Suikoden Revival Movement launches a campaign to bring Suikoden on Steam

The Suikoden saga is one of those series that left a deep mark in the fans of the JRPG genre. The first title came out in 1995 and its success was enough to spawn many sequels, spinoffs and, more importantly, a really passionate fan community. The Suikoden Revival Movement is one of said community and in the past years invested a lot of ... Read More »

Bless Online Western Localization

bless header

Nearly 5 years after it’s announcement in 2012, plans were officially unveiled to bring Bless Online to the America and Europe during a GameBeat interview with Aeria Games’ chief operating officer, Tom Nicols. Created by Korean developer Neowiz, the Berlin-based publisher will be overseeing the Westernized version of the popular MMO. Aeria Games has stated that Bless will change very little from its Asian ... Read More »

Humble Bundle Focuses on Narrative Games

Humble Bundle Logo

Each week Humble Bundle puts up a new bundle, usually with a theme. This week they introduced the Humble Narrative Bundle, which has seven games with a focus on story telling. As usual, there’s three tiers depending on how much you spend. The first tier is “pay what you want” and includes three games. Her Story is a strange detective ... Read More »

Renowned Explorers First Expansion More To Explore Out

Renowned Explorers Banner

Renowned Explorers: International Society is an interesting game that largely went under the radar last year, in part due to releasing around the same time as Mad Max and Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. However, that hasn’t stopped it from being a favorite of many here at TechRaptor. While our review has been slow coming (but it is) we have ... Read More »

Xbox One Price Chopped Before E3

xbox one sale

As we get closer to the annual gaming advertising fair known as E3, more rumors and deals are beginning to appear. Sometimes, those deals can appear to be validation of those rumors such as in the case of the Xbox One getting its price chopped by $50 ahead of the marketing blitz about to descend. This price drop notably puts ... Read More »

June PlayStation Plus Stars Gone Home

June PS+

It’s that time of year again, as Sony announces the next batch of PlayStation Plus games for the Instant Game Collection. This month each PlayStation console gets two games and we got a range from sports, to walking simulator, to horror, and a mini-game collection. The PlayStation 4 will be getting two games. First up is NBA 2K16. This basketball ... Read More »

Total War: Warhammer Crushes Records, Skulls


Total War: Warhammer only began it’s crusade less than a week ago and has already conquered all other Total War games, at least when it comes to sales numbers. Japan, Rome, Medieval Europe, all have fallen before the Empire. Again, in terms of sales numbers, but you can still start to venerate Sigmar now if you were wanting. During only the ... Read More »

[Rumor] Injustice: Gods Among Us 2 To Be Announced

injustice gods among us

NetherRealm is reportedly working on a sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us, which pitted DC superheroes against each other and their iconic villains. Rumored to be planned for March  of 2017, and soon to be announced officially, a source allegedly close to the project leaked some details about the game, as well as the fact of its existence. According to, the ... Read More »

Splatoon Drops New Weapon Sets


Splatoon‘s popularity has not diminished over the last year. Although Nintendo had claimed to be cutting off additional content updates back in January, since then a set of eight weapons, called Sheldon’s Picks after the in-game arms dealer, was nevertheless released to pleasantly surprised inklings in April. Now, a second set of eight comprising Volume 2 of Sheldon’s Picks is planned ... Read More »

Capcom shows off Ibuki for Street Fighter V


The latest character of Street Fighter V‘s DLC characters, Ibuki, has been shown by Capcom. Ibuki will be the third character added to SFV, the first two being Alex and Guile. With Ibuki joining the ranks ofStreet Fighter V, Capcom have released a trailer showing her in action allowing people to see how she will play. As a side note, ... Read More »