Indie Interview with Warren Smith of Dark Flame

ScreenShot 2015Aug09 20-04-41 660x330

As part of our series of interviews with indie developers, I have been talking to Warren Smith, the developer behind Metroidvania style platformer Dark Flame about his latest project and working with the Square Enix Collective. TechRaptor: Tell us all about yourselves and your latest project Dark Flame. Warren: My name is Warren Smith – I’m enlisted in the United States ... Read More »

“We Are Listening” – Another Interview with a Triple A Developer


A few weeks ago, TechRaptor published an interview with an anonymous developer who spoke out on a personal blog about his perceptions on the gender issues of gaming, the existence of corruption and political correctness in the industry, and the controversial hashtag turned consumer watchdog known as GamerGate. The developer interviewed hid his name from the public, fearing backlash, and ... Read More »

Indie Interview: John Krajewski of Strange Loop Games on Eco


As part of my series of interviews with indie developers, today I’ll be talking with John Krajewski from Strange Loop Games about his latest project Eco, a multiplayer game where you build, control and try to live harmoniously with the natural environment. It even has orcas! TechRaptor: Tell us all about yourselves and your latest project Eco. John: I’m the ... Read More »

Gen Con 2015 – Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Shadowrun Hong Kong

While we were at Gen Con 2015 to talk tabletop, we did manage to stop by Harebrained Scheme’s booth and talk to them about their tabletop offerings like Golem Arcana and Battletech, but squeezed in a few minutes to talk about their upcoming RPG Shadowrun: Hong Kong. Shadowrun: Hong Kong is the sequel to Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut that ... Read More »

GenCon 2015 – Handelabra Talks Sentinels of the Multiverse Multiplayer


Set in the unique fiction of the Sentinel Comics universe, Sentinels of the Multiverse puts players in the control of a group of superheroes tasked with working together to combat and defeat the game’s supervillains. Using a combination of superpowers, skill, and a dash of luck, the heroes have to contend not only with the villain that they are facing ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Marek Rosa of Keen Software

Indie Interview with Marek Rosa

Sometimes, things take far too long to get from “done” to actually publishable. That is definitely the case in this interview I had with Marek Rosa of Keen Software, who is best known for his work in creating Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers. The interview happened back at the end of May, and we’re now two months later. It went through ... Read More »

[Updated] Culture of Fear: Interview with a Triple A Developer

culture of fear gamers unite

Note: The developer wanted to include a final thought. This was sent before before the developer had seen the article but not received until well after it went live. It has been amended to the end of the article.  The gaming community has faced a great amount of turbulence over the last several months. As the industry has grown in popularity ... Read More »

An Exploratory Interview About the New Horror IP, Allison Road

allison road

Ever since the death of PT, survival horror fans have been pining for something to make their palms sweat, to keep them on the edge of their seats and to sink their fangs into some good old fashioned helpless frights. A new IP has popped up that will quell that itch. The IP is called Allison Road. Allison Road is ... Read More »

Interview with Colm Larkin, Developer of Guild of Dungeoneering

Colm Larkin Photograph

As part of our Guild of Dungeoneering preview, we sat down with developer and Gambrinous Games founder, Colm Larkin, for a nice little chat about his first big game. You can always check the latest status of the game at his exhaustively updated devblog here. Guild of Dungeoneering will be out on PC and Mac July 14th, 2015. TechRaptor: Would you care ... Read More »