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Last Update: March 1, 2022


Elex 2 Caja Quest

Caja is one of the companions available in ELEX 2. As a character who’s returning from the first game, you might want her back on your side once more. Here’s our guide to help you recruit Caja as a companion in ELEX 2.

Where to find Caja in ELEX 2

Meeting Caja in ELEX 2 is fairly straightforward. After the short prologue, just continue onwards heading to the north until you see the Berserker camp. Once you get close to the tower, a cinematic will play and you’ll be right in front of her.


Jax and Caja were lovers once upon a time (akin to a canon romance from the first game). As such, she’ll tell you where to find Dex, the couple’s son.

ELEX 2 Outpost Caja

Only a Dead Morkon: Eliminating Dragan and his goons

Likewise, if you ask Caja if she needs help, she’ll tell you about Dragan and his cohorts. This will give you a quest called “Only a Dead Morkon.”

Your goal now is to head east to find Dragan’s camp. They won’t be hostile automatically, and you could even approach them to speak. However, they won’t just hand over their goods. If you talk to them again, they’ll immediately attack.

At lower levels, you’ll probably have a hard time. But, if you brought a bow, you can snipe the gas tanks and explosive barrels near their huts. The explosion will kill all or most of them, including Dragan. If someone is still alive, you can just kite them while backing away.

Also, you can pick up a Retrorocket inside Dragan’s hut. It’ll save you in case you run out of fuel while gliding with your Jetpack.

Dragan Overlook ELEX 2
Be ready for a tough fight.

Getting Caja to join you in ELEX 2

With your task completed, return to the Berserker camp and tell Caja that she no longer needs to worry about Morkon attacks. Follow this up by replying with:


  • “Wow, so that’s how bad things have gotten between us.”
  • “I’d like you by my side.”
Caja Recruit Choice

Caja will now join you as a companion in ELEX 2. Ideally, you’ll want to bring her with you if you’re venturing forth to join factions, such as the Clerics or Albs, because of the distance that you need to cover. She’s got some nifty abilities, including fireball spamming to keep foes at bay.



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