Shovel Knight No Longer Getting Physical Xbox One Release, Sees Price Increase

shovel knight plague of shadows plague knight dlc

The long awaited physical release of Shovel Knight is not going 100% as planned, as developers Yacht Club Games announced that their retail copies will be going for a higher price than originally and at a later date. As well, the Xbox One release is indefinitely postponed. Yacht Club made the announcement Thursday, offering as much explanation as possible for the changes.  ... Read More »

Darkest Dungeon Goes 40% Off With Newest Update

Darkest Dungeon Getting Piranhad

Darkest Dungeon is coming along in terms of content, as they recently released the Those From Below update, which added a whole new dungeon to the game as well as new enemies to deal with, and some more mechanics for the players to have to play through. This update happened on September 28th, but it’s a nice incentive for players ... Read More »

[UPDATED] Infiniscene Offers An All New Way to Stream

infiniscene cover

If you are a streamer or you’ve thought about streaming but one look at Open Broadcast Service (OBS) makes your head spin, there is a new cloud-based broadcasting site coming out that might make the task much easier. Infiniscene is a new broadcasting tool which, unlike existing programs, can be used directly from your browser. The new program works like ... Read More »

Broforce No Longer Missing in Action, Releasing on Oct. 15th

broforce flag

It’s been a long road for Broforce, the side scrolling co-op action game filled with characters who are legally different from your favorite 80s and 90s movie heroes. Everyone from Robocop to The Terminator to Rambo to The Bride are represented by their doppelgangers in a universe filled with mooks to shoot, choppers to get to, and empty flag poles ... Read More »

GAMER RATE – The Interview

Gamer Rate

We at TechRaptor sat down with Ralph Moffettone, host and creator of the video game review series Gamer Rate and a self-described “bonafide gamer and game aficionado.”  Below we talk about the three-part series, his favorite games, and the state of gaming culture. TechRaptor: What’s Gamer Rate about, and how is it different from other video game review shows? Ralph: Gamer ... Read More »

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom Now Out

Sonic Dash 2 - Sonic Boom

Continuing the Sonic Boom branding, Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is the sequel to Sonic Dash, which was a successful mobile release for the Sonic franchise, picking up over 140 million downloads. Sega’s Hardlight studios has been working on it to take the elements of Sonic Dash and improve upon them in this free-to-download sequel with the characters from the Sonic Boom TV show. Sonic Dash 2: ... Read More »

PS4 Price Dropping in US and Canada

Sony Playstation 4

Starting tomorrow the 9th of October, the Playstation 4 will be dropping its price to $350 in the U.S. and $429.99 CAD in Canada. This includes more than just the standard Playstation 4 as well, with many of the various bundles available dropping in price. Here’s a handy image: As you can see, there is basically a $50 price drop ... Read More »

Rock Band 4 Review

Rock Band 4_logo

It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years since the last Rock Band. At one point the genre was one of the biggest. Rock Band 4 is Harmonix attempt to try and revitalize the series and get people playing plastic instruments again. Is Rock Band 4 reinventing the music genre? No. But the thing is it’s not trying to. In ... Read More »

SAG-AFTRA Members Authorize Strike Against the Gaming Industry


Members of The Screen Actors Guild American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) have authorized their board the ability to go on strike against the gaming industry. After a period of voting between September 16th to October 5th, the overwhelming majority of SAG-AFTRA members have voted yes to a strike, with a whopping 96.5% of the vote in favor. SAG-AFTRA needed ... Read More »

Laura trailer released for Street Fighter 5

Laura sf5

Brand new Brazilian fighter ‘Laura’ has  received a short teaser trailer after her initial inclusion in the game was leaked earlier this month. The trailer was initially uploaded to the PlayStation YouTube channel but seems to have now been made private, suggesting the initial trailer upload was premature. Street Fighter 5 producer Yoshinori Ono has hinted towards an official announcement ... Read More »