What is Jemma Morgan Doing Now?

this side up

Disclaimer: I met Jemma when filming a segment on HuffPoLive. We have kept in contact on Twitter.  Lately, I’ve been talking to Jemma Morgan one of the girls who stood up for GamerGate with me on HuffPoLive. We talk about her latest YouTube show, the reaction to HuffPo and her advice for women who want to move into gaming. Read More »

Interview to Studio Evil, developers of Super Cane Magic Zero

Super Cane Magiz Zero

Studio Evil is a game development studio placed in Bologna, Italy. They are the developers of Syder Arcade, a very appreciated 90s style sci-fi shoot’em up. When a studio like that meets with Sio, a very well known (at least in Italy) web cartoonist, Super Cane Magic Zero happens. The game is an hilarious action RPG inspired by Sio’s characters and themes. ... Read More »

An Interview With the People Behind Postal


Postal 2 is one of the strangest games I’ve ever loved to death. Despite beating the game, I still have no idea how it even works. It’s one of those bizzare gaming experiences that, while filled with comic-sans signs and awful load times, is still oddly engrossing. So with the recent announcement of a remake of Postal, I reached out ... Read More »

A Hat in Time’s Level Designer Talks Platformers


If you’ve been around the internet the past year, you’ve probably heard of Gears For Breakfast’s upcoming 3D platformer A Hat In Time. With gameplay that looks right in line with some of the N64 platforming classics, I can safely say the game is looking promising. However, just like any 3D platformer, much of the enjoyment will lie within the ... Read More »

Inside GameJournoPros: An interview with William O’Neal


A little while ago a Twitter user reached out to me to introduce me to William O’Neal, former Editor in Chief at TechRadar and former member of the GameJournoPros list. It must be said that the allegations of discussion going on amongst the members have been particularly damning. From the accusation that Dale North, former Editor in Chief of Destructoid ... Read More »

Polyknight Interview on InnerSpace

InnerSpace PostCard

InnerSpace is one of the more interesting games currently on Kickstarter and was covered in our Kickstarter article last week. With only a few days left, I had the chance to talk with the team via email after that and ask them some questions about the game – a flight exploration game on a unique world. I’d like to thank them all for ... Read More »

Developers React to the IGDA Controversy


Disclaimer: Please note due to recent circumstances I should include that the people represented in this piece do not reflect the views of TechRaptor and are not endorsed by this article. Authors Note: The developers had a lot to say about this, so I have cut down many of their answers for length with their permission. Following the recent controversy, where ... Read More »

Interview with Eugene Ivanov

Palm Kingdoms

This past week, after finding out about Indie GameDev Greenlight group on Facebook I decided to follow up on it to get more information on that and to discuss Greenlight with someone who was clearly invested in the process and knew some of its flaws. I contacted Palmkingdom’s creator and Indie GameDev Group creator Eugene Ivanov and asked if he ... Read More »

An Interview With the Man Behind Yandere Sim


I see a lot of indie games every day, especially  when scowering through forum after forum. However, it’s rare that I see a game which has a concept interesting enough to get me hooked. Yandere Sim is one of these games. Set in a Japanese High School, Yandere Sim focuses on Yandere-chan trying to get Senpai-kun to notice her. So, ... Read More »