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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now out and there are plenty of mysteries to find as you adventure through the new (old?) region of Hisui. One of the big quests of the game is the Unkown Research notes, where you need to catch each type of Unown from A to Z and the additional '!' and '?' Unown. In this Pokemon Legends: Arceus Unown Locations Guide we'll go over each of the different clues for finding the Unown forms.

How to start the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Unown Quest?

Play through the campaign until you get to the part where you return the broken tablet to the Solaceon Ruins. Once it has been returned speak to Professor Laventon again. He will notice a flying Unown A behind you. After talking with it it will disappear and the Professor will add an Unown section to your Pokedex. You can access it by pressing Y on the Pokedex cover screen.

The Unown will not just be walking around like other Pokemon, instead they'll be hiding in various locations. You'll definitely miss them if you aren't paying attention so be sure to look close! The following Unown can be found in each region:

Once you open up the page you'll see a space for each letter of the Pokemon alphabet and there will be a clue in Unown script underneath it. We've translated each of these hints below to be easier to follow.

Every Unown in Jubilife Village

Pokemon Legends Arceus Unknown Location 05

Unown H Location

Hint: A village gateway

Solution: Jubilife Village - Head to the main gateway of the village and look up at the sign. You should be able to see the Unown H here.


Unown W Location

Hint: The left eye atop the village.

Solution: Jubilife Village - At the top of the Galactic Headquarters there's a Magikarp statue on the left. On that statue's left eye you'll find this Pokemon. Use a feather ball and lob it at it to catch it.


Pokemon Legends Arceus Unknown Location 04

Unown ? Location

Hint: Where things hang to dry at living quarters

Solution: Jubilife Village - Walk around the back of your living quarters at the village and you'll find this Unown ? hanging around.


Every Unown in Obsidian Fieldlands

Unown E Location

Hint: A lone tree on a pond in the grove.

Solution: Obsidian Fieldlands - Head to the North-East portion of the map and you'll see a lake with an island in the middle. This Unown is on the side of this tree.


Unown G Location

Hint: Atop a waterfall of obsidian.

Solution: Obsidian Fieldlands - Climb to the top of the waterfall in Obsidian Fieldlands.


Unown I Location

Hint: The lake island where emotion resides

Solution: Obsidian Fieldlands - In the middle of the large lake to the left is a large rock. Unown is attached to the back of this rock.


Unown S Location

Hint: Where stick and log dam the river.

Solution: Obsidian Fieldlands - Walk from the Fieldlands Camp down to the Heights Camp and where you cross the river you'll see an Alpha Bibarel. Look around the nearby dam to find this Unown.


Unown X Location

Hint: Scale the grandtree.

Solution: Obsidian Fieldlands - From the Grandtree Arena you need to scale the tree to find this Unown


Every Unown in Crimson Mirelands

Unown A Location

Hint: Within the settlement where time rules

Solution: Crimson Mirelands - At the back of the Diamond Settlement go behind Adaman's Hut.


Unown D Location

Hint: Among stumps and campfire ashes in fields of gold.

Solution: Crimson Mirelands - Head North from the Bogbound Camp and you'll find the campfire of the Miss Fortuner sisters. Unown will be on one of the seats.


Unown K Location

Hint: Where stones pile high amid fogbound ruins.

Solution: Crimson Mirelands - Travel to where you can take on the Alpha Lickilicky with the rock pillars. Head to the most South-East rock pile and you should be able to find this Unown.


Pokemon Legends Arceus Unknown Location 08

Unown M Location

Hint: A tree felled on sludge.

Solution: Crimson Mirelands - Head back to where you found Ursaluna and the Unown is next to the fallen tree stump.


Pokemon Legends Arceus Unknown Location 09

Unown V Location

Hint: A withered tree in the sprawling red swamp.

Solution: Crimson Mirelands - From the Bogbound Camp head North and into the Scarlet Bog. Travel West and keep an eye out for a withered tree. The Unown V will be hanging from one of its branches.


Every Unown in Cobalt Coastlands

Unown B Location

Hint: Turn your eyes up at the volcanic island.

Solution: Cobalt Coastlands - Travel to the back of the volcano and ride up the mountain using Wyrdeer. Near the top you should be able to find this Unown


Pokemon Legends Arceus Unknown Location 10

Unown N Location

Hint: Two horns rising from the sea.

Solution: Cobalt Coastlands - Look towards the ocean and you'll see two horn-like protrusions coming out of the water. This Unown will be at the top of the eastmost horn. 


Unown Q Location

Hint: Twin Trees at the sprint of the sea.

Solution: Cobalt Coastlands - To the North you'll see the entrance to Turnback Cave, as you get to the entrance of the cave look at the tree trunk to its left. The Unown will be hanging off here.


Unown R Location

Hint: By the grave upon the cape.

Solution: Cobalt Coastlands - Return to where you met the puppy Growlithe at the end of Veilstone Cape. Behind the gravestone you'll see there's an Unown hanging off the cliff.


Pokemon Legends Arceus Unknown Location 11

Unown Z Location

Hint: A timeworn ship on a sandy shore.

Solution: Cobalt Coastlands - This Unown can be found on the mast of the beached ship that's near the second camp.


Every Unown in Alabaster Icelands

Unown O Location

Hint: Three Pillars in a world of ice

Solution: Alabaster Icelands - Travel to the underground cave to the east of Avalanche Slopes. Inside you'll see the chamber has two ice pillars. On top of one of them is this Unown.


Unown T Location

Hint: Gaze down from atop the greatest glacial legacy.

Solution: Alabaster Icelands - Make your way to the very top of the Iceberg. Once there look down at the other ice pillars that are pointing up, there will be an Unown on top of one of them.


Unown U Location

Hint: The unusual stone staring out across the snowfields.

Solution: Alabaster Icelands - Go to the large double waterfall. At the very top there's a rock splitting the waterfall in two. The Unown you're looking for is behind this rock.


Unown Y Location

Hint: Scale the frozen falls.

Solution: Alabaster Icelands - This Unown is half way up the frozen waterfall. Climb to find it.


Unown ! Location

Hint: A dead tree by the hot springs.

Solution: Alabaster Icelands - Next to the pond that is the Snowfall Hot Springs there's a Berry tree right next to a withering tree. This Unown is in the branches of the dead tree.


Every Unown in Coronet Highlands

Unown C Location

Hint: Look to the ruined pillars of Celestica.

Solution: Coronet Highlands - From the Palkia and Dialga statues at Celestica Ruins follow the pathway that leads West. Continue until you reach a new set of stone pillars, Unown will be on top of one of them.

Unown F Location

Hint: A stony outcrop over pools of mud on a mighty mountain.

Solution: Coronet Highlands - Head to the Ancient Quarry, this is where the Alpha Goodra can be found, and there will be a hill behind it. Climb up that and you'll see this Unown.


Unown J Location

Hint: A nook within a quarry.

Solution: Coronet Highlands - Head into the Ancient Quarry. Once you get to the center of the quarry look at the western wall and you should see a crack high up with an Unown stuck in it.


Unown L Location

Hint: An impasse in a cave adorned by twin falls.

Solution: Coronet Highlands - Head into Wayward Cave and break the breakable rock. Behind it, there will be a dead-end, but at that dead-end will be an Unown.


Unown P Location

Hint: Among flowers at the spring where fairies dwell.

Solution: Coronet Highlands - In the South West corner of the map you'll be able to see a field of flowers across a river. In the middle of this field you'll see the Unown, hit it with a Pokeball to get it.

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