouTuber known as Rob “Tyger” Rubin talked about the concept of Smurfing. In his short video, I saw an interesting dialogue on the topic. The video also had hints of doing all the right things when it comes ... Read More »

Duncan Drummond Discusses DEADBOLT

Deadbolt interview header

Recently, I played through DEADBOLT, a stealth action title that captured my interest with a slick aesthetic, open-ended gameplay, and a brilliant concept. I was so engrossed that once the credits rolled, I knew that I had to find out just how this game came to be. I managed to get in contact with Duncan Drummond, programmer and artist for DEADBOLT and his ... Read More »

Charity Highlight: Azrhi Plays Dark Souls III with Spice

Dark Souls 3

Occasionally, nonprofits and charities contact TechRaptor about things they are doing that might be of interest to us and our readers. Today, we got a rather interesting stream that you might check out coming within the week: an increasingly drunk playthrough of Dark Souls III laced with some of the hottest chili peppers in the world. Recently, we were contacted by ... Read More »

EGX Rezzed 2016 – Postal Redux Interview With Jon Merchant


EGX Rezzed 2016 is currently taking place and with that, a whole slew of great games to play and people to interview! Our very own Alexander Baldwin (Interviewer) and Jesse Gomez (Sexy camera man) had a chance to meet up and talk to Jon Merchant of Running With Scissors who is the project manager of said development team. For those ... Read More »

The Debrief on DESYNC and First Look at New Footage


With all the eSports, randomly generated levels, and giant online experiences, sometimes it’s easy to lose track of what made First Person Shooters popular in the first place—nonstop, balls to the wall mayhem. Developer FOREGONE’s DESYNC seems to get this, with trailers showcasing constant, crazy combat in a neon-tinged world. I managed to get in contact with FOREGONE’s Sean Gabriel to discuss ... Read More »

Bram Eulaers Talks Bullets, Blood, and GIBHARD


What’s old is new again. FPS games have come full circle, and where cinematic hallway shootouts were once the standard for first person action, a surprising amount of games these days are taking a step towards guns-blazing mayhem. Wolfenstein: The New Order and Shadow Warrior have made people interested in grabbing health kits and carrying as many weapons as possible again, and Doom is finally making ... Read More »

Discussing the Game Pricing, Piracy, & Demos with John O’Meara of Zero Eden Games

John O'Meara State of Industry

I interviewed John O’Meara about a neat game called Galactose: Pastries In Space. It’s a cool game about cupcake fighters in space. (Really.) In addition to the conversation we had about his game, Mr. O’Meara and I somehow ended up talking about game pricing and the state of the industry relating to it. When I listened back to the recording I thought ... Read More »