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Infinity N4

Infinity N4 Preview

The latest version of Corvus Belli's sci-fi wargame with an anime/cyberpunk twist has launched.
Craftopia Roadmap cover

Craftopia Roadmap Details an Ambitious Future

A Craftopia roadmap has been released by Pocket Pair, finally detailing some of the features in development for this open-world sandbox RP
Beyond Good and Evil 2 delays cover

Michel Ancel Accused of Toxic Management at Ubisoft

Beyond Good and Evil 2 delays were caused by dysfunctional management according to a new in-depth report that alleges multiple problems wi
Among Us console port cover

Among Us Console Port is Probably a Long Way Off

If you're hoping to get an Among Us console port, you're going to be disappointed.
Nintendo eShop sales Yes Your Grace cover

Nintendo eShop Sales Driven by Discounts and Metacritic, Publisher Says

Some game developers might struggle to figure out how to get good Nintendo eShop sales, but No More Robots seems to have cracked the code: don't ha
Mario jumping across a tropical beach with a jet of water firing from his back.

A Defense of Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario 3D All-Stars has been out for a few days, and reception has
The Last of Us Board Game

The Last of Us Board Game Announced

For The Last of Us Day (renamed from Outbreak day due to real world pandemic issues) today, The Last of Us Board Game was announc
Warhammer Underworlds Arena Mortis

Warhammer Underworlds Arena Mortis Preview

Warhammer Underworlds is Games Workshop's competitive skirmish game that blends wargaming with card game elements.
The logo for Super Tilt Bro

Super Tilt Bro Is A Smash Bros-Style NES Homebrew With Online Play

Have you ever wanted to play a Super Smash Bros-style game on an authentic NES console?
Metal Gear Solid 2

Metal Gear Solid And Other Konami Titles Now on GOG

Konami has released a whole bunch of their classics on GOG, ranging from Metal Gear (which was released in 1987) to Metal Gear Solid 2
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fall Update

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fall Update Announced

Nintendo has announced the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fall Update, as Fall has come to the world of Animal Crossing and your b
Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia

Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia Review

I'll admit, I'd never even heard of the show, Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia, when the game arrived at my figurative desk.
Sora, Donald, and Goofy celebrate the playable demo of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory in an official banner image

Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory Is Getting A Playable Demo

Upcoming rhythm-action game Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is getting a playable demo.
3D Kirby Nintendo Switch game

[Rumor] New 3D Kirby Nintendo Switch Game May Be in Development

A new 3D Kirby Nintendo Switch game is rumored to be in development following a discovery in the recently-released Kirby Fighters 2
Stoneshard 0.6 update cover

Stoneshard 0.6 Update Makes Massive Changes to Dungeons and Combat

Get ready for some big changes to combat in the Stoneshard 0.6 update! A brand-new batch of content is on the way
GiantsSoftware Farming Simulator Luuk

Child Cancer Patient Luuk Given Special Version of Favorite Game By Creator

We don't often talk about games like Farming Simulator because they are a very specific niche in the gaming market.
Marvel's Avengers 1.31 update cover

Marvel's Avengers 1.31 Update Lets Cap Smash Doors

The Marvel's Avengers 1.31 update has arrived and it brings with it many fixes and some cool new features, one of which is the ability for
Amazon Luna cover

Amazon Luna Announced as New Cloud Gaming Service in Early Access

Amazon will be taking advantage of all those data centers it has by entering the cloud gaming space: Amazon Luna is coming.
The main logo for Cyber Hook

Cyber Hook Review

Consider, if you will, the humble grappling hook. It's an integral yet oft-overlooked part of vertical platforming in gaming.
Xbox Storage

Xbox Series X|S SSD Improvements Will Cost Over $200

For those who have pre-ordered an Xbox Series X|S or are going to pick one up on launch day, there might be another purchase you will need to make.
An Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 graphics card

[Updated] Nvidia RTX 3080 Cards Are Having Crashing Issues

Update Sept 25 10:53AM:  MSI has told us that Nvidia is "aware of [the] issue" around RTX 3080 cards crashing games.
techraptor pendragon

Pendragon Review

As far as Western mythology goes, the legend of King Arthur is one of the most enduring stories we have.
Mother of Frankenstein

Mother Of Frankenstein Preview

Some few days ago a strange package arrived at my doorstep.

Nier Replicant Release Date and Editions Announced

At the Tokyo Game Show, a remake of Nier 1, Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139, has had its release date announced for next year. <
Serious Sam 4 review grannies

Serious Sam 4 Review

"Excess in all things" is a recurring thought as I waded through the Serious Sam trilogy over the years, and Serious Sam 4 doesn'
A plane flying over Japan in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator update

First Major Microsoft Flight Simulator Update Will Overhaul Japan

During today's Xbox Tokyo Game Show presentation, Microsoft revealed details regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator's first major update.

Hades Heart-Seeking Bow Build Guide

Got your eye on the Heart-Seeking Bow? Really sick of getting pounded by Theseus every time? Never fear!
techraptor kirby fighters 2

Nintendo Launches Kirby Fighters 2 For Switch

In a very unexpected move, Nintendo released Kirby Fighters 2 on September 23, 2020, with no buildup other then a leak late last night on
Among Us

Among Us 2 Canceled for More Among Us

Not many games can claim to go from being forgotten to becoming a sleeper international hit to a summer sensation two years post launch, but Am
Nightvision Drive Forever release date cover

'Road-Lite' Nightvision Launches on Steam This October

If you love driving games, you'll soon have the opportunity to play something pretty interesting on your PC: the Nightvision: Drive Forever