Natalia Figueroa Talks Fran Bow

Fran Bow Header

Fran Bow is almost the polar opposite of the recently released Dropsy. Instead of being a whimsical adventure with lots of hugs and peeing dogs, Fran Bow is a point and click about a deeply disturbed young girl who sees and does some awful things, chats with strange monsters, and confronts her dark past in a way that certainly isn’t hugging people. After playing ... Read More »

Chat ‘Em Up – Mother Russia Bleeds Interview

Mother Russia Bleeds Header

Mother Russia Bleeds is an eye-catching game. Drenched in buckets and buckets of blood and coated with a crisp pixel art style, this beat ’em up caught my attention almost immediately. After watching the gameplay trailer at least a half a dozen times, I reached out to Frédéric Coispeau, “game alchemist” for the developer Le Cartel, to discuss the upcoming title made ... Read More »

Mob Rules – An Okhlos Interview

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Greek mythology is a common backdrop for games—from God of War to Kid Icarus and Age of Mythology—yet few games have ever touched on what is arguably the most important piece of Greek culture: their philosophers. But that all changes with Okhlos, a game about a charming philosopher rallying the people of Greece against their gods. I got in contact with designer and programmer Sebastian Gioseffi ... Read More »

An Interview with Sinclair Strange, Developer of I Want To Be Human

Sinclair Strange

Sinclair Strange is an indie developer releasing his first major game, I Want To Be Human, this fall. I Want To Be Human is a gory, action platformer with a cool art style and interesting story about a vampire girl trying to save her boyfriend who has been turned into a hat. Tech Raptor had the opportunity to ask Sinclair ... Read More »

Thom Glunt Talks STRAFE


If you’ve read my biweekly series First Person Saturday, you know I love FPS games. They’re my bread and butter, my favorite genre. Yet out of every upcoming FPS game, there’s only one that can really excite me. No, it’s not Doom, nor is it Shadow Warrior 2. Rather, it’s a more humble kickstarted title by the name of STRAFE, an FPS that ... Read More »

Jay Tholen Talks Dropsy

Dropsy Header

Dropsy is not what you’d expect from an indie game in 2015. It’s not a walking simulator, a horror game, or a puzzle platformer. No, it’s a bizarre throwback to the old point and click games of the 90s, starring an obese and rather frightening clown who just wants some hugs. So I managed to email the brains behind Dropsy, Jay Tholen, to discuss ... Read More »

Indie Interview with Warren Smith of Dark Flame

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As part of our series of interviews with indie developers, I have been talking to Warren Smith, the developer behind Metroidvania style platformer Dark Flame about his latest project and working with the Square Enix Collective. TechRaptor: Tell us all about yourselves and your latest project Dark Flame. Warren: My name is Warren Smith – I’m enlisted in the United States ... Read More »

“We Are Listening” – Another Interview with a Triple A Developer


A few weeks ago, TechRaptor published an interview with an anonymous developer who spoke out on a personal blog about his perceptions on the gender issues of gaming, the existence of corruption and political correctness in the industry, and the controversial hashtag turned consumer watchdog known as GamerGate. The developer interviewed hid his name from the public, fearing backlash, and ... Read More »

Indie Interview: John Krajewski of Strange Loop Games on Eco


As part of my series of interviews with indie developers, today I’ll be talking with John Krajewski from Strange Loop Games about his latest project Eco, a multiplayer game where you build, control and try to live harmoniously with the natural environment. It even has orcas! TechRaptor: Tell us all about yourselves and your latest project Eco. John: I’m the ... Read More »

Gen Con 2015 – Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Shadowrun Hong Kong

While we were at Gen Con 2015 to talk tabletop, we did manage to stop by Harebrained Scheme’s booth and talk to them about their tabletop offerings like Golem Arcana and Battletech, but squeezed in a few minutes to talk about their upcoming RPG Shadowrun: Hong Kong. Shadowrun: Hong Kong is the sequel to Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut that ... Read More »