Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends: Arceus
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Game Freak
Nintendo Switch
Release Date
January 28, 2022 (Calendar)
Action, RPG
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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the game that Pokemon fans have been begging over two decades for, as the series is now finally going open world. In Pokemon Legends, players will travel to the Hinsui region-ancient Sinnoh-as you complete the region's very first Pokedex.

New Pokemon like the Wyrdeer, the evolution of Stantler, will be discovered, as well as new regional forms such as Hisuian Growlithe. While you're exploring the Hinsui region, players will slowly discover the mystery behind the mythical Pokemon Arceus, a godly being who possibly created the entire Pokemon universe.

Developer Quote

Get ready for a new kind of grand, Pokémon adventure in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, a brand-new game from Game Freak that blends action and exploration with the RPG roots of the Pokémon series. Embark on survey missions in the ancient Hisui region. Explore natural expanses to catch wild Pokémon by learning their behavior, sneaking up, and throwing a well-aimed Poké Ball. You can also toss the Poké Ball containing your ally Pokémon near a wild Pokémon to seamlessly enter battle.