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Bravely Default II

Latest Nintendo Direct Mini Reveals Bravely Default II Release Date

Nintendo has released their final Nintendo Direct Mini of the year, and as a Partner Showcase it revealed a decent amount.
A player exploring a planet in the new No Man's Sky update

No Man's Sky Warps To PS5 And Xbox Series X|S In New Update

Hello Games has announced that No Man's Sky will be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S at no additional cost to current owners.

CDPR CEO Says Cyberpunk 2077 is Ready on PC But Not Current Consoles

CD Projekt Red, the developer, and publisher for Cyberpunk 2077, held a conference call yesterday after announcing the Cyberpunk 2077<
Transient Logo

Transient Review

Transient combines the mythos of H. P. Lovecraft with a grimy cyberpunk setting to create a horror / adventure experience that is at times both frustrating and fascinating.
The Red Lantern dog deaths PETA cover

PETA Criticizes No Dog Deaths Setting in The Red Lantern

PETA has criticized The Red Lantern dog deaths setting which prevents dogs from dying in a game set in the harsh Alaskan bush, criticizing
PS5 pre-order sales cover

PS5 Pre-Order Sales Beat First 12 Weeks of PS4 Pre-Orders in 12 Hours

PS5 pre-order sales have apparently been pretty good.
Telltale's Stranger Things soundtrack cover

Telltale's Stranger Things Soundtrack Released for Free by Composer

The Telltale's Stranger Things soundtrack has been released by its composers following allegations that they was not paid for their work b
6 More Stadia Pro November 2020 Games Halloween Events cover

Stadia Pro November 2020 Games and Halloween Events Revealed

The six Stadia Pro November 2020 games have been announced, bringing some interesting new titles to Google's game streaming platform.
Hues and Cues

Hues And Cues Review

As we inch ever-closer to the holidays, there's plenty to be excited about.
cats organized neatly techraptor

Cats Organized Neatly Review

Do you like cats? Are you a fan of neatly organizing spaces and/or puzzle games? Then Cats Organized Neatly may be just the game for you!
Supraland Header

Supraland Review

Three of my favorite video games of all time are Portal 2, Metroid Prime, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Ubisoft +

Uplay+ Becomes Ubisoft+, Introduces Stadia and Amazon Luna Beta

Ubisoft has just announced their subscription service, Uplay +, has been rebranded into Ubisoft + while also launching a beta with the Google Stadi
Fifa 21

EA Sports FIFA 21 and Madden NFL 21 Next Gen Release Dates Announced

Electronic Arts has announced that December 4 will be the date that the next-generation versions of Madden NFL 21 and FIFA 21 wil
A logo combining those of Assassin's Creed and Netflix for the new live-action TV show

Assassin's Creed Netflix Series in Development

Netflix and Ubisoft are to collaborate on a live-action Assassin's Creed series.
A player fishing peacefully in Temtem

Temtem Update Adds Fishing And Lots More

A new Temtem update has dropped.
3D Challenge Tech Demo

3D Challenge, An Unreleased 3DS Tech Demo, Released Online

It is another bit of Nintendo history that has been uncovered and posted onto the internet, with Nintendo prototype 3D Challenge.
Pokemon Go Animation Week event PokeCoins test cover

Pokemon Go Animation Week Event Announced, Poke Coin Test Discontinued

The Pokemon Go Animation Week event has been announced for November 2020.
Americas Army Art

US Navy Streamer Manual Shows Plans To Evade Questions About War Crimes

The past few months have been controversial for the U.S Armed Forces.
Apex Legends vehicles Season 7 Horizon cover

Apex Legends Vehicles, New Legend to Debut in Season 7

Apex Legends vehicles will be arriving as part of the game's next season. Apex Legends Season 7 will finally let players get a li
Mobius Front '83 reveal cover

Zachtronics Reveals Turn-Based Wargame Mobius Front '83

Zachtronics has revealed Mobius Front '83, a brand-new wargame featuring tactical, turn-based battles utilizing the cutting edge military
Destruction AllStars PS5 pre-orders release date delay cover

Destruction AllStars PS5 Pre-Orders Refunded as Game is Delayed to 2021

Destruction AllStars PS5 pre-orders are being refunded for all players.
Fable 3 Cover Art

Fable 3 10th Anniversary - Why This Black Sheep Deserves A Remake

I can’t imagine that even the most ardent Fable fans among you have this date on your calendar, or want to celebrate it.
The title screen for Zelter

Survive a Korean Zombie Apocalypse in Zelter

In all honesty, crafting survival games that take place during a zombie apocalypse are a dime a dozen these days.
The main artwork for The Amazing American Circus

Challenge PT Barnum In The Amazing American Circus, Coming 2021

Klabater has announced the third game in its trilogy of historically-focused narrative adventure games. Following on from We.
among us

Is AOC's Among Us Twitch Stream the Future of Politics?

As the world's most popular game streaming platform, Twitch has certainly seen a lot of usage over the years.
World of Tanks

Silent Hill Creators Create Unique World of Tanks Halloween Event

News has announced its biggest World of Tanks Halloween event ever, starting today.
The new lineup of games coming soon to Xbox Game Pass

Spooky New Games Are Headed To Xbox Game Pass Soon

A treasure trove of new games is headed to Xbox Game Pass in the coming days and weeks.

Ghostrunner Review

From start to finish, you're in for a ride with Ghostrunner.
Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming Launches Cloud-Streamed Games

Facebook has announced that its Facebook Gaming service has launched "several cloud-streamed games in the Facebook app and on browser".

My Time at Portia Sequel My Time At Sandrock Revealed

Wholesome games are all the rage nowadays, and many find solitude in playing titles such as My Time At Portia.