Dying Light is Using DMCA to Censor Mods

dying light

If you are a Dying Light player and cannot stand the film grain, good news. There is a mod to remove it. The bad news? Techland, the developers behind Dying Light, think you are cheating. The latest patch notes of v1.2.1, there is a statement: • blocked cheating by changing game’s data files As the Reddit post stated: Among other things, ... Read More »

Details on Devil May Cry Definitive Edition


The recent trend of relaunching games continues with Devil May Cry Definitive Edition and Capcom has released details regarding the new iteration at its press release. The game has been enhanced in multiple directions in order to maximize its potential on next-gen consoles. It will run on 1080p at 60 fps on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It will ... Read More »

Details Released Elaborate on AOL Cleanup/Closures


On January 27th, TechRaptor reported on the closure of the popular video game blog Joystiq as part of an effort by AOL to restructure its organization. Details were scant at the time and even the folks at Joystiq seemed a bit confused as to whether their blog would last the night, but in the past few days information has surfaced ... Read More »

H1Z1 Preview – Players more Deadly than Zombies

h1z1 logo

I will start off by admitting that I am not a PC gamer. I don’t particularly enjoy first person or zombie based games, but there was something about H1Z1 that caught my eye. The open sandbox style with the day to night changes, as well as the eating and drinking for survival mechanics while nothing new, are certainly underused, so ... Read More »

Indie Interview: Super Dino Hunters

Indie Interview Super Dino Hunter

In our continuing series of Indie Interviews, we were able to sit down with Bryce and Chris – the developers behind the Indie game Super Dino Hunter that we covered in To The Green. They were willing to talk with us via email about their game and experiences in the field. You can vote for their game on Greenlight or ... Read More »

First Person Saturday: Rise of the Triad 2013


Retro throwbacks were all the rage for shooters in 2013. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger threw shooters back to their arcade roots, Shadow Warrior brought back a forgotten franchise to the spotlight, and Rise of the Triad made the most accurate return of the year. That’s to say it’s much like the original, as its unpolished, filled with awful design elements, ... Read More »

Don’t Spite-Buy Games

HuniePop Header

I don’t plan to play Hatred. I don’t plan to buy HuniePop. I do want the option to play Hatred. I do want the option to buy HuniePop. These aren’t contradictory statements, but these days some people disagree and disagree loudly. Its nothing new; Postal and Postal 2 had their own dedicated protestors, Manhunt set Australia on fire (shocking absolutely no ... Read More »

Final Fantasy XIV is going to DirectX XI

FFXIV Heavensward

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn has been one of the more successful relaunches in recent memory, and after hearing from the designers, there is much more in store for the game. At a recent panel titled Letter from the Producer, the designers spent an hour and a half detailing their future plans for the game, including patch details, expansion news, ... Read More »

In Defense of My Good Name: A Response to Ethics Detractors (and Zoe Quinn)


The internet is an odd place. Once considered the information superhighway, it is my personal belief that it has begun to turn into a misinformation superhighway if you’re unwilling to read on a topic for more than ten minutes. Even going to aggregation sites will ultimately steer you in the wrong direction if you’re not careful to take in the ... Read More »

To the Green: Super Dino Hunter

Super Dino Hunter To The Green

To The Green is our weekly look at one game on Steam Greenlight trying to get onto Steam. With To The Green, we hope to highlight one worthy game each week that is attempting to get greenlit and let you decide if it is something you’d be interested in trying out. This week we go back to the land of ... Read More »