Jonathan “Skippy” Schwarz Interview – Game Designer and Serial Prankster

Jonathan Skippy Schwarz Interview 2

Disclosure: I previously did some writing for under my gaming handle “Ihmhi”. I was not compensated for my writing in any way. Jonathan “Skippy” Schwarz is a man of many hats. He’s served in the United States Army during NATO’s Intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina and written about some of his more interesting experiences at his personal blog ... Read More »

Indie Interview: Slade Villena aka Roguestar on FleetCOMM

Indie Interview Slade Villena

Over the past week, TechRaptor has had the chance to interview a game developer many of you know for other reasons. Lost sometimes in his involvement in GamerGate, Slade Villena, aka Roguestar, is an indie dev working on a game called FleetCOMM which is currently on Kickstarter seeking funding for a PS4 port. We took the chance to talk with him ... Read More »

From Disney to Indie – An Interview with Jesse Schell

schell games

After discovering their new game Orion Trail on KickStarter I was delighted to discover it was being developed by Schell Games and was lucky enough to snag an interview with the CEO Jesse Schell. Schell has been in the industry a long time starting off working on theme park rides as part of the Disney Imagineers before starting his own indie company. ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Dave Bennett of Orion Trail

orion trail

After seeing that there was a KickStarter aimed at recreating the 70s classic American school pastime Oregon Trail - IN SPACE, I had to get in touch with the people behind the project. Here I talk with the lead developer behind the project Orion Trail, Dave Bennett, on what we can hope to see in this interstellar remake. Techraptor: Tell us about Schell Games ... Read More »

Interview with Adrian Chmielarz, Co-owner of The Astronauts

Indie Interview Adrian Chmielarz

TechRaptor recently reached out to Adrian Chmielarz, the Co-owner/Creative Director at The Astronauts, developers of the TechRaptor approved The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, who was gracious enough to spend time answering our questions. In the interview below we asked Adrian about game development, traditional gaming media and #GamerGate, as well as other gaming industry related topics.   TR: Please tell ... Read More »

Indie Interview – The Floor is Made of Lava

the floor is made of lava

After discovering their game, The Floor is Made of Lava, an indie 2D platformer on Kickstarter, I reached out to Salvadora Studios to talk to founder Jacob Salverda about their game and what it’s like to reach out in the industry as a indie group. TechRaptor: First off, tell us about yourself and your game The Floor is Made of Lava. Jacob: ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Viscera Cleanup Detail

Indie Interview Arn Richert

In gaming, we’ve seen some crazy concepts. Gamers have rolled up balls of junk into stars, fought off zombies by typing, and even performed QTEs to slaughter Greek Gods. However, few concepts are as strange as that of Viscera Cleanup Detail‘s, a game which tasks you to clean blood and guts off of a space station. Today we got to ... Read More »

The Life of AfterLife Empire – An Interview with Danielle Maiorino

afterlife empire logo

After having her game chosen by the public to be created with feminist charity The Fine Young Capitalists, Danielle Maiorino has been thrown into the gaming spotlight. TechRaptor contacted Danielle to talk about Afterlife Empire, whether she intends to keep at game development and what advice she can give to aspiring game devs. TechRaptor: How did you find out about ... Read More »

On Art and Failed Kickstarters – Interview with Ryan Miller

Dysfunctional Systems Bouchard by rtil

Today we have artist Ryan Miller (Known as rtil online) with us who is the artist for several games, but most recently was the lead artist on the failed Kickstarter project Dysfunctional Systems 2. You can read about that more from their director here and here on his official statements on what occurred and the refund process. We also reached out to the director, ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Adam Maxwell Revival Storytelling

indie interview adam maxwell revival

Welcome back to our Interview with Adam Maxwell on Revival, the MMO currently in development by Illfonic Studios. Adam is one of the Lead designers on the game, and last time our interview talked with him about many of the mechanics in Revival. This part discusses politics, housing, and storytelling in Revival! TR: Player politics is an interesting idea – are you planning on ... Read More »