Indie Interview: Super Dino Hunters

Indie Interview Super Dino Hunter

In our continuing series of Indie Interviews, we were able to sit down with Bryce and Chris – the developers behind the Indie game Super Dino Hunter that we covered in To The Green. They were willing to talk with us via email about their game and experiences in the field. You can vote for their game on Greenlight or ... Read More »

An Unusual Interview with MoonMan developer Ben Porter

moonman logo

It looks incredible,  has been 3 years in development, Greenlit on Steam and yet is still someway off its KickStarter total. After feeling their plight, I reached out to the developer of MoonMan, a pixel art game where the titular character uses MineCraft-esque mechanics to find his moon fragments, Ben Porter to chat about his game. However, with his KickStarter page ... Read More »

How to help Women in Gaming – An interview with The Fine Young Capitalists

The Fine young capitalists

After getting their Indie GoGo campaign successfully funded last year to help a women see her gaming idea come to life The Fine Young Capitalists have not stopped working to help women in gaming. I reached out to talk to them about their latest projects and what we can do to help women in our industry. A belated congratulations on ... Read More »

Interview with Ryan Figueriredo, Co-Founder of GamerLink

GamerLink Logo With Link Black Background

Have you ever wanted to play some online games, but all your friends were busy? You use the built in matchmaking features to play against strangers, but it just seemed like you got paired up with people who you don’t get along with, or who don’t suit your style of play? The developers of GamerLink think they have a solution. ... Read More »

The HuniePop Story – An Interview With Lead Developer Ryan Koons

hunie top

Disclosure: My copy of HuniePop was complementary of the developers.  You can purchase yours from Steam, and MangaGamer. You can read our review of HuniePop here. There has been fierce debate recently in the gaming media over the latest match three based dating sim, HuniePop, which has been dubbed one of the most realistic dating sims at the moment due to its unique characters and ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Winter Wolves on Seasons of the Wolf

Seasons of the Wolf

Techraptor is pleased to bring you another Indie interview – this time from Riva Celso at Winter Wolves. Winter Wolves is known for their work on Visual Novels in general and their past RPG Loren: The Amazon Princess. This interview focuses on their most recent release – Tales of Aravorn: Seasons of the Wolf which we previewed when it was on ... Read More »

But I Love You Interview: Where Dating Sims Get Scary

but I love you

Plenty of dating simulators can be scary, whether intended to or not. While it may be intentional that the girls obsessing over the player character might take their affection a tad too far, the horrors of trying to wrap your head around how a human and a pigeon can date probably aren’t. However, in this upcoming title by Mel Gorsha, ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Nauris on There Was a Caveman


TechRaptor is pleased to bring you another Indie Interview – this time with Nauris Amatnieks, the developer of There Was a Caveman. We looked at There Was a Caveman earlier on To The Green and it’s currently on Steam Greenlight and seeking funding on Indiegogo. We got in contact with him by email and were able to discuss by email some ... Read More »