Sumer – A Chat With Geoffrey Suthers of Studio Wumpus

Sumer Geoffrey Suthers

One of the projects I was most excited to see at Playcrafting’s Fall Expo was Sumer by Studio Wumpus. I had the opportunity to talk with developer Geoffrey Suthers about his interesting digital board game. Mr. Suthers and I were both suffering from a case of notenoughicus sleepicus, a pervasive condition that affects both game developers and journalists. Still, we were able to soldier on and ... Read More »

Infectonator: Survivors Preview – I Never Survive

Infectonator Banner

I was fortunate enough to run into the Toge Productions crew at PAX Australia, and play their new title Infectonator: Survivors, and I was a fan almost instantly. Survivors is an amalgamation of rogue-like, RTS, tower defense, and survival simulator all rolled into one neat, pixelized, and super hard package. The game is based around a formula that has worked in many ... Read More »

Stack-Up, the New Gamer Charity Benefiting Veterans

stack-up cover

The gaming community has seen tons of charities grow over the years as the industry has gotten bigger and the community become a louder voice. Most seem to be benefit children, fight poverty, or similarly un-debatable issues—no one is going to argue that helping sick kids is a bad thing. Some are not as easy to sell, veterans apparently being ... Read More »

Monarch Black – Talking with Matt Schell of Mirror Fish Media

Monarch Black Playcrafting

One of the fine people I met at Playcrafting’s Fall Expo was Matt Schell of Mirror Fish Media. Mr. Schell was showing off a project titled Monarch Black (formerly titled Pollen). My interest in the title was mainly piqued by the aesthetics and gameplay shown in the 2015 Gameplay Trailer: I’m fond of games that truly let you move throughout 3-D space, and Monarch ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Angels Fall First

Angels Fall First Logo

Angels Fall First is an interesting experiment: an independently made FPS that is doing its best to beat Battlefield and other such AAA titans at their own game as a massive multiplayer shooter. I reached out to Strangely Interactive for an interview, resulting in a discussion that delves deep into just about everything related to the title and its history, ... Read More »

Toadled – An Interview with Jaime Fraina of Giant Fox Studios

Toadled Playcrafting

It all started with a GIF of a gigantic frog terrifying a crowd of people in a high rise building. I was at Playcrafting’s Fall Expo. I was on a mission to find out more about the game behind the GIF. Toadled is the brainchild of Giant Fox Studios, and I had the opportunity to chat with Giant Fox Studio’s CEO Jaime Fraina about their adorably ... Read More »

PAX Australia 2015 – Master Of Orion & World Of Warships


As part of TechRaptor’s PAX Australia 2015 coverage, I was lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with Randall King and Max Chuvalov of to talk to them about their recently released World of Warships, as well as their upcoming reboot Master Of Orion.  NOTE: One of the caveats going into this interview is that I was not allowed to record ... Read More »

Pixeltique Wants to Lower Prices and Fix Pre-Ordering


Pre-ordering has become a dirty word in gaming. What once was a tactic used by stores to guarantee customers a copy of their game with maybe a physical gift attached is now a vehicle for developers and publishers to push Day One DLC, content purposely excluded from the final game, which jacks up the price of the game’s “full” experience. ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Barry Collins on Ashen Rift

indie interview barry collins

What is the future of crowd-funding in gaming? It is something we often see theories about. It is something no one is really sure on, and while this year has seen some of Kickstarters largest successes, it has also seen a worrying decline in the amount of spending on smaller projects. We’ve also witnessed a decrease in the trickle-down effect ... Read More »