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Last Update: March 5, 2022


 Elex 2

The long-awaited sequel to a minor cult classic, Elex 2 is finally here. That comes with a huge violent world, lots of quests, and plenty of jank. If you're looking to get the best start and to learn some tips to carry you through your playthrough, this Elex 2 Guide for Beginners should help you. 

Elex 2 Guide for Beginners - Manually choose your quests

Although this point may seem obvious, modern quests have really spoiled us, automatically assigning related quests and sending us on our way. Elex 2 does not do this. You often have to go into your Log manually to assign a new quest. Even quests that lead from your current one may need assigning. 


Elex 2 Guide

If you ever feel like you're left waiting for the next part of your story, try out the log. 

Elex 2 Guide for Beginners - Autoloot

Although I don't know if this is an intentional design choice, there's an auto-loot of sorts operating in Elex 2. If you hold the loot button where there are plenty of items, you will loot everything in your area. 


Just hold down and let Jax mop up all those goodies. In this same vein, pick up absolutely everything you can. Even if you don't see a use for it, items stack and you can sell them off to get a nice supply of wealth. You will need that money to train your skills so start saving early. 

Quick Tip: Your bag space is unlimited, so grab everything in sight.

Elex 2 Guide for Beginners - How leveling works

Trainers aren't the only way of upgrading your skills and, as you start to earn exp, you may wonder how the leveling system works. Your defined Attributes are: 


  • Strength 
  • Constitution
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence
  • Cunning

They affect what you may expect but the best way of planning out your build is by looking at two central things - The level of your gear and abilities and the bonuses. Every levels gained on one of your attributes gives you a bonus to your stats. If you can, try and invest in groups of five, working up to the levels required for abilities in the long run. 

Check out our ELEX 2 Attribute Guide for more details!


Elex 2 Guide

Some trainers can make ability growth more efficient, these are best invested in early on for the best outcome. 

Elex 2 Guide for Beginners - Don't skip areas with your jetpack

Although it is very tempting, the game makes you do quests for a reason. Quests about getting permission to get through certain areas can be circumnavigated with the clever use of a jetpack but you shouldn't do this yet. You can mess up the current quest or even get stuck in areas you can't escape from. 

Not only this but some quests give you important items and bits of story you don't want to miss. Don't cheese the story and you won't get stuck too often. 

Essentially, play the game how it wants you to. 


Elex 2 Guide for Beginners - If you can't figure it out, leave it for later

This is perhaps the single biggest headache early game. Some quests point you to areas or hint that you can solve them but you can't just yet. If you have searched around an area, talked to the NPCs, and just can't seem to progress forward just yet - you likely aren't supposed to. Try out some of your other quests and come back to this later. 

Elex 2 Guide

It isn't always clear what you are supposed to do but it will become clear when you are supposed to come back. Take the game slowly, chipping away at all those quests. Luckily, there is generally always something to do so you won't often get left without something to search for. 

Elex 2 Guide for Beginners - Don't explore too much early on

A handful of early quests send you far across the land to places you are ill-equipped for. If the enemies of an area are posing a huge threat, you are often better off leaving it for now and exploring when you're a little stronger. If you have already started exploring and want to head back, look around for a teleporter and step on it to activate it. This will make coming back later a lot less tedious. 

This being said, looting higher-level places can get you some good gear to sell and aspire to use. If you haven't spotted many enemies, there's no harm in grabbing some goodies before you go. 

Elex 2 Guide for Beginners - Rely on companions

In Elex 2, your companions are a great buff to your moment-to-moment gameplay, they are sturdy, pack a punch and can aggro tedious enemies away - giving you time to hide or heal. When they get knocked down, they will automatically revive after a short time or after you leave the area. This means they are good for chipping away at a strong enemy's health and an even better scapegoat to make way for your exit. 

Elex 2 Guide

To exit a battle, you have to put space in between you and your enemy so this is a great way of doing so. You can only have one companion at a time (outside of quest-specific companions) so make sure to really test them out before committing to a playstyle. Some will compliment your build - others are just great all-rounders.

Elex 2 Guide for Beginners - The jetpack is great in battle

Finally, for the true cowards, Elex 2's jetpack is a great way of getting height on an enemy, allowing you to hit them from a distance or to give you a breather to heal. If you loot every enemy and container, you should be left with a multitude of healing options - making this the perfect retreat. 



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