Andy Tudor Interview About VR in Racing Simulators


The Oculus headset just launched about two months ago now, with the HTC Vive backed by PC gaming giant Valve releasing right on its tail.  Despite some production difficulties and other bumps in the road in getting machines to the consumers, gaming took a solid step forward into the realm of Virtual Reality.  Many manufacturers have been taking the idea ... Read More »

Ex-Red 5 CEO Mark Kern Discusses Buying Back the Firefall IP

Firefall Artwork

Mark Kern, the ex-CEO of Red 5 and one of the developers behind the PC game Firefall, has stirred up a hornets nest on Reddit over the past few days. A post by Kern (which has since been deleted but has been archived) titled “What buying Back the Firefall IP Really Means,” claims that he is not really interested in the Firefall ... Read More »

A Chat with Matt Obst About His Game Double Dutch Jump

Double Dutch Jump

Way back in October of 2015 I was at Playcrafting’s Fall Expo 2015 and was looking to check out a game called Double Dutch Jump. Double Dutch Jump was a lovely little project put together by a man named Matt Obst, and unfortunately he had stepped away from his table for a moment. In his place was a friend and martial arts ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Halloween Forever

Halloween Forever Header

There have been plenty of horror themed video games, but very few of them are set on the day that we use to celebrate all things spooky. That’s where Halloween Forever comes in, a 2D platformer currently in Early Access all about everyone’s favorite day of scares and candy. I was able to get in contact with Peter Lazarski, the developer and ... Read More »

Indie Interview – 321 Grenades

321 grenades header

Among the pantheon of obligatory FPS weapons, few are quite as under appreciated as grenades. Sure, they may not be as aesthetically pleasing or satisfying as a pistol or shotgun, but they’re one of the handiest tools an action hero can have. And finally, 321 Grenades gives them the spotlight they so desperately deserve.   321 Grenades is an upcoming local multiplayer shooter ... Read More »

EGX Rezzed 2016 – Tokyo 42 Interview with SMAC Games (Sean Wright and Maciek Strychalski)


When at EGX Rezzed 2016 last month, writer Alex Baldwin and myself had the chance to sit down with Sean Wright and Maciek Strychalski, who are developers from SMAC Games, an indie studio that are currently developing a very interesting isometric shooter called Tokyo 42. So what’s the game about? Well you are tasked with assassinating different targets while also finding your ... Read More »

Many A True Nerd Interview Part 1 – YouTube, The Classics, and More

Many A True Nerd Part One

A year or so ago I was browsing the /r/fallout subreddit. I saw someone use the acronym “MATN” and asked what it meant. I was told that it stood for a YouTuber going by the name Many A True Nerd. I looked into the channel and found what would become a regular source of entertainment for myself. Many A True ... Read More »