It's 2023, Why Don't We Have More Customized PS5 Accessories?

Opinion: We're over two years into the lifecycle of the PlayStation 5, and few customization options are available for the console. Where's the first-party console covers?

Published: March 8, 2023 11:00 AM /


LeBron James PS5 Dual Sense Controller

Earlier this month, the PlayStation Blog announced a team-up with NBA all-star LeBron James to release a customized limited-edition PS5 console. For fans of the basketball player or sports games in general, this is a great investment, but it does highlight that Sony hasn't invested more in customizable PS5 accessories. It's not like they don't have an impressive asset library to pull from between Ratchet & ClankUncharted, and even Spider-Man.

Yes, Sony has put out the occasional accessory like the God of War Ragnarok DualSense controller and the Hogwarts Legacy controller, not to mention their stylish but limited selection of different colored console covers, but players have been using third parties to customize their PS5 consoles since literally day one. Why is it taking so long for the gaming giant to get on board? It feels like they're leaving money on the table by having the customization market be dominated by third-party faceplates and stickers.

PlayStation 5 console covers

What Customization Options Are Currently Available? 

Currently, PlayStation players can choose to purchase OEM console covers for their PS5 through Sony to customize their console. The color options include camouflage, blue, pink, magenta, purple, and black, but don't actually offer any personalization beyond changing the matte white coloration of the system.

Even these options took over a year to follow the PS5's release, causing many players to seek alternative methods to customize the system in their own way. Some painted the plates themselves, while others purchased decals to affix to the side to represent their favorite games. Any quick search of Etsy will show countless customizable plates for sale that have been done by independent artists, showing that the fanbase has gone far and beyond what Sony is willing to offer.

Though the systems themselves don't get much attention, Sony has at least followed suit with releasing special-edition controllers with their biggest games. Currently, players can show off their love for God of War Ragnarok by purchasing a controller with two wolves on it. But where is our Mimir console cover or Kratos decals for the console itself? 

Sony hasn't been shy about releasing bundled versions of the console with their most popular games, but has made no moves to offer custom side plates that people might enjoy. I'm not sure if it's a supply chain issue or if the monetization of these options wasn't worth it, but given the impressive number of special-edition PS4 consoles we received over the years, it feels strange Sony isn't following suit with customizations for the PS5, especially when the modular design of the PS5 is intended for the capability to be able to swap out the console covers. 

And in addition to lacking variety when it comes to physical custom PS5 consoles, we're also still missing out on customizing the PS5 interface in any meaningful way. 

Lebron James PS5

When Are We Getting PS5 Themes? 

The PS4 had countless themes for players to choose from, allowing them to represent their favorite games on the home screen every time they booted up the console. That has not been the case with the PS5. Though the wallpaper and music change with each game that you hover over, and players are now able to pin favorite games to the home screen, there is no way to permanently alter the look and feel of the PS5 UI. This feels like a step backward from what the PS4 had to offer, and with each passing day more people are asking, "When are we getting PS5 themes?" 

The sad answer: likely never. After two years, Sony hasn't made moves to update the UI of their console, and with how well the PS5 is selling, it sort of makes sense for them to focus on the games themselves instead of committing resources to change something that's functional. Still, from a gamer point of view, it's always better to have more options, not fewer. Sony seems committed to taking the Apple approach to their consoles, dictating that people will buy the device that the company wants to sell, and not offer ways to adjust it to personal preferences.

So, what does the future of PS5 console covers and customized accessories look like?

God of War Ragnarok Dual Sense Controller

What PS5 Console Covers and Controllers Would We Like To See? 

Sony has made small steps with the God of War Ragnarok and Hogwarts Legacy special-edition controllers, but it can do so much more. I hope we see a future where console covers for the biggest first-party titles are readily available through Sony for people to purchase. The ability to swap out the side plates based on what game is being played, whether that's Ratchet & ClankReturnal, or Ghost of Tsushima, will go a long way to creating a unique sense of identity for each individual console owner. 

We're only two years into what could be a 6- or 7-year console cycle. There's plenty of opportunity left for Sony to release special-edition devices. I hope we get some unique options for the next God of War, or celebrate the Ghost of Tsushima sequel release with a special-edition console. Maybe Spider-Man 2 will get some console covers to go with its release date? With some luck, we'll get something unique and awesome that players can get excited about. 

People love customizing the stuff they own, from backpacks to cars to bookcases and more. It only makes sense to be able to personalize a console that many save up for months to be able to afford. It's nice that indie artists can step in to fill this void for the time being, but it makes no sense that we don't have more options from Sony.

After all, we're talking about the same company that released a 20th-anniversary gray PlayStation 4 console to celebrate that milestone. I just hope eventually we see that same kind of ingenuity with their latest flagship device.

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