DotEmu founders launch company Playdigious


The founders of DotEmu, Xavier Liard and Romain Tisserand, have announced the launch of their new publishing company, Playdigious. Playdigious already has their first project and it’s slated for release in the autumn on Nvidia Shield, Android TV, Android Tablets, and iPad. The company’s first project is a game called Pix The Cat. DotEmu is a publishing company geared towards retro ... Read More »

Hearthstone Netdecking Is A Pox

Hearthstone Logo

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware Blizzard released the second expansion set of Hearthstone, The Grand Tournament.  A five second, back of the napkin analysis of the set suggests the set itself is pretty good, but there are a host of small but significant issues that have arisen that Blizzard needs to dedicate resources to abating, if not ... Read More »

Samus Aran Isn’t Trans. Deal With It.


If you’re an old-school gamer or someone who only knows Samus from Super Smash Bros., you recognize her as a badass broad who can easily arm cannon you in the face—she’ll do it. Later on in her career, we got to see another side to Samus via her zero suit. A form that was more feminine and less clunky metal ... Read More »

Splatoon Revisited – An Updated Look at the Game


When Splatoon first released back in June, it received mostly favorable reviews, but it had a few problems. Mainly, there just wasn’t enough content. After the recent update that came August 5, 2015, Splatoon deserved a review redo for those who waited to buy the game. Splatoon isn’t the game it was when it first released May 28, 2015. The game ... Read More »

Steam Allowing Some Uncensored With Kindred Spirits on the Roof

Kindred Spirits Title

In a move that may shock many, MangaGamer sent out a press release stating Steam will be releasing their upcoming lesbian centered title Kindred Spirits on the Roof completely uncensored. In the past Valve has been pretty set on what content is acceptable on it’s store, releasing risque titles such as HuniePop and Nekopara with some (but not complete) censorship ... Read More »

Pokemon Shuffle comes to mobile

The Pokemon Company International releases Pokemon Shuffle Mobile.

Nintendo’s free-to-play match three game Pokemon Shuffle has come to the App Store and Google Play. Now even those without a 3Ds can enjoy the Pokemon themed puzzle game. Today The Pokemon Company International announced that the game is now available for download on mobile devices for free.   In Pokemon Shuffle Mobile players battle their roster of Pokemon against wild Pokemon by ... Read More »

[Updated]Urine-Themed Match-4 Magical Girl Leaky Sara Released

Sara Activates Powers

Incontinence and bladder control can be a squeamish subject for many people and isn’t usually the topic of conversations, much less video games. Of course the idea of bladder control can come up in games such as The Ship for example, but never before has a mechanic been so crucial to the fate of an in-game character since the Sniper’s Jarate ... Read More »

Nintendo Selling Digital Content on Amazon

Super Mario Maker

Nintendo has begun selling digital versions of its popular titles on an Amazon storefront. Titles like Super Mario Bros. for the 3DS, Splatoon, Super Mario Maker and Mario Kart 8 are now available on the webpage. Virtual Console titles like Super Mario World, Pokemon Rumble, and Dr. Mario are also available. This is the first time an online retailer has been ... Read More »

Scraps: Modular Vehicular Combat Preview


Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat is just what it says on the tin: build a car, fight, collect scrap from your fallen foes, hit the evac point with your pickings, repair and revise your vehicle, then get stuck back in. Notice that’s “revise,” instead of “upgrade”?  You aren’t just limited to what you started with in a match.  If your current ... Read More »

Shutshimi Review – Side Scrolling Salmon


Xbox Live Indie Games was an interesting experiment for those who knew about it during the 360’s lifespan. There were many games there that never would have seen the light of day in any other marketplace, interactive fever dreams that make Steam Greenlight’s output look like AAA blockbusters. It was a true rarity to find a game that was playable, ... Read More »