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When im not playing games Im working on TV shows as a colorist. You can find me on twitter posting pictures of my rabbit and other useless junk.

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Impressions
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Hands On Preview
The Force is strong with this one
Valve company Logo
Guy Steals $40,000 Worth Of Equipment From Valve
Thats a whole lotta Train Simulator DLC
Overland Review Header
Overland Review
Dying For A Road Trip
Genesis Mini Review - It Does What Nintendont

Ever since the NES Classic burst onto the scene back in 2017, every console manufacturer seems to have a mini edition of one of their retro consoles available or in the works.

assassins creed rebel collection switch
Assassin's Creed: Rebel Collection Swings Onto The Switch This December
It's stabbin' time.
DOOM 64 Blasts Its Way To The Switch This November

The first Nintendo 64 game on the Switch is finally here!

return of obra dinn
Return Of The Obra Dinn Is Coming To The Switch This Fall

During todays Nintnedo direct, it was revealed that one of the more interesting looking games to be released in the past few years will be getting a release on the Switch. Return Of The Obra Di

descent 2019
Updated: Descent Caught In Limbo As Little Orbit Allegedly Won't Publish

Descendent Studios, the studio behind Descent (2019) AKA Descent: Underground is still experiencing troubles with its publisher Little Orbit.  This is according to multiple posts

sega genesis mini 30th anniversary
Remembering the Sega Genesis, 30 Years Later

Wether you were a Nintendo or Sega kid back in the day, there's no disputing the cultural impact the Sega Genesis had on gamers and kids growing up in the '90s.

First Impressions Of The Sega Genesis Mini

Nostalgia is a powerful thing.  The things we loved as kids can cause a dopamine hit in our brains as adults and create that "nostalgic feeling" you get from time to time.

The Astro C40 Might be the Best Controller on the PS4. But it Ain't Cheap

Controllers are arguably the most important part of the console & PC gaming experience.

screen shot 2019-07-03 at 3-27-01 am
4 Great Gaming Mice You Can Use on the Job

Gaming hardware has grown up substantially in the last decade.