Shovel Knight reveals Plague of Shadows, also Battletoads

Plague of Shadows

Shovel Knight, Kickstarter star and indie darling, looks to be receiving a free expansion starring one of it’s once-enemies. Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows sees the alchemical antagonist Plague Knight set out on a quest to collect ingredients for his masterpiece by gathering reagents from the bodies of each of the other original bosses, his former allies. Plague Knight is meant ... Read More »

Valve reveals Source 2, Steam-Link and more at GDC

Steam Link

While Valve already discussed some of their planned announcements for this year’s annual Game Developers Conference, their presentation still contained some surprises. Following the announcements that both Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5 are now both free to the general public, Valve announced Source 2. The long awaited successor to Valve’s nearly 11 year-old Source engine, will soon be made available to ... Read More »

Ubisoft Developing Game to Treat Amblyopia

Dig Rush

Ubisoft recently announced a new game they are working on, Dig Rush, which will be used to treat people suffering from amblyopia. Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, is a condition in which one of a person’s eyes is much weaker than the other, causing various vision problems, and if left untreated can sometimes lead to blindness. The game makes ... Read More »

NVIDIA is Launching Its Own Console

Nvidia Console New

During NVIDIA’s GDC Event, the company unveiled its’ new device, the Shield console. The SHIELD is the first android based console capable of outputting in 4k, and at 60 frames per second no less. The console also runs on android, so users have access to the line up of content on the Play Store, including music, movies, games, books, news, etc. The ... Read More »

Screamride Review – Seat Belts are Optional


There are two very specific things that Screamride does right. The first is to allow the player creative freedom to build any number of gravity defying roller coasters and watch them go. The second is that it shows the players the aftermath of said coasters in the form of hapless riders who get flung mercilessly from their cars, all shown ... Read More »

Divide the Games Industry

Broken Controller

We all have our gaming niche. We tend to play what we like and don’t give a ton of thought to what we don’t. Outside of games media, nobody plays everything. But right now we’re seeing a push for all games to conform to narrow view points, as if that diversity of opinion is a bad thing. A lot of ink has been spilled ... Read More »

Behind the Scenes of Earthcore: Shattered Elements

Earthcore: Shattered Elements

Tequila Games, creators of  digital card game Earthcore: Shattered Elements are releasing a series of 5 videos “The Making of Earthcore: Shattered Elements”.  These videos will give a behind the scenes look at Earthcore and how it was made.  The first of these videos was released today. Read More »

Indie Interview – David Mulder of Eron


In the brief periods between me writing about or playing games, you can often find me scouring sites such as KickStarter or Greenlight  for anything that takes my fancy. So after finishing The Firefly Diary with many squeals of delight, I was intrigued to come across Eron, a 2D platformer where the player has to switch between 2 different stages mid-level.  ... Read More »

Unity 5’s new fully-featured Personal Edition is completely free

Unity3D Logo

No one can argue that competition is really good for the market, as well as the industry. That’s why, after Unreal Engine 4 was announced as free yesterday, it comes as no surprise that Unity 5 would follow suit. In an effor to do users one better, Unity is offering the program for free up to $100,000 in sales or funding ... Read More »

Boston Globe Joins Chorus, Reports Dubious Bomb Threat

boston globe

Unless you have been completely avoiding all forms of media lately, including Law & Order SVU, then you will have noticed that there has been a culture war going on in gaming over the past 6 months. Attacks, accusations and harassment have been flying around between all of those even marginally involved in the GamerGate controversy. Stories of Anita Sarkeesian, ... Read More »