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Jade Raymond Leaves Ubisoft


Jade Raymond executive producer on some of Ubisoft’s biggest games and managing director of Ubisoft Toronto has announced she is leaving the company. A Statement from Ubisoft reads Today, Ubisoft announced that after 10 years of collaboration, the company and Jade Raymond have agreed to pursue future opportunities separately Alexandre Parizeau who has been at the studio since its launch in 2009 ... Read More »

How to stop the harassment surrounding #GamerGate


If you have even done as much as to glance momentarily at a news lately you will have seen stories that have been splashed across all the major newspapers and outlets; the harassment of prominent figures surrounding the #GamerGate scandal. It seems that everyone from MSNBC, CBS, The Guardian, the Washington Post and the New York Times have all spoken ... Read More »

Paranautical Activity removed from Steam after death threat to Gabe Newell


A game developer, after venting their frustration with Steam, made a death threat targeting managing director at Valve, Gabe Newell. Paranautical Activity, a horror themed FPS, has had a rocky history with Steam already, clashing over the function of the Steam Greenlight system. Eventually, the game was greenlit and it continued on with that process. That is, until today. Mike ... Read More »

Satire: GamerGate Is Over, According to Them


The following is a piece of (sort-of-ish) satire. Nothing in this content is to be taken at face value. Derp. Trigger Warning: Facts. GamerGate has become a movement that inspired many gamers to take up arms and defend what to them has been a hobby and a passion for decades from politically-slanted reviews, closer-than-comfortable interaction between journalists and developers, and the publications ... Read More »

Far Cry 4 Season Pass and Bonus Screenshot!

Far Cry 4 Season Pass

Ubisoft has done something that is very rare in the gaming market. They have announced everything that will be in their Far Cry 4 Season Pass now, before any of the dlc is released, or even the game itself. The Season Pass for Far Cry 4 will be made up of 5 pieces of DLC which will be quickly detailed ... Read More »

Beware GTA V Beta Scams


Lately some people have been receiving emails claiming that they have been invited to the Grand Theft Auto V beta for the later releases on PS4 and Xbox One. If you have received an email inviting you to a GTA V beta: it is a scam and likely a phishing attempt to get your information. Rockstar has dedicated a web ... Read More »

NHL 15 Review – A Bare Sheet of Ice


The NHL series is kind of the redheaded stepchild in the EA Sports brand. Seldom given much attention outside of Canada, EA’s NHL series has quietly fought the reputation of other EA Sports by being pretty, well, good. For the past several years, the team at EA Canada has done work in their one year turnaround time that eclipses the roster updates produced by ... Read More »

Record of Agarest War Zero on Android

Agarest War Zero Characters

After the successful port of Record of Agarest War to mobile (Agarest: Generations of War on the PC), Hyperdevbox has again partnered with Idea Factory to port its prequel Record of Agarest War Zero (Agarest: Generations of War Zero on PC) to Android. Read More »