Jade Raymond discusses game industry structure, sexism

Jade Raymond

Veteran game developer and former Ubisoft executive Jade Raymond spoke to Forbes earlier this week about the state of her profession. Although the indie scene merited a few mentions – Raymond is lending her time to indie developers before pursuing her next venture – the AAA game sector remained the topic du jour, with Raymond offering several thoughts on the ... Read More »

Game Design: Central Mechanics: Crypt of the NecroDancer

Crypt of the NecroDancer

For one of the videos this week (depending on how much I can get done besides the stuff on my channel), I wanted to focus on game design a little bit with my background in Computer Science. Great game design comes in a variety of forms of course, and it all depends on the audience that you are going for, ... Read More »

Epanalepsis Review – Player Unfriendly Narrative

Epanalepsis 1

Ah, narrative-driven games with impenetrably vague narratives. My old arch nemesis. Well, some exceptions can be made. Dear Esther, Limbo and Lone Survivor are some of my favorite games. They’re not all bad. But these masked stories can be quite jarring for a player so used to the developer holding your hand through the experience. Like going from reading J.K Rowling ... Read More »

Games With Gold June 2015 – Some new games…and some old games

Games WIth Gold June 2015

We’re just a couple of days away from June and with that means that there is a whole new line up of Games with Gold releasing for Xbox Gold Subscribers. For those who don’t know how it works every month there is one Xbox One game and two Xbox 360 games that are released for free so that subscribers of ... Read More »

PlayStation Plus free titles for June 2015

playstation plus

With June almost among us the PlayStation Plus titles for June have been announced with free games for PlayStation gamers whether they be on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 or the PlayStation Vita. PlayStation 4 – Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition – Super Exploding Zoo – Futuridium EP Deluxe PlayStation 3 – Call ... Read More »

Wildstar Announces Free-to-Play


The science fiction MMO Wildstar will be going free to play this fall, the Wildstar team revealed today with an announcement video. The move had been heavily rumored for some time given Wildstar’s rocky start since the game launched last year. Since then, the game has struggled to maintain subscribers for the retail price of $59.99 and a monthly subscription of $14.99. ... Read More »

The Bozak Horde, Dying Light’s latest DLC, comes out today

Dying Light The Bozak Horde

What post-zombie apocalypse wasteland would ever go without some crazy man making a gladiator-like arena tournament? No zombie game would be complete without it and Techland knows it very well. Despite that, Dying Light lacked this particular feature. Its next DLC, named The Bozak Horde, will address this shortcoming. And it’s already out. The Bozak Horde is defined by its developers as “the largest ... Read More »

Games You Never Heard Of: Legend of Kay

Legend of Kay PS2

Many games featured in this series are very rarely going to get the chance for a re-release. Some exceptions of course do happen, and we sometimes see a sequel down the road for more die-hard players to enjoy, but for the most part many games just fall by the wayside. For every successful franchise, there are easily a dozen titles that seem ... Read More »

CD Projekt Red Hits Record Sales With The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3, one of CD Projekt’s most heavily advertised game in their history, released this week. The Polish company’s advertising campaign, which included the award winning Killing Monsters trailer, appears to have paid off. According to Reuters, CD Projekt managed to sell 1.5 million pre-orders of The Witcher 3. Sales for The Witcher series have increased since the original game released in 2007 as ... Read More »