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I am a lifelong, enthusiastic gamer, freelance writer and editor, blogger, and Thief FM aficionado. I think that exploration-heavy, open-ended first-person games are the best vehicle for story-telling, with the finest Thief missions leading the pack.

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Visage logo
Game Page

Visage is a first-person psychological horror game. In it, you explore a house that is haunted by twisted secrets.

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Game Page

Kenshi is a free-roaming sandbox RPG. Be anyone you want as you customize your character and explore the gameworld.

Screenshot of a desert settlement from Kenshi
Kenshi Developers Ask Fans About Next Priority
Focus on Sequel or Upgrading Kenshi?
Half-Life 2
Game Page
Half-Life 2

Released in 2004, Half-Life 2 is considered a classic of the genre and it's importance in PC gaming, in particular, is hard to overstate with its emphasis on the gravity gun, and requiring

Half-Life 2 screenshot of player fighting helicopter
Blink and You'll Miss This Small Half-Life 2 Update
Valve Issues Four-Item Update for their 2004 Classic
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TR Originals
Coverage Club: Alluris Swipes Just Right

Some games win you with their pitch alone. Alluris’ – quite simply that you’re playing a fantasy Oregon Trail with the gameplay of Tinder – grabbed me immediately.

ion fury review header
Ion Fury Review - Hyperactive Retro Ride

Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison is the ironwoman who’s going to take you on a thrill ride, so buckle up. Ion Fury is a nonstop retro trip.

system shock 2 anniversary story - screen capture of von braun
System Shock 2: Embracing the Enigma - A Brief Retrospective

There are some games that remain in my top 10 list no matter the time of day or my current mood.

alluris logo
Alluris' Simple, Inclusive Design

Alluris’ description enticed me as soon as I read it: “[A] single-player, role playing game that captures the essence of Oregon Trail if it were a fantasy game with the gameplay o