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Why I Hope We Get More Horizon Forbidden West LEGO Sets

Published: December 27, 2022 11:00 AM



This past year, LEGO released an impressively detailed Horizon Forbidden West LEGO set featuring a 13-inch Tallneck with smaller Aloy and Watcher LEGO figures. This set was a bit pricey at $79.99, but compared to other video game sets like the LEGO NES console, which goes for $269.99, it was a steal. I picked up the 1,222-piece Tallneck LEGO set and spent a total of about 10 hours spread out over several weeks constructing it. Construction times will vary, and admittedly there were moments when I had to take apart several pieces to fix an error, but overall the directions were straightforward. In less time than it took me to beat the game I had a lovely Tallneck statue to display in my living room. It's now one of my favorite decoration pieces in my home, which is why I really hope we continue to get more Horizon Forbidden West LEGO sets. 

Horizon Forbidden West LEGO Tallneck Set


Why Are Horizon Forbidden West LEGO Sets Such a Good Idea?

If there is any franchise ripe for a series of scale LEGO models, it's Horizon. Video game LEGO crossovers have already made their appearance with franchises like Super MarioSonic, and Minecraft. You can even buy an ATARI 2600 LEGO set if you were so inclined, and of course there are countless LEGO video games, like LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which just released this year. It's a relationship that just makes sense, and it doesn't exactly take a stretch of the imagination to see what some of Horizon Forbidden West's most formidable machines would look like in LEGO form. 

That's why I'm hoping the Tallneck was just the beginning, an example to test demand before expanding the lineup to other machines or even locations across the Horizon franchise. Almost any machine in Horizon Zero Dawn or Horizon Forbidden West would look great as a LEGO model. I had a blast building my Tallneck LEGO set and would love to give him some friends to hang out on my shelf with. 


Imagine the intricacies of piecing together a Snapmaw LEGO set or posing a Thunderjaw LEGO to be menacingly primed for battle? Who wouldn't want a Slaughterspine LEGO in their entertainment center? Or piece together an impressively foreboding Tremortusk? The developers have already designed these machines with removable parts. If the LEGO Tallneck is possible, any of these machines could be brought into our world via LEGO, and I hope we get to see more. 

Even if we don't get more machines, they're not the only parts of Horizon that would be great for a LEGO set.


Horizon Forbidden West Hunting Grounds

Recreate Iconic Locales With Horizon Forbidden West LEGO Sets

Any LEGO enthusiast can tell you about the number of iconic buildings and locations that have gotten the LEGO treatment. The White House, the Eiffel Tower, even Central Perk from Friends all exist in LEGO form. The Horizon Forbidden West LEGO collection highlights would definitely be the machines, but they're not the only option. There are countless Horizon locations to choose from as well. 

After building a few Horizon Forbidden West LEGO machines, why not move on to a location set? The game offers a vast diversity of places that would fit extraordinarily well into LEGO, from Meridian in Horizon Zero Dawn to the ruins of San Francisco in Horizon Forbidden West. Even colorful and fanciful Las Vegas could be recreated with LEGO brick by brick. The possibilities truly are endless. 

Not interested in building a city or real-world location? The Horizon Hunting Grounds make for another fantastic choice for LEGO to take on. We've gotten LEGO sets in the past that act as dioramas of scenes from movies, like the Death Star run in Star Wars. So why not build a Hunting Grounds LEGO set with Aloy frozen in time ziplining down to take on the machines that are below? Build a small Horizon Forbidden West LEGO set of the Hunting Grounds and place your Tallneck right next to it for scale and you've got a setpiece that'll look good in any gaming room. 


Horizon Forbidden West LEGO Tallneck

Will We Get More Horizon Forbidden West LEGO Sets?

Though the world of Horizon is filled with possibilities for LEGO, nothing has yet to be confirmed. If we do get additional tie-ins, it may come around the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC release, so I wouldn't expect anything until at least next spring. Though I wasn't able to find specific sales data for the Tallneck LEGO set, I can tell you that it is routinely rated very high among video game publications and LEGO reviewers alike. 

Given the longstanding relationship between video games and LEGO, I'd say it's more likely than not that we'll get more over time, it's just unclear if we'll get small sets or if they'll go all-out on large projects like the Horizon Forbidden West LEGO Tallneck.

All I can say for sure is that after all the fun I had building my own LEGO Tallneck, It'll definitely be a preorder for me if they release more machine or locale Horizon Forbidden West LEGO sets of that caliber. 


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