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I am a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University with a major in writing and a minor in gaming. I have a passion for video games and writing. I also enjoy volunteering at my local SPCA by walking the dogs.

Articles by Brian Renadette

An image of early gameplay from Crusader Kings III
Paradox Announces Crusader Kings III
Middle Age Intrigue Gets a Sequel
The leaked image of Fortnite Chapter 2 on the Italian IOS App Store
Fortnite Chapter 2 Leaked Via App Store
Fortnite 2: Nite Harder
Enchanted Portals Draws Ire Over Cuphead Comparisons
They certainly look similar
Capy Games Co-Founder and CEO Nathan Vella Steps Down

Nathan Vella, the co-founder, CEO, and president of the Toronto-based development studio Capy Games, is stepping down.

Gears 5 Won't Have A Season Pass, Gear Packs, Or Loot Box Content
Gears 5 Steam Launch Suspended in China Over 'Specific Issue'

Anyone in China hoping to play Gears 5 on Steam may have to wait a while.

starbound chucklefish planet space
Chucklefish Responds to Volunteer Dev Exploitation Allegations

This week has seen a number of developers share stories and allegations of personal trials in gaming, and the latest entity to face an allegation is Starbound creator Chucklefish.

Untitled Goose Game Takes Flight & Makes Mischief September 20th

Untitled Goose Game, the game that lets you be a naughty goose, now has an official release date.

Dog Shelter Sim To The Rescue Clears Kickstarter Goal in Two Days

One of Kickstarter's new favorite games is a game about caring for dogs in a dog shelter.

video game violence
US Lawmakers Blame Video Game Violence for Dayton and El Paso Shootings

It's time once again for America's true favorite pastime.