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Destiny 2 Transmog system cover

The Destiny 2 Transmog System is a Grindy Mess

Bungie has revealed details on how the upcoming Destiny 2 transmog system will work and it unfortunately has some limitations for earning costume changes.
Final Free Civilization 6 Update cover

Final Free Civilization 6 Update of the Season is Here

The final free Civilization 6 update of the season has gone live, adding three new units, four new maps, and a bunch of balance changes to the game.
Xbox FPS Boost cover

Xbox FPS Boost Makes Old Games Look and Play Better

Xbox FPS Boost is here for the Xbox Series X|S, upping the framerate on select older games as high as 120 Hz in exchange for lower resolution in some cases.
untitled goose game vinyl

Game Grooves: Exploring the Untitled Goose Game Vinyl

In Game Grooves, we explore physical gaming soundtracks to tell you what makes them special. Today, we look at the Untitled Goose Game Vinyl.
Godspeed Full Game Board

Godspeed Board Game Review

The Space Race is on in this sprawling worker placement game set among the stars.
An old man wreaking havoc in Just Die Already

Old People Mayhem Sandbox Just Die Already Release Date Announced

The Old age pensioner mayhem sandbox Just Die Already release date was announced. It's the latest game from the guy who designed Goat Simulator.
Monster Harvest

Monster Harvest Release Date Delayed For More Features

The harvest has been delayed as the Monster Harves release date delay allows for the developers to include more content in the farming ARPG at launch

Scavengers Early Access Date is Next Week

Scavengers, the free-to-play strategic squad shooter has announced that the Savengers Early Access will begin next week for players to fight for dominance
The logo for the Olympic Virtual Series

Olympics Sponsor Virtual Sports with Olympic Virtual Series

The Olympics is making the move into virtual sports by partnering with sports federations and game publishers to make the Olympic Virtual Series.
Close-up of character Mafuyu from Judgment

Judgment: The Next-Gen Difference

Judgment on next-gen consoles is a surprisingly high quality remaster that fixes every technical grievance from the PS4 version. The hardware is no longer constraining the game's vision, making it far more enjoyable.
A house, a tree, and a pig in Minecraft: Java Edition

New Minecraft Java Edition Snapshot Adds Dripstone Growth And More

Mojang has released a new Snapshot update for Minecraft: Java Edition, bringing changes to dripstone and the Caves and Cliffs preview datapack.
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion Review

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is certainly not bad and has some genuine charm but the incessant need to add jokes to everything leaves the experience feeling a little taxing.
Make way for development!

Buildings Have Feelings Too! Review

As you look across cityscapes, do you ever wonder what each structure is thinking about? Wonder no more with this puzzling-management game, Buildings Have Feelings Too!
Play NYC 2021 returns cover

Play NYC 2021 Returns as Physical Event This Summer

Play NYC 2021 will be returning to New York City as a physical show with a number of health safety measures in place to protect attendees.
Artwork from the Magic card called Generous Gift

Wizards of the Coast Named Extra Life Partner of 2020

Wizards of the Coast has been awarded the Extra Life Partner of the Year award by the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals for the second year in a row.
Steam Categories and Playtest Feature cover

Steam Categories and Playtest Feature Are Live

Valve has launched Steam Categories and a new Steam Playtest feature, bringing some serious improvements to the digital storefront.
Wasteland 3 Crafting Wasp gun cover

Wasteland 3 Crafting Introduces Gun That Fires Wasps

inXile has revealed more details about the Wasteland 3 crafting system including the ability to make a terrifying gun that fires wasps at enemies.
Nier Replicant Daredevil Achievement cover

Nier Replicant 'Daredevil' Achievement Sparks Controversy

Some players are upset over the new Nier Replicant Daredevil achievement which suggests that players have to get an upskirt shot of an intersex character.
Xbox Free to Play Games revealed cover

Xbox Free-to-Play Games Finally Revealed

Microsoft has released a list of more than 50 Xbox free-to-play games that you can play right now without an Xbox Live Gold membership.
Turtle Beach Stealth 700

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Review

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 gen 2 is excellent at a reasonable price and has since become my go-to headset. I’d advise picking this up whenever you can and maybe just testing it first. 
Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise Release Date and Next Gen Versions Announced

The Tales of Arise release date has been announced along with next-gen versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S
memories of east coast cover

Memories Of East Coast Review

Memories Of East Coast is an aesthetically pleasing visual novel that draws you in with stunning hand-drawn art and lo-fi beats in the background. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same masterful execution when it comes to creative writing, but if all you want to know is how the story plays out, then game can be a non-demanding way to pass the time.
The main logo for Shadow Man Remastered, which depicts a hand grasping a skull

Shadow Man Remastered Review

We take a look at Shadow Man Remastered, Nightdive's revival of the classic 90s action-adventure game. Has its resurrection been blessed by the loa?
A PlayStation Plus logo set against official PlayStation wallpaper

Sony Might Be About To Make Video Content Part Of PlayStation Plus

Sony could be about to introduce a PlayStation Plus Video Pass movie service to subscribers, if a leaked Polish listing is to be believed.

Jason Schreier Confirms KOTOR Remake is Being Done by Aspyr Media

For months now it's been rumored that Aspyr Media is working on a KOTOR Remake, and now it looks like the rumors are true.
A screen depicting the full crew in Among Us

Next Big Among Us Update To Bring 15 Player Lobbies And More

Innersloth has revealed details of what's coming in the new Among Us update, including 15-player lobbies, new player colors, and more.
Official Valheim art featuring two Viking overlooking a vista.

Modder Team is Making a Valheim MMO Server

A team of developers and engineers is looking to create a MMO-esque server for Valheim that can comfortably host 1,000 players.
Hobo Tough Life Storage

Hobo Tough Life Storage Guide

Living life as a hobo can already be quite a challenge, especially without knowing how you can store items in Hobo Tough Life.
Super Seducer NFT Nintendo Switch cover

Super Seducer NFT Debuts Limited Edition Switch ROM

Richard La Ruina has followed through on his plans to create a Super Seducer NFT, putting a total of 3 Nintendo Switch ROMs on auction for a limited time.
Earthbreakers release date delayed cover

Earthbreakers Release Date Indefinitely Delayed

The Earthbreakers release date has been indefinitely delayed as Petroglyph has picked up a new project that demands all of its resources.