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I am a lifelong, enthusiastic gamer, freelance writer and editor, blogger, and Thief FM aficionado. I think that exploration-heavy, open-ended first-person games are the best vehicle for story-telling, with the finest Thief missions leading the pack.

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Warhammer: The Old World logo
Warhammer Fantasy Classic To Return
Return of The Old World
Demon Pit Review Header
Demon Pit Review
An Endless Dance With The Demons
bg enhanced edition - featured image
Baldur's Gate Enhanced Delayed On Consoles Along With Other BeamDog Titles
Wait a bit longer for a trip back to the past
Visage logo
Game Page

Visage is a first-person psychological horror game. In it, you explore a house that is haunted by twisted secrets.

Kenshi logo
Game Page

Kenshi is a free-roaming sandbox RPG. Be anyone you want as you customize your character and explore the gameworld.

Screenshot of a desert settlement from Kenshi
Kenshi Developers Ask Fans About Next Priority
Focus on Sequel or Upgrading Kenshi?
Half-Life 2
Game Page
Half-Life 2

Released in 2004, Half-Life 2 is considered a classic of the genre and it's importance in PC gaming, in particular, is hard to overstate with its emphasis on the gravity gun, and requiring

Half-Life 2 screenshot of player fighting helicopter
Blink and You'll Miss This Small Half-Life 2 Update
Valve Issues Four-Item Update for their 2004 Classic
alluris coverage club header
TR Originals
Coverage Club: Alluris Swipes Just Right

Some games win you with their pitch alone. Alluris’ – quite simply that you’re playing a fantasy Oregon Trail with the gameplay of Tinder – grabbed me immediately.

ion fury review header
Ion Fury Review - Hyperactive Retro Ride

Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison is the ironwoman who’s going to take you on a thrill ride, so buckle up. Ion Fury is a nonstop retro trip.