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ELEX 2 Abilities Screen

ELEX 2 can be a difficult game, especially early on due to your strength versus that of the enemies you're encountering. Masttering your Attributes, as well as your Skills, is an important way for you to level the playing field and make Jax more powerful. Here's our ELEX 2 Skill Points guide!

What are ELEX 2 Skill Points?

While ELEX 2 Attribute points are used towards improving your strength, or other traits that directly relate to what you can equip as well as how much health or stamina you have - Skill Points are used at Skill Trainers to improve your skills for:


  • Personality
    • Bonus Attribute Points
    • Experience gain (i.e. more exp from kills or missions)
    • Haggling  & Lowered Ability Requirements
    • Conversation Bonuses
  • Crafting
    • Lockpicking & Hacking
    • Crafting & Socketing
    • Gathering Skills
  • Survival
    • Health, Armor, and Stamina
    • Better Damage Solo
    • Foot and Potion Bonuses
  • Combat
    • Lowered Requirements for Ranged and Melee
    • Melee and Ranged Damage Improvements

Best ELEX 2 Abilities To Get Early

With a lot to choose from, and the game being long - picking up the right skills early can not only equip you faster but also speed up leveling in general. Here's what we recommend early on to maximize your growth. The first two are essential, especially if you want to equip some unique weapons you can find, early on.

  • Melee Weapon Specialist (25 Strength, 15 Dexterity)
    • Reduces Attribute requirements for melee weapons by 10%
  • Ranged Weapon Specialist (25 Dexterity, 15 Strength)
    • Reduces Attribute requirements for ranged weapons by 10%
  • Lockpicking (15 Dexterity, 15 Intelligence)
    • Items found in chests are valuable, can offer more Elexit to improve your gear and purchase additional items.
  • Hacking (15 Intelligence, 15 Cunning)
    • Items found in safes are valuable, can offer more Elexit to improve your gear and purchase additional items.
  • Mining (30 Strength, 20 Constitution)
    • Helps you stockpile resources like Elex faster, which you can use to craft lots of AP potions in the endgame. You can find a jackhammer near the mines during one of Scrappy's missions.
  • Good Eater (30 Constitution)
    • Stronger food = less use of food
Get Extra Attributes ELEX 2

Best ELEX 2 Abilities To Max Your Character

There are a number of ways you can go about leveling Jax and enhancing his attributes. With that said, there are a few choice Abilities you should pick up to speed up leveling and gain extra Attribute Points as early as possible.

  • Attribute - 50 Intelligence Required + Attribute Points 1/5
    • For every level you gain, you'll get 11 Attribute Points instead of 10.
  • Stronger Potions - 30 Constitution
    • You gain 25% extra to every potion - making you need less of them.
  • Animal Trophies - 15 Intelligence, 15 Dexterity
    • You'll get better drops from animals, helping you earn more elexit.
  • Powder Master and/or Projectile Master - 25 Dexterity, 15 Intelligence + Ranged Weapons 3/5
    • Increases your damage with these weapons by 20 points, which is a solid chunk.
  • Experienced Hunter - 50 Intelligence, 30 Cunning
    • Bonus XP for defeating enemies
  • Bookworm - 50 Intelligence, 30 Cunning
    • Bonus XP for reading/finding documents and books.
  • Practitioner - 50 Intelligence, 30 Cunning
    • Bonus XP for Missions

Combat / Survival is really up to your playstyle, but the Abilities above should help you level faster as well as earn more money to snag better gear and purchase ingredients to create more Attribute-enhancing potions at the end of the game.

Best Places to Find ELEX 2 Teachers

Once you have the right attributes, as well as Skill Points to use, you'll want to talk to a trainer to learn the new skills you need! Here's the list of Teachers, sorted by what they can teach:

  • Combat:
    • Melee Combat Teachers: Batulga, Combat Instructor, Doorman, Ejnar, Thialg
    • Ranged Combat Teachers: Astrid, Combat Instructor, Rolf
    • Heavy Weapons Teachers: Combat Instructor, Doorman, Ejnar, Thialg
  • Survival:
    • Protection Teachers: Combat Instructor, Gosta, Halla, Lasse
    • Survival Teachers: Astrid, Ejnar, Rolf, Vlad
    • Metabolism Teachers: Tilas
    • Health Teachers: Ejnar, Gosta, Thialg, Tilas
    • Stamina Teachers: Batulga, Combat Instructor, Ejnar, Lasse, Thialg
  • Crafting:
    • Locks Teachers: Gardok, Tjark
    • Thievery Teachers: Tjark
    • Chemistry Teachers: Mick, Tilas
    • Hacking Teachers: Hector, Tjark
    • Mining Teachers: Gardok, Scrappy
    • Gunsmithing Teachers: Combat Instructor, Lasse, Scrappy, Smith
    • Trophies Teachers: Astrid, Rolf, Vlad
  • Personality:
    • Attributes Teachers: Alzea, Eva, Gosta, Halvar
    • Learning Teachers: Alzea, Eva, Halvar
    • Social Teachers: Chloe, Eva, Mick
    • Empathy Teachers: Tjark
  • Faction-Specific:
    • Found once you join a faction.

Elex 2 Teacher Locations

Here's where you can find each ELEX 2 Teacher:

  • Alzea - Found on the Northeast side of the Alb Depot. If you get a "tour" you'll meet her.
  • Astrid - Found Northwest of the Berserker Fort, in a cluster of huts.
  • Batulga - You'll find him guarding the stairs of The Cellar in the Morkon Stronghold, head down those stairs to get to Gosta and Vlad, too.
  • Chloe - Found inside the bar on the southwest side of the Berserker Fort.
  • Combat Instructor - In the middle of the Alb Depot you'll find him training Albs.
  • Doorman - Found just inside Chloe's bar on the southwest side of the Berserker Fort.
  • Ejnar - Found just inside to the left in the Cleric Castle, but ONLY if you let him live. During the mission "Rat's Paranoia" in The Berserker Fort, you'll "Expose" Ejnar as a fake Berserker. Rat will ask you afterwards to kill him, instead you can tell him to go to the Clerics and he'll become a trainer.
  • Eva - You'll find Eva in the large building on the West side of the Cleric's Castle. She'll be on the first floor surrounded by books.
  • Gardok - Gardok is the builder you'll talk into helping fix up the Bastion, so you'll find him wandering there after he's "joined up."
  • Gosta - You'll find him behind the Bar of the Cellar in the Morkon Stronghold.
  • Halla - Berserker Faction Trainer, Found right outside the Guards' Barracks.
  • Halvar - Halvar is found in the Upper District of the Berserker Fort - He's usually outside sweeping on the west side.
  • Hector - You'll find him on the west side of the central Outlaw Crater area, he's on the upper tier.
  • Lasse - You'll find him on the northeast corner of the Berserker Fort.
  • Mick - You'll find Mick directly northeast of Hector, on the middle northeastern side of the Outlaw Crater. He runs a bar.
  • Rolf - Down the hill near the houses on the northeast side of the Bastion.
  • Smith - You'll find him in, well, the Smithy of the Bastion.
  • Thialg - Found at the World Heart you started at, until you bring him to the Bastion, after which you can find him there.
  • Tilas - Found in the Berserker Fort, Inside the main Entrance and up the ramp to the left. You'll find Hank there early on, and later help his assistant create an antidote.
  • Tjark - If you choose the Berserkers over the Claws in, "Baxter's Propaganda" or later on in "On The Road To Becoming a Paladin" you will lose access to Tjark. You'll find him in the hollowed out part of the fort underneath the dome on the west side. You must choose the Claws in Baxter's Propaganda to unlock this area.
  • Vlad - You'll find Vlad in the Corner of The Cellar in the Morkon Stronghold, opposite Gosta.
ELEX 2 Faction Abilities

ELEX 2 Faction Abilities

Each faction, should you join them - has its own set of Abilities that you can use your skill points on. Here's a quick breakdown:


Berserker Abilities - Berserker abilities are damage-dealing through the use of magic. If you've used Caja as a companion, then you've seen the fireballs and other spells that come with joining this faction. Intelligence and Constitution are the Attribute Point Requirements.

Alb Abilities - If you join the Albs, then you'll gain a few damage-dealing abilities - but some others that are helpful with character development - especially "Heal" and "Harvest Elex" which allows you to extract Elex from enemies. Intelligence and Constitution are the Attribute Point Requirements.


Morkon Abilities - Morkon abilities are focused on rituals that enhance your ability to take and deal damage through the acceptance of pain. Cunning and Constitution are the Attribute Point Requirements.

Outlaw Abilities - Outlaws don't give much in the way of abilities, instead granting you access to 5 different chem recipes that enhance your character for periods of time. Dexterity and Cunning are the Attribute Point Requirements.

Cleric Abilities - If you join the Clerics, they'll give you two different abilities. One will save you if you die, and the other grants additional resistance to reality damage. Dexterity and Intelligence are the Attribute Point Requirements.

Large ELEX Drink Recipe

How to get more Skill Points in ELEX 2

There are two main ways to get more Skill Points in ELEX 2:

  • Gaining a level grants you 1 Skill Point
  • Drinking Large ELEX Potions grants you 1 Skill Point
    • Requires Chemistry 3 + 20 ELEX and 1 Moonshine to craft
    • You can also find them scattered throughout the world.

There you have it, everything you need to know about Skill Points in ELEX 2! Check out more guides below!




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