To The Green – Poltergus


A point and click adventure game … are you excited yet? I can hear the extra exhalation, but Poltergus seems like something that could be really fun due to its interesting premise. Poltergus presents itself as a reality TV show, meaning that the story will bounce around, there will be interviews with cast and crew, etc. All of this goes on ... Read More »

Games with Gold December 2015 – An extra game for holiday cheer!

Games with Gold December Preview

Thanksgiving isn’t even past and Major Nelson has dropped the next allotment of Games with Gold titles on us. Announced today via his blog Major Nelson has revealed that gamers will also be getting an extra gift for the holiday season in the form of a fifth game. The way that Games with Gold works is that every month Xbox ... Read More »

Bombshell Release Date Pushed Back to 2016 Due to Abundance of Bugs


Bombshell, an action RPG currently in development from 3D Realms and Interceptor, had been set to launch sometime towards the end of this year. New developments have deemed that launch date to be premature, and the developers have made the decision to push the release back to January 29th, 2016. “Over the last several weeks, we’ve been exhaustively testing Bombshell ... Read More »

Indivisible Prototype Added to Steam

Indivisible Character Shot

Today Skullgirls developer Lab Zero uploaded a prototype of their action RPG Indivisible to Steam. The prototype has been readily available since October 5th outside of the popular distribution platform, and Lab Zero is still in the process of attempting to fund Indivisible through IndieGoGo, raising approximately 1.1 million of a requested 1.5 million with 10 days to go. It had previously ... Read More »

Most Disappointing Games of Gen 7 – Assassin’s Creed III

AC Header Final

Assassin’s Creed is a good story. The first Assassin’s Creed game was compelling from the day of its announcement. It was a completely original idea when the industry was increasingly trending towards sequels and sameness. The setting was territory that games don’t often cover and allowed for stories not often told. And also some strange people really, really liked the way ... Read More »

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Not Coming West Due To Potential Backlash

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

According to the game’s official Facebook Page, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will not be making its way out West due to what the developers see as a potential backlash towards the game due to complaints of sexism and treatment of women and female characters in the gaming industry. On the Facebook Page, a fan asked if there were any ... Read More »

Fallout 4 Beta Update Fixes Bugs

Fallout 4 Framerate

As it has come to be known with the launch of a Bethesda RPG, comes a myriad of bugs. Bethesda this time are going about the way they update their games differently. For Fallout 4 they have released a beta for a patch that is available for PC players who opt in through Steam. Here are the patch notes for Beta ... Read More »

Killing Floor 2 adding “Zed-conomy” Microtransactions

Killing floor 2 microtransactions featured image

Tripwire Interactive has announced in a Steam Community Notification that there are new, upcoming plans afoot. A link in the post will lead to a Killing Floor 2 web page talking about a new feature called the Zed-conomy. The update talks about how you will no longer be ‘required’ to be in a Match, finishing a Wave in order to ... Read More »