Factorio Will Skip Greenlight, Go Directly to Steam

Factorio Header

Factorio, a game about creating a factory that can efficiently run itself, has been in development since May 2012. Wube Software, the developer of Factorio, has announced that they will be able to skip the Steam Greenlight process entirely thanks to an offer from Valve, and plans to release Factorio in early access in January 2016. The full release is expected ... Read More »

Jessica Curry is “sort of” leaving The Chinese Room

The Chinese Room

Jessica Curry, Director and Composer for game developer The Chinese Room is “sort of” leaving the company according to a post made on the company’s official blog. The post opens with Jessica Curry explaining that she suffers from an unnamed degenerative illness. “Having a progressive illness is not like cancer, or a stroke or a heart attack.  People are left at a ... Read More »

Dark Souls 3 beta preload now available for US PS+ members


If you’ve signed up for the Dark Souls 3 beta back in September, you live in the US and you’re a PS+ subscriber, then you can now preload the beta for third installment in the hugely successful (and extremely punishing) action RPG series.  According to the official website, the beta will serve as a server stress test that will have ... Read More »

Shoestring Gaming – Deal Weekends Everywhere

shoestring gaming

Another week, more deals, and some free stuff to boot—welcome to Shoestring Gaming. We’ll try to save you some money, while you purchase some great games. So, let’s find out what this week has in store for us. Remember, some but not all of these links will earn TechRaptor some money too, so if you feel like buying something, know ... Read More »

Transformers: Devastation Review – Optimal and Prime


Coming off of Platinum’s previous licensed collaboration with Activision, The Legend of Korra, there were many who were cautiously optimistic about Transformers: Devastation. Activision didn’t do much to dissuade the public either, as the game had a quiet launch this past week in between much bigger releases. However, I’m pleased to report that Devastation may be the sleeper hit of ... Read More »

The National Videogame Museum Opening in December

Joe Santulli Video Game Museum

The National Videogame Museum has finally announced their opening day, which is now being planned for late December this year. The Museum project signed a lease for space in Frisco, Texas over 13 months ago, and has been steadily preparing for their grand opening since. The deal with the Frisco Community Development Corporation Board will allow the non-profit Museum to use about ... Read More »

The Business of Fun

Goodgame Studios Hamburg 2012. Foto / © Sabine Vielmo, Hamburg.

On the 3rd of August 2015, a financial newspaper called “The Nikkei” released a report on the work environment the devs at Konami make their games in. Konami recently stirred up a decent amount of controversy when they cut ties with Hideo Kojima, the creative mind behind the universally loved Metal Gear Solid series, but this unfortunately isn’t the only ... Read More »

Angels Fall First Preview – The Battlefront We Actually Wanted

AFF Featured Image

Angels Fall First is a new “combined arms” game that showed up on Steam Early Access not too long ago, featuring both first person shooter and space battle theaters of war. On the ground it plays like Battlefront or Battlefield, and in space the closest comparison that comes to mind is either to Star Fox or, again, Battlefront. Angels Fall ... Read More »

Black Shadows Review – Just Plain Bad

Black Shadows 4

Black Shadows is short, broken, confusing, lazily designed and not very scary. Don’t play Black Shadows. Anybody still here? Okay. Let’s get into it then. Now, if this game were simply an experiment performed by IceGame Studios, then good on them for the practice. But it isn’t. IceGame is trying to pass off Black Shadows as a full release worth spending ... Read More »

New info teased about upcoming Kingdom Hearts titles

Kingdom Hearts 3 Logo

Dengeki PlayStation magazine has hit its 600th issue and with it they have plenty of info about upcoming Kingdom Hearts titles. Upcoming Kingdom Hearts titles include Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Kingdom Hearts III, and Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. This interview was translated by Kayla Copeland for There was plenty of news and screenshots revealed. Kingdom Hearts III ... Read More »