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Q. What are your fees for writing reviews?
A. There are none. We will never charge to write a review, but do require a copy of the game to do so.

Q. I have a mobile game that’s available for free. Will you please review it?
A. You are welcome to submit a request for us to check out your game. If it is something we think our readers will like (most are), we will place it in the review queue.

Q. Check out my KickStarter! Would you write an article on it?
A. We always enjoy writing articles about up and coming products, tech, and games! All we ask is that you send us one to review after we write the preview article, so that our readers can find out more once it is released!

Q. I want to write for TechRaptor! Will you have me?
A. We’re always looking for fresh and interesting writers to joing our team! Check out our application page for more info.

Send an email to rutledge[at]!

  • Kyle W

    I posted on the Daneil Vavra article already, but I will repeat it here- This is a video, made by games developer Devi Ever, who claims that many, if not most, of the allegations made against the games industry by #Gamergate and #notyourshield, are true. You guys need to interview her as soon as possible-

    • Tabitha Dickerson

      Thanks for your suggestion Kyle W. I actually didn’t read this til now but you’ll be glad to know I interviewed her last night and it seemed to go well.

      • Kyle W.

        I hope it’s useful. I hope it does some good. After they axed Boogie2988 yesterday I feel dirty even being on the same Internet.

  • Steve & There is a problem with the website; when i enter the gaming tab the page is white.

  • False Prophet

    How come advertisements don’t open in a new tab?

  • Alex V.

    May I suggest an interview with a psychologist specialized in social psychology or the internet area/effects for the GG topic btw you guys are awesome!
    PS: A page for an article/topic suggestion from what the want viewers would be nice.