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Indie Dev Jennifer Dawe Talks GamerGate and Women in Gaming


Indie Dev Jennifer Dawe is a vocal person in regards to GamerGate. After hearing her speak during an open debate, I wanted to get her opinion of the story and see what an indie developer and woman had to say about what has been hitting the games industry lately. The interview was conducted over email, and all answers are Jennifer’s ... Read More »

Crowned Daemon Studios Interview on Freak


In the last couple of years, the gaming community has welcomed indie developers to make a name for themselves the gaming industry, none more so than PC Gamers. We are very excited for the indie-game Freak, developed by Crowned Daemon Studious. This up and coming creation promises to be released for PC, in addition to Mac and Linux. There still ... Read More »

Stewart Heckenberg talks about indie game devs

Stew Heckenberg

I had the chance to have a conversation with indie developer Stew Heckenberg this week and he was happy to share his thoughts on GamerGate as well as shed some light on the indie developer community. Heckenberg is an ardent supporter of aspiring indie developers and enjoys offering help to new game creators. Read More »

An Interview with PixelMetal’s Nick Robalik

Pixel Metal Cover Image

Indie games have seen a growing spotlight in the industry over the years, thanks in part to the open relationship indie developers hold with fans and the community through blogging, Twitter, etc. One such developer, Nick Robalik of PixelMetal, spoke with me (Bryan Heraghty) on his new game: Sombrero, as well as whatever else we felt like talking about! TechRaptor Describe who you are ... Read More »

An interview with an Xbox One developer: GamerGate and more


Recently, someone claiming to be an Xbox One developer, that is a developer of the Xbox One itself, showed up on 4chan and said that they, along with their colleagues, were in support of the GamerGate movement. Recently, that person came in contact with TechRaptor and has agreed to an interview. We have verified that this person is indeed an ... Read More »

Technical Director John O’Neill talks Firefly Online


‘Igniter of fun’ industry veteran John O’Neill worked with MicroProse, Trilogy Software, InstallShield Software, Vicious Cycle Software, Synopsis, and IBM before founding Spark Plug Games in 2008. Their published games include Witch’s Workshop: Open for Business and Plight of the Zombie, a puzzle game which asks you to ‘help end zombie hunger’. Currently he is the Technical Director for Firefly Online, a strategic online ... Read More »

An interview with Daniel Vavra: GamerGate and the gaming industry


I’d first like to personally thank Daniel Vavra for allowing TechRaptor this interview. For those of you that do not know, Daniel Vavra is a game designer and writer that has been in the industry for about fifteen years. Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven was the first big project he led back in 2002, where he was both director and ... Read More »

An indie developer’s thoughts on the state of the gaming industry


An indie developer, who has requested to remain anonymous (but whom has been verified) considering the recent string of harassment and attacks on the internet, has chosen to speak out about the recent controversies in the gaming industry. He has seen first hand how the industry works, as a developer, and also has experience in the media (though not gaming journalism). ... Read More »

Indy PopCon 2014 – An interview with Extra Life, a charity for gamers

Extra Life

There’s no shortage of need for great charities in the world, especially ones that help kids. Extra Life, a worldwide charity that benefits Riley’s Childrens Hospital, has a local chapter in Indianapolis – and we sat down to talk with Oliver and Jake to talk about the organization, how it started, and plans for the future! For those that don’t ... Read More »