Nintendo Causes GilvaSunner to Shut Down YouTube Channel

Published: February 2, 2022 9:57 AM /


A game over screen from one of Mario's games.

GilvaSunner, who hosts many Nintendo soundtracks on their YouTube channel, has decided to shut down their YouTube channel. This decision comes after Nintendo issued over 3,000 copyright blocks on his channel for the music in their latest battle against the channel.

GilvaSunner's YouTube channel has been around since 2010 and had amassed 467,000 subscribers on there, with their primary content being soundtracks for various old Nintendo games that don't have their soundtracks available anywhere else online to listen to. However, Nintendo has sent their legal team against GilvaSunner, issuing thousands of copyright blocks on their videos. In a wave of 1,300 claims last week, they provided a list of which soundtracks Nintendo had blocked. They added that they're not angry or surprised, but think it's "a bit disappointing there is hardly an alternative." GilvaSunner also points out that they don't monetize their soundtrack videos and make no money off of them.

Yesterday, after being hit with an additional 2,200 blocks, GilvaSunner announced that they will be deleting what's left of their channel this Friday. GilvaSunner, who seems more disappointed than angry, mentions that they understand it's disappointing for many people to read, but they hope their fans will respect the decision. What's also disappointing about this is that many of Nintendo's older soundtracks aren't available on any music streaming services, a fact GilvaSunner points out in a pinned tweet. It's uncertain how this deletion will affect GilvaSunner's alternate, SiivaGunner, and their music remixes, many of which sample an iconic clip of Vinesauce's Joel reacting to a bootleg Mario/Flintstones mashup.

Nintendo's classic soundtracks are not available on music streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music.


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