Women in eSports – An Interview with Milktea

super smash brothers melee

As part of my series of interviews on women in gaming, I have been lucky enough to talk to Lilian Chen, a.k.a Milktea, former competitive Super Smash Bros Melee player on her experience on the eSports scene, how she felt as a woman in gaming and the projects she’s working on now. TechRaptor: Tell us a little bit about yourself and ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Daniel Hindes from Wildfire


Today TechRaptor had the chance to talk with Daniel Hindes, the head of Sneaky Bastards, who are developing the new stealth-based platformer Wildfire. TechRaptor: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your game Wildfire? Daniel Hindes: I’ve always found stealth games and first-person immersive sims to be the most captivating and absorbing types of games that I’ve ever played. So ... Read More »

Art and This War of Mine – An Interview with 11 bit Studios


It seems this year that Christmas has come very, very early as TechRaptor was lucky enough to get in contact with 11 bit studios, the developers behind the ground breaking title This War of Mine, which among others picked up the audience award at the IGF as well as being nominated for The Game Awards and Games for Change Awards. We talked the ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Alex Poysky of Pixel Piracy developer Quadro Delta

Indie Interview Alex Poysky

TechRaptor recently reached out to Alex Poysky of Quadro Delta, developers of Pixel Piracy and the upcoming Pixel Privateers, who was gracious enough to spend time answering our questions. In the interview below we asked Alex about game development, addressing criticism, his thoughts on Early Access and Quadro Delta’s upcoming games. TR: Please tell us about yourself, your experience in ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Nils Ryborg of Stairs

stairs logo

A lot of great stuff is coming out of the indie gaming scene at the moment and Stairs is no exception. The atmospheric, horror title is on KickStarter currently and promises to put a scare in  the players step without relying completely on jumpscare. TechRaptor reached out to Nils Ryborg of GreyLight Entertainment to talk about his latest game. TechRaptor: ... Read More »

Indie Interview – David Mulder of Eron


In the brief periods between me writing about or playing games, you can often find me scouring sites such as KickStarter or Greenlight  for anything that takes my fancy. So after finishing The Firefly Diary with many squeals of delight, I was intrigued to come across Eron, a 2D platformer where the player has to switch between 2 different stages mid-level.  ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Broken Minds

Broken Minds Header

Today I interview Nathan Sundy, an indie dev whose team is currently working on a survival horror game Broken Minds. The game is still in its early stages of development, but Nathan and his team are dedicated to bringing it to completion. I’ll be talking to him about the game he’s working on, and about his experience as an indie ... Read More »

Jonathan “Skippy” Schwarz Interview – Game Designer and Serial Prankster

Jonathan Skippy Schwarz Interview 2

Disclosure: I previously did some writing for under my gaming handle “Ihmhi”. I was not compensated for my writing in any way. Jonathan “Skippy” Schwarz is a man of many hats. He’s served in the United States Army during NATO’s Intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina and written about some of his more interesting experiences at his personal blog ... Read More »

Indie Interview: Slade Villena aka Roguestar on FleetCOMM

Indie Interview Slade Villena

Over the past week, TechRaptor has had the chance to interview a game developer many of you know for other reasons. Lost sometimes in his involvement in GamerGate, Slade Villena, aka Roguestar, is an indie dev working on a game called FleetCOMM which is currently on Kickstarter seeking funding for a PS4 port. We took the chance to talk with him ... Read More »

From Disney to Indie – An Interview with Jesse Schell

schell games

After discovering their new game Orion Trail on KickStarter I was delighted to discover it was being developed by Schell Games and was lucky enough to snag an interview with the CEO Jesse Schell. Schell has been in the industry a long time starting off working on theme park rides as part of the Disney Imagineers before starting his own indie company. ... Read More »