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There are Still Undiscovered Items in the Demon's Souls Remake

February 7, 2022

By: Brian Renadette


Dataminer Lance McDonald has found some hidden secrets in the PlayStation 5 remake of Demon's Souls. According to a couple of tweets they released, there are four items hidden in the game that players have yet to find.

In the first of the two tweets, Lance, who's done plenty of datamining in the past and created an unofficial patch to get Bloodborne running at 60fps, dropped a simple bombshell, that "Bluepoint Games added a number of new items to the Demon's Souls Remake that still remain undiscovered." Lance learned about these items by datamining into the game's code, allowing him to see that these items exist. These items were a part of the remake since day 1, and can't be found in the game's older versions. Naturally, just dropping a single tweet about this will have people begging to learn more, so Lance gave a bit more info in a follow-up tweet:


Lance has been quiet about exactly what these items are, so as to avoid spoiling anyone who's up for an Easter egg hunt in the Demon's Souls remake. However, he does say that he thinks it is "possible" to get the items in-game, but he'll talk more about what he knows if it turns out the items can't be obtained by legitimate means. Lance might be able to figure out how to get those items in the future if he manages to get a PlayStation 5 jailbreak.

The Demon's Souls remake was done by Bluepoint studios, which added a number of items to the game, but in an effort to stay true to the original didn't restore any cut content. Some of those items were included in the deluxe edition, and others were new things like various grains that let you boost resistances. These helped make the game more approachable for players, as Demon's Souls was the lone PlayStation 5 exclusive on launch. These items aren't like that it would seem given they are very well hidden (or not accessible) if the dedicated Souls community hasn't managed to figure them out yet. This revelation by Lance will probably prompt a wave of players searching for them, and trying weird actions to unlock them.

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