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Shoestring Gaming – Best value for prices

Shoestring Gaming quick logo.

Welcome to the first TechRaptor article of Shoestring Gaming.  In Shoestring Gaming, we plan to highlight some of the best games we have personally tried in terms of gaming value versus cost. We will show you the most recent sales, best deals and discuss recommendations for other gamers who must adhere to a very strict gaming budget. We will also ... Read More »

Chuck’s Challenge 3D review – An Adorable Headache

Chucks Challenge 3D

Chuck’s Challenge 3D is a top-down puzzle solving game much like Chip’s Challenge was for the old Atari Lynx. In fact, both were made by the same person. Even better is that Chuck himself is inside the game as a kind of tutorial and witty humor guy. Read More »

Endless Legend Shades of Alteration Add-on

Endless Legends Concept Art

Amplitude Studios has continued its work on updating Endless Legend, as it has now released a new patch in time for Halloween as part of their post-release plan. Amplitude has said that they want to work on free add-ons and expansions similar to what they did in Endless Space and they’ve released their first free add-on called Shades of Alteration. ... Read More »

Resolution, FPS and Graphics Today

Evil Within Mirror screen

There’s been a lot of debate lately about graphics and resolution, particularly as things like Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and the Evil Within come out with locked in 30 FPS with statements such as “It’s more cinematic” or the resolution only getting 900px due to console limitations. For more or less the first time in memory, game creators are calling for ... Read More »

King of Dragon Pass Anniversary and Successor


King of Dragon Pass has reached its 15th birthday now, and A Sharp has put it on sale for the 5 days to celebrate that event. King of Dragon Pass was revived in 2011 by A Sharp when it was given an update and released on iOS, Android and GOG. King of Dragon Pass has the player take control of a Barbarian ... Read More »

Dragon Age Keep Now In Open Beta

Dragon Age Keep Logo

Dragon Age: Inquisition releases in just a few weeks on November 18th, 2014, and when Dragon Age: Inquisition was announced Bioware had a bit of a problem. Their save import system that had worked for Dragon Age II would no longer be effective, and had previously had importing issues and bugs that caused problems with previous games. Not only that, ... Read More »

Planetside 2 October 30th Update

Planetside 2

Planetside 2 the free to play MMOFPS is getting a new game update on October 30th 2014. The game update features new content, game balancing, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Read More »