Halo 5’s Warzone Turbo Mode Back Until May 4th

Halo 5 Guardians

Halo 5’s Warzone Turbo Mode is playable until Wednesday, May 4th according to various official posts on Twitter. Warzone is a 24-player gameplay mode. Players are divided into teams of 12 and must attempt to either reach 1,000 Victory Points or destroy the enemy’s core. Warzone maps are up to 4 times larger than previous multiplayer maps in the Halo series. Warzone Turbo ... Read More »

Elite Dangerous: Horizons Coming to Xbox One in June

Elite Dangerous Horizons

Elite Dangerous: Horizons, the second season of expansions for Frontier’s Elite Dangerous game, will be coming to Xbox One in June. Elite Dangerous’ post-launch content is split into “Seasons”. Each Season contains multiple expansions of the game, and Elite Dangerous: Horizons is the second such season for the game. The second Season of Elite Dangerous expansions contains five parts. The Planetary Landings expansion allows players to take to ... Read More »

Quantum Break Requires Windows 10 Update To Fix PC Crashes

Quantum Break Preview

Quantum Break, the time-freezing shooter from Remedy, is waiting on Microsoft to deploy a Windows 10 update to fix crashing according to VG 24/7. The issue was spelled out in a State of the Game post on Remedy’s forums: Added 27.4.2016: Microsoft has identified a Windows 10 memory management issue which may cause Quantum Break to crash on some GPUs. This crash ... Read More »

FGC Weekly Roundup – April 29th, 2016

Salt Ahead - FGC Weekly

We’re back with another edition of FGC Weekly Roundup. The past weekend’s tournaments were a real megaton dropped onto the scene especially with the scorching heat of Red Bull Kumite still felt even as we enter into a new round of events. This weekend fight game fans will have a bit less on their plate in regards to things to watch, but ... Read More »

DC Universe Online Is Out On Xbox One

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online, the MMO by Daybreak set in the DC Comics Universe, was launched on Xbox One today according to IGN. There are further details in a FAQ on the game’s website. Xbox One owners can download DC Universe Online right now in the Xbox Store. All content available on the PC and PlayStation versions of the game are also available ... Read More »

Lionhead Studios Closes Its Doors


Fabled developer Lionhead, longtime host to Peter Molyneux, inheritor to Bullfrog, and progenitor of Black & White, is officially closing for good today, after owner Microsoft was unable to find a buyer for the onetime great studio. After cancelling the production of Fable Legends, a continuation of the series studio founder Peter Molyneux began in 2004 with his traditional enthusiasm, Microsoft apparently ... Read More »

Montreal To Face Incursion of Rabbids


Rabbids, those 2003-looking things from several of Ubisoft’s Rayman games, are going to have their own ‘amusement center‘ in Canada soon. The Rabbid Amusement Center is not an asylum or playhouse for the animated atrocities but instead an indoor theme park apparently themed around them. It will open this August in Montreal’s West Island. At least they will be kept ... Read More »

ESA Releases 2016 Essential Facts Report

ESA 2016 Essential Facts

The Entertainment Software Association has released their 2016 “Essential Facts” report that covers sales, demographics, and usage data about the computer and video game industry. The report is based on research conducted by Ipsos MediaCT for the ESA. The data was gathered from over 4,000 American Households. The heads of household as well as the most frequent gamers in the ... Read More »

[Rumor] New Info On Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remaster

Call of Duty 4 Header

Just yesterday, a photo leaked possibly revealing that the next Call of Duty might include a remastered version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The leaked image was blurry and didn’t reveal many details, but today, a much clearer image for the newest Call of Duty was leaked. The newest installment in the franchise, apparently named Call of Duty: ... Read More »

Blizzard Talks World Of Warcraft Server Shutdown

world of warcraft logo

Several weeks ago, Blizzard shut down Nostalrius Begins, a popular, private server which let players play World of Warcraft the way they were able to play the game in 2004 or 2005. Over the past decade, the popular MMORPG has undergone numerous changes, but Nostalrius Begins was steadfast in ensuring the private server captured the feeling of ‘04/’05 WoW. Unfortunately, ... Read More »