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Last Update: March 1, 2022


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Nyra is one of the companions that you can recruit in ELEX 2. Although she’s a member of the Albs, Jax finds that she’s a bit more impulsive than others. Here’s our guide to help you recruit Nyra as a companion in ELEX 2.

Where to find Nyra in ELEX 2

To meet Nyra in ELEX 2, you’ll need to head to the Albs headquarters north of the Bastion. There, you’ll go a tour of the facility to meet NPCs in the Alb base. When that’s done, you can go to the eastern side of the base.

A short cutscene will suddenly play where Nyra attempts to smack Jax. But, Jax notices her, and the two will be able to talk.

Nyra Hiding IN The Shadows ELEX 2

Lowly People: Say hello to jank

Tell Nyra that you accept her apology and exhaust her dialogue options. Soon, you’ll see a reply where you can ask how you can speed up her decision. This will begin the “Lowly People” quest.

Be forewarned, however, that this will cause you to get teleported to another area where you’ll have to battle a couple of enemies. This can be fairly annoying if you’re at lower levels. Likewise, if you already have Caja as a companion <please link Caja guide here>, she’ll be removed from your party, though you’ll find her again at the Bastion.

Nyra Lowly People Quest

The “Lowly People” quest in ELEX 2 requires you to steal plans from two members of the Outlaws, an Alert Enforcer and a Runner. However, you need to kill them as well as the quest tally requires that.

If you approach them, they’d tell you to bugger off. But, if you attack, here’s where you’ll experience some jankiness. For instance, you can stay back and snipe only the Runner. This will cause this mob to aggro, but the Alert Enforcer will remain in place. This is ideal so you only need to fight one opponent at a time, but it’s very weird to see.

We opted to hang back to avoid grenade explosions, all while Nyra dealt damage. Unfortunately, she also loves to fly back to you and her scripting makes her wonky.

Recruiting Nyra in ELEX 2

Still, if you only aggroed one enemy, Nyra can take him out in no time. For the other target, you’ll just follow the same steps, though it might take a while due to the higher level. If Nyra gets incapacitated, don’t worry since she can get back up shortly.

With both targets dropped you can pick up the Outlaws’ plans from the crate. You’ll then be able give it to Nyra, making her a companion in ELEX 2.

Nyra Conversation Choice
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