Pixel Privateers Re-Announced

Pixel Privateers

It’s been a while since we heard form the people at Quadro Delta. The last news they made really was when they updated Pixel Piracy with the enhanced content that they felt the game should have had on launch. Since then they’ve been quietly busy, with Quadro Delta’s Alexander Poysky (whom we’ve previously spoken with) having some health issues, hiring a new community manager, ... Read More »

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Release Date Announced

Divinity Original Sin

If you are a fan of Divinity: Original Sin and are looking for something to hold you over until the sequel, Larian Studios will soon be releasing the Enhanced Edition of Divinity: Original Sin. Larian Studios announced the Enhanced Edition earlier this year, and the release date has been set for the PS4 and Xbox One versions. The Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced ... Read More »

The Placebo Effect in Gaming

Don't Starve

Last week at the CHI PLAY conference in London, video game researchers Dr Paul Cairns and Alena Denisova revealed an interesting new study into how the “features” within a game influence the enjoyment we perceive. Cairns, who recently researched what it means to be immersed in games,”People have a preconception that a little round white pill that doesn’t taste nice ... Read More »

Dragon Quest Heroes Comes With A Restricting Streaming Policy

Dragon Quest Heroes FLAME

The latest adventures by Square Enix for the recently released Dragon Quest Heroes has a bit of a snag for those Twitch/Youtubers out there who want to show off the game for the world. Unfortunately, it looks like Square Enix has followed in some of the control aspects that we’ve seen with some Japanese developers like Nintendo and Sega (which ... Read More »

HearthStone’s Patron Warrior Getting Nerfed

Hearthstone Logo

Everyone! Get out of here! Today Blizzard announced that in a forthcoming HearthStone balance patch, the text of Warsong Commander will be changed. Right now the text of the card reads; Whenever you summon a minion with 3 or less attack, give it Charge. But in a post on Blizzards forum today, Community Manager Zeriyah explained;  The following balance change ... Read More »

Launch Matchmaking Playlists For Halo 5: Guardians


Another day, another tidbit of news regarding the arrival of Halo 5: Guardians. Today, IGN revealed the list of playlists that will be available on October 27th when the game initially launches. Thanks to a little help from NeoGAF user CyReN, here is the list of game modes and maps in an easy to read format. Warzone Warzone on Escape ... Read More »

Lost Isle update live for TERA

TERA The Lost Isle

En Masse Entertainment‘s fantasy action MMO TERA has launched it’s most recent update ‘The Lost Isle‘. Now live ‘The Lost Isle‘ update brings a new beginning for players on Stepstone Isle. This new area offers all-new story content and an accelerated start for players to get into the action of TERA.  ‘The Lost Isle’ update is complete with a re-vamped character creation process. ... Read More »

Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut Out Now

Wasteland 2 Director's Cut

InXile’s first kickstarted classic CRPG has gotten a makeover and console release today with the launch of the Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut. Available for free for those who owned it on PC, the updated version also marks the game’s release on the current generation of consoles for those who want to play a classically styled turn-based party RPG on those devices. ... Read More »

Animal Gods – Hardly Even A Game

Animal Gods Cover

Sometimes a game will have such beautiful music or impressive art styles that players will ignore the faults of the gameplay. Indeed, when other variants can smoothly allow a player to gloss over something like massive difficulty spikes or terrible controls, people are more than willing to follow through to the end. It isn’t something that can allow players to notice the ... Read More »