Indy PopCon 2016 – Spacecats In Space!

Indy PopCon 2016 SpaceCats in Space

Imagine an alternative galaxy/universe in which the struggle between dogs and cats has evolved beyond just chasing each other … out into the stars themselves. Cats and dogs, locked in a struggle akin to our World War II, with the dogs representing the Axis and the cats representing the Allies. A twin-stick shooter that is the opposite of bullet hell, ... Read More »

Indy PopCon 2016 – Color Thief

Indy PopCon 2016 Color Thief

We ran into a number of indie developers at Indy PopCon this year, each with unique games that had features and ideas that piqued our interest. One of those games was Color Thief, a game that puts you in the role of a chameleon that can “steal” colors from the environment. Color Thief focuses on color as a primary gameplay ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Christopher Park of Arcen Games


It’s always a lot of fun to be able to sit down and talk with a developer in-depth on their projects and the industry, and I recently had the opportunity to do that with Christopher Park of Arcen Games. With the early access release of their newest game, In Case of Emergency Release Raptor, today (it was delayed from the 21st ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Idol Manager

Idol Manager Header

When you think Japanese idols, you probably think of something like Love Live or The [email protected], a shiny world of fun, fame, and adoring fans. But that’s just one side of the coin. Idol Manager is a simulation game about taking the helm of your own talent agency and building up an empire from the ground up—and as they say, you can’t make an omelette ... Read More »

SGDQ 2016 – Interview with SpootyBiscuit and MudJoe 2

crypt of the necrodancer

Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ), a yearly week long speedrunning marathon, ended last week raising almost $1.3 million for Doctors without Borders. With plenty of games ranging from Super Mario Sunshine to Two Worlds, there was something for everyone to watch. I had a chance to talk with SpootyBiscuit and MudJoe2, two runners of rhythm-based roguelite Crypt of the Necrodancer, about their speedrunning experiences ... Read More »

EGLX Interview – Extra Life Toronto Guild


While this is late coming for a variety of reasons, our EGLX coverage is going to start coming out now as we’ve fixed some of the technical problems. First up was an interview I had with the new Extra Life Toronto Guild. Starting up relatively recently, they are the local chapter for the well-known Extra Life Charity in Toronto, and in particular ... Read More »

E3 2016 – Dawn of War III Demo and Interview

Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War III

I had the chance to attend a presentation of Dawn of War III, where I saw a good 15 minutes of a part of the campaign. This was with the Space Marines faction, and we a few details on base building, some on map info and how they work, but the majority was talking about the heroes. Soon you all will ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Bohemian Killing

Bohemian Killing Header

Gamers have solved murder mysteries many times, but it’s hard to find examples of playing as the prime suspect. Well, examples besides Bohemian Killing, a first person adventure game where you’re tasked with proving your innocence in the midst of a trial that is shaking the very foundations of the game’s steampunk interpretation of Paris. Needless to say, the title captured ... Read More »

E3 2016 – Interview with Limited Run Games


This year during E3, we managed to have the chance to interview one of the hottest new companies on the block: Limited Run Games! Limited Run Games was launched as an extension of Mighty Rabbit Studios when they decided that they wanted to release physical copies of their titles. However, their hope was always that they could move onto publishing ... Read More »