Fans Create Interactive Map for Pokemon Legends Arceus

Published: January 28, 2022 11:56 AM /


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With Pokemon Legends Arceus just released, fans are already compiling their knowledge into tools to help other players, most notably a Pokemon Legends: Arceus interactive map. The website has a variety of tools to help those playing this unique entry into the Pokemon franchise.

Posted a day ago on the official Pokemon subreddit, is a website that hosts various tools focused on helping players with Pokemon Legends Arceus. The tools on display are a great help to players of any skill level, whether they're just starting their journey or have already completed the main story. So far, the site has three major tools:

  • An interactive map that lets players look through the five major areas and the sub-areas in each location to find where certain Pokemon spawn.
  • A type chart that lets players quickly reference how certain types deal against other types.
  • A database of all the Pokemon in the game, complete with their stats, moves, evolutions, and more.

Given that Pokemon Legends Arceus just came out, the Reddit post notes that a good portion of the information on the website is datamined, meaning it may be incomplete or incorrect. The team will be working over the week to ensure all the information is complete and correct. In addition, there are a few tools that will be completed in the near future. The big one is a crafting tool that lists the recipies, their materials, and where to find them. Meanwhile, players will soon be able to make use of a team planner to plan and share their teams online, as well as a tier list maker for those who enjoy making ranking lists.

Looking for other guides to help you through Pokemon Legends Arceus? Check out our beginner's guide to learn how to get started, or take a look at our guide on shiny hunting to learn how to catch those rare recolors.

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