Everything From Pokemon Presents 8/18 Featuring Arceus and Gen 4 Remakes

Nintendo just dropped a whole bunch of new Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Gen 4 remake details

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Nintendo just revealed a whole lot of new information about the upcoming open-world RPG Pokemon Legends: Arceus, as well as the Gen 4 remakes Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Here's everything we learned during the livestream.

What new Pokemon Legends: Arceus information did we learn?

Though Nintendo saved it for last, Pokemon Legends: Arceus was easily the biggest info drop of the livestream. It'll be an open-world RPG with similarities to the Monster Hunter series and Breath of the Wild. You're part of a survey team, and it's your job to build the first-ever Pokedex in the Hisu region (which will eventually become Gen 4's Sinnoh). To do so, you must venture forth into the wild with the support of the Galaxy Team (cough, cough) and catch, document, and observe as many Pokemon as you can.

The player riding a Wyrdeer in Pokemon Legends Arceus
There's more than a hint of Breath of the Wild about Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

As well as returning favorites, Arceus is also adding at least one new Pokemon, plus several Hisuian variants on classic species. Wyrdeer is the first new 'mon we've seen in the game; it's a local legend in Hisu, treated with great respect by the locals. We also got to see Basculegion, a Hisu-exclusive evolution of Gen V's Basculin that evolves by being possessed by the ghosts of its brethren. You can also look forward to Hisuian variants of Growlithe and Braviary, among others. You can document all of these Pokemon, and you'll be expected to observe them doing different things - using moves, being caught, et cetera - to complete your survey.

How does Pokemon Legends: Arceus combat work?

Combat in Arceus will be turn-based, but it's a little different this time around. You'll sally forth from base camps around the world, crafting items and preparing for each mission Monster Hunter-style. Pokemon in the world will react to you based on their nature; if they're aggressive, they'll attack, but they could also flee or simply stand there and check you out. If you want to initiate a battle, you simply have to throw a Pokeball containing the 'mon of your choice near a wild Pokemon, and the battle will commence.

The player's Vulpix battling a Hisuian Growlithe in Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Combat in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is turn-based, but it's not the same as classic Pokemon games.

Once a fight does begin, you'll choose from a range of moves, just like in the base series, but there are a couple of twists. You might notice your 'mon getting to take multiple turns in a row; this is dependent on your Speed stat. In addition, you can augment moves with either Strong or Agile style. Strong style improves the move's power but slows you down, while Agile has the reverse effect. Each move can be augmented in this way, so it's a choice between closing a battle quickly or playing the long game. All in all, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is looking pretty good for its January 28th release date. Stay tuned for more info!

What did we learn about the upcoming Pokemon Gen 4 remakes?

We also got some information about Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl during this presentation. As they're remakes, Nintendo is sticking pretty close to the originals' formula. All of your favorite features from the DS games are still here, but many of them have been revamped and changed to suit modern tech. That means the Super Contests are a little more interactive, the Grand Underground has some extra features, and the Capsule Decoration system allows you to add stickers to your Pokeballs so your Pokemon can enter battle with a little more flair.

One of the new Hideaways in the upcoming Pokemon Gen 4 remakes
The upcoming Gen 4 Pokemon remakes will feature all-new Grand Underground locations called Hideaways.

One new feature that looks interesting is Hideaways. Hidden throughout the Grand Underground - which you can access by burrowing beneath Sinnoh - there are Hideaways, unique locations that house Pokemon. The species you encounter will change based on statues you set up in your secret bases throughout the Underground, and you may encounter species that are unavailable anywhere else. Otherwise, it's looking like Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are pretty faithful remakes of the DS games, so if you loved them, there's plenty to look forward to there.

Was anything else announced during this Pokemon Presents stream?

As well as the above, we also got some new info about Pokemon UnitePokemon Masters EX, and Pokemon GoPokemon Unite is hitting mobile devices on September 22nd, and you can pre-register for it right now on the Play Store and iOS App Store. Pokemon Go is getting a bunch of new Galarian species, as well as a special Zacian and Zamazenta five-star raid event. We also learned about the upcoming revamp of Pokemon Cafe Mix, which is becoming Pokemon Cafe Remix and getting some new puzzle elements and 'mon. If you want to know everything that went down during the Pokemon Presents stream, you can check out the full event right here.

Are you looking forward to Pokemon Legends: Arceus? Will you be picking up the Gen 4 remakes? Let us know in the comments below!

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