Barrier Creep in Hearthstone


I mentioned in my last commentary there are some issues arising from the release of new Hearthstone cards; “barrier creep” is the term I used to described the increasingly steep hill a brand new player has to climb in order to feel competitive in Hearthstone’s main progression mode, Ranked.  I’m going dedicate an entire commentary to elaborate on barrier creep ... Read More »

The Itch – Dem Bones skeletons

The Steam storefront is thoroughly charted territory. Every day, loads of gamers explore Valve’s digital shop, finding all sorts of curiosities tucked away behind Triple A releases and indie rockstars. But what if I told you there was another digital store, one with even wilder indie games and the ability to name the price of a game? Enter, a ... Read More »

New Features Coming to Including Highlight Reels and More

Raptr_Playstv_News_01 is adding a couple of new features today. For those who are unaware of, it is a service that can easily record desktop game footage for you, and in the case of a couple of games will even track features such as kills or objectives, among other things. These changes will allow players that use this service to monitor ... Read More »

Party Hard Review – Emphasis on “Hard”

Party Hard Header

Party Hard is a game best described as a stealth homage to the slasher genre, right down to being a metaphor for the dangers of dubious behavior. As Friday the 13th warned people about premarital sex and drugs, Party Hard is about the dangers of being those obnoxious jerks who wake up their neighbors at three in the morning. Because who knows, it ... Read More »

Pokémon Musical Tribute PokéMemories Announced

pokememories cover

Pokérus, a band focused on video game music and led by Patricio Thielemann, has announced their plans to prepare a double album full of Pokémon music titled PokéMemories to celebrate 20 years of Pokémon, which released for the first time in Japan February of 1996. PokéMemories plans to include music from the original games—Red, Green, Blue—all the way up to ... Read More »

Man O’ War: Corsair Announced for PC

man o war corsair

Indie studio Evil Twin Artworks, developers of Victory at Sea, are collaborating with Games Workshop to bring an sea faring, open world game to PC called Man O’ War: Corsair. Man O’ War: Corsair will be based on Games Workshop’s tabetlop war game entitled Man O’ War, set in the Warhammer universe. Man O’ War: Corsair is due to hit Steam Early Access ... Read More »

DotEmu founders launch company Playdigious


The founders of DotEmu, Xavier Liard and Romain Tisserand, have announced the launch of their new publishing company, Playdigious. Playdigious already has their first project and it’s slated for release in the autumn on Nvidia Shield, Android TV, Android Tablets, and iPad. The company’s first project is a game called Pix The Cat. DotEmu is a publishing company geared towards retro ... Read More »

Hearthstone Netdecking Is A Pox

Hearthstone Logo

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware Blizzard released the second expansion set of Hearthstone, The Grand Tournament.  A five second, back of the napkin analysis of the set suggests the set itself is pretty good, but there are a host of small but significant issues that have arisen that Blizzard needs to dedicate resources to abating, if not ... Read More »

Samus Aran Isn’t Trans. Deal With It.


If you’re an old-school gamer or someone who only knows Samus from Super Smash Bros., you recognize her as a badass broad who can easily arm cannon you in the face—she’ll do it. Later on in her career, we got to see another side to Samus via her zero suit. A form that was more feminine and less clunky metal ... Read More »

Splatoon Revisited – An Updated Look at the Game


When Splatoon first released back in June, it received mostly favorable reviews, but it had a few problems. Mainly, there just wasn’t enough content. After the recent update that came August 5, 2015, Splatoon deserved a review redo for those who waited to buy the game. Splatoon isn’t the game it was when it first released May 28, 2015. The game ... Read More »