Team Fortress 2 Gets a Sizable Update With Gun Skins and Contracts

TF2 Miss Pauline with Guns

8 Year old game? Doesn’t matter, cause it’s still getting content surprisingly. On The Team Fortress 2 website, information regarding the Gun Mettle Campaign has been posted for all to see, and it’s a release that seems to be coming tomorrow. There’s a lot here to take in, so breaking it down piece by piece is important, because it includes ... Read More »

To The Green – Rogue Invader

Rogue Invader Header

It has come to this at the end of the great war. Humanity can only send down one ship, with one man and that is you. Prepare to face a horde of aliens in this rogue-like monochrome sidescrolling shooter, where you invade an alien planet alone. Rogue Invader is the creation of new indie studio Squishy Games, which wants to ... Read More »

The Seven Sins of MMORPGs – Part 3


I previously spoke about how the narrow focus of the MMO endgame is ultimately hamstringing the genre from achieving greatness. For the final act, I’ll talk about the game world itself. MMOs exist in a strange space where it seems like two games are mashed together to be played through with a single avatar. There is the exciting adventure phase, ... Read More »

She’s Stronger Than You Think: A Response to Evan Narcisse on Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight With Manbat

Here we go again. You know, I’m really tired of every game that I’ve enjoyed having to be interpreted in some way to make it seem like a company has a vendetta or an issue with the representation of characters in games. Don’t get me wrong, having multiple ways of interpreting things and different perspectives is important, but what I’ve ... Read More »

E3 2015 – Torchlight Mobile Announced

Torchlight Mobile

Perfect World is releasing the next installment in Runic Games’ popular hack-n-slash Torchlight series later this year. Called Torchlight Mobile the new game will be available for iOS and Android. An early Alpha version of the game was demoed at E3. Runic Games’ released Torchlight in 2009 to much acclaim. It’s sequel Torchlight II was released in 2012 with the ... Read More »

Cooling the Hype – Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Vault Boy

So this is probably going to get me killed. But alas I hold it as my sacred duty to tell the truth even when I suspect that truth is not wanted—even if others may disagree. I think Fallout 4 right now is being massively overhyped and there are a lot of points to look at as to why. Before we ... Read More »

Console Classics Brings PS1 Games To PC

n2o nitrous oxide

One of the great things about the PC platform is that it is backwards compatible with the vast majority of past releases. You can buy games released yesterday or ten years ago on the same storefront and reasonably expect them to work on your machine. Better yet, it seems that the vast majority of games coming to consoles these days ... Read More »

E3 2015 – All we know about Hellblade

hellblade senua cover

Hellblade is the newest game from Ninja Theory, sponsored by Wellcome Trust, announced last year at Gamescom. Ninja Theory gave several more details about Hellblade for E3 this year, preparing for the games release in 2016. Hellblade is a heavily stylized action game, based in “ninja-style” melee and Celtic lore. The story takes the main character, Senua, to the underworld of her mind. The game ... Read More »

Mojang’s Scrolls Will be Shutting Down


In a post on the official Scrolls website, Mojang have announced that their online card game Scrolls will be shutting down with Echoes being the last major content patch for the game. After much deliberation, we’ve come to an important decision that we’d like to share: Echoes will be the last major content patch for Scrolls. We won’t be adding ... Read More »