Pokemon Legends: Arceus Bothersome Bidoof Guide

Last Update: January 29, 2022


Pokemon Legends Arceus Bothersome Bidoof

The Pokemon Company loves Bidoof. So much so it got it's own little animated short a few weeks back that tugged at the heartstrings. The Bidoof love continues in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, where the goofy little beaver is prominently featured as one of the early games' most common spawns and easiest catchable Pokemon

But Bidoof also has something else to do in Arceus, be part of an early request that is actually kind of fun, if you know where to look. So in this mini-guide, we're going to do just that, and show you where to find all the Bidoof in the Bothersome Bidoof Request.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Request 8: Bothersome Bidoof

Pokemon Legends Arceus Bothersome Bidoof 1
Listen to Tsumugi's advice here, or else you won't be able to secure the Bidoof. 

You first can get this request at the chalkboard in Professor Laventon's study in the Galaxy Hall HQ. It asks you to meet with a member of the Guard Corps, Tsumugi. Speaking with her, she points out three mischievous Bidoof that keep sneaking into Jubilife village, who right on cue run through the main gate. Tsumugi tasks you to find the pesky Bidoof before they cause any damage in the village.

The trick to this quest is that you need a Bidoof on your team to distract them long enough for Tsumugi to capture them. Simply have the Bidoof on your team; you don't have to throw it or engage in any battle with the Bidoof. 

The Bidoof are decently hidden, as they are always turning their backs to the player, near piles of wood, and tend to blend into the environment if you are not careful. The real giveaway hint is that all three of them are near wood sources, comically chomping away at some wooden fences or log piles in the village. 

The locations for each Bidoof are fixed in the village, and are as follows:

Pokemon Legends Arceus Bidoof Location 1
Remember to have a Bidoof on your team before approaching, or else it will run away. 
  1. The first Bidoof is on the southeast end of the village, next to the tail end of the pasture fence. Of the three Bidoof, it is the easiest to spot. 
    Pokemon Legends Arceus Bidoof Location 2
    1st Person Mode can make it easier to spot the Bidoof.

  2. The second Bidoof is in the southwest corner of the houses in the village, across from the fields where you can grow apricorns or medicinal herbs. It's located in a little hidden spot, near a fence.
    Pokemon Legends Arceus Bidoof Location 3
    This one is a sneakly little bugger...

  3. The final Bidoof is actually right next to your sleeping quarters, hidden in the shade of your house and Galaxy Hall. It is almost impossible to spot unless you are coming at the Bidoof at an angle. 

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Rewards for Bothersome Bidoof

Once you grab all three Bidoof, a little cutscene will occur where a member of the village will request that the three Bidoof stays in Jubilife help out around town, something Tsumugi agrees with. Tsumugi also rewards you with your first Rare Candy, which works like every other Pokemon game and automatically raises the level of your Pokemon by one. 

There is a second reward for completing this quest as well. Bothersome Bidoof is one of several requests that is listed as a checklist item in your Pokedex. Completing the quest goes a long way to completing your Pokedex, like most requests in the game, and an easy milestone to get.

And that is pretty much how to solve the Bothersome Bidoof quest in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Bidoof may be a goofy Pokemon, but there is no denying that it is also a lovable one as well, so it's good to see it get a minor spotlight outside of being an easy capture or two in the early game.

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