[Updated] Culture of Fear: Interview with a Triple A Developer

culture of fear gamers unite

Note: The developer wanted to include a final thought. This was sent before before the developer had seen the article but not received until well after it went live. It has been amended to the end of the article.  The gaming community has faced a great amount of turbulence over the last several months. As the industry has grown in popularity ... Read More »

An Exploratory Interview About the New Horror IP, Allison Road

allison road

Ever since the death of PT, survival horror fans have been pining for something to make their palms sweat, to keep them on the edge of their seats and to sink their fangs into some good old fashioned helpless frights. A new IP has popped up that will quell that itch. The IP is called Allison Road. Allison Road is ... Read More »

Interview with Colm Larkin, Developer of Guild of Dungeoneering

Colm Larkin Photograph

As part of our Guild of Dungeoneering preview, we sat down with developer and Gambrinous Games founder, Colm Larkin, for a nice little chat about his first big game. You can always check the latest status of the game at his exhaustively updated devblog here. Guild of Dungeoneering will be out on PC and Mac July 14th, 2015. TechRaptor: Would you care ... Read More »

Indie Interview – John Conway on Walkerman

indie interview john conway

We live in an era of booming PC Games. While I might gripe at times with issues or flaws in the end, these gripes are only there because the whole area is doing great. Developers with some wit, talent and ability are able to create great games and release them easier than ever through digital platforms without the intervention of ... Read More »

An Interview With Geoff Keene on The Dead Linger

the dead linger logo

Geoff Keene is the Design Director of The Dead Linger and founder of Sandswept Studios. The Dead Linger began development near the end of 2011 and has seen some major changes since then. Still, the project is as ambitious as ever, promising a vast customizable map to explore and an environment in which you can interact with just about anything – even ... Read More »

Interview With Wynton “Prog” Smith, Competitive Smash Bros Commentator and Storyteller

Prog Interview Featured Image

Today, as part of an ongoing series of Smash interviews leading up to Evo 2015, we’re going to be talking to one of Smash’s most renowned community leaders. To the competitive Smash Bros community, Wynton “Prog” Smith is a commentator, spokesman, representative, activist, MeleeItOnMe panelist, and apparent Rock Papper Scissors enthusiast, and we’re here to find out more. TechRaptor:  First ... Read More »

An Interview With Azura Sun About Accessible Video Game Design

azura sun sol

Sol is an open source video game for Windows and Linux developed by Azura Sun. According to the website, it will be released without DRM, allowing for custom modding and expansions. Sol places a huge emphasis on accessibility, allowing the player to zoom in, remap buttons, and have the menus and dialog read aloud via a text to speech engine ... Read More »

Interview with David Sterling, Co-Founder of LOOT Interactive

loot interactive front page

LOOT Interactive is the new publishing firm that’s making their big debut at this years E3. Once partnered with Sony and creating content for the Playstation® Home, LOOT is now bringing new titles to Playstation systems.  At E3, they play to unveil their first titles, Whispering Willows, Back to Bed, and Velocibox. LOOT has a firm history in the industry, developing apps and ... Read More »

Indie Interview – James Dearden on Technobabylon

indie interview james dearden

Technobabylon is the upcoming point and click adventure game that is going to be released tomorrow, May 21st, developed by Technocrat Games. It was originally started back in 2010 as a freeware project, but along the way Wadjet Eye Games came into the picture, and under the lead of Dave Gilbert, decided to publish it as an updated commercial product. ... Read More »

Indie Interview: Corey and Lori Cole on Hero-U

indie interview corey and lori cole

I had the opportunity yesterday to speak with Corey and Lori Cole of Transolar Games on their current project Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, currently on Kickstarter, with just under half of its requested $100 000 reached. Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, like the old Quest for Glory games they made at Sierra, is an adventure-rpg hybrid taking the tools of each and combining ... Read More »