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Alb Base ELEX 2

The Albs are one of the factions that you can join in ELEX 2. Controlling their emotions and empowering themselves through the consumption of Elex, this group feels extreme animosity towards Jax due to his actions in the first game. Nevertheless, you should be able to become part of their ranks this time around. Here’s how to join the Albs faction in ELEX 2.

Where to find the Albs faction in ELEX 2

You’ll get an idea of the factions that you can join in the campaign once you’ve met Adam in the Bastion. He’ll give you a quest called “Tough Negotiations,” and keeping it tracked shows several markers on the world map.


To find the Albs faction in ELEX 2, you’ll need to head north from the Bastion. You might want to bring Caja as a companion. There are several enemies roaming these lands, and Caja can handle their aggro as you make a break for it. Likewise, we advise you to follow the main roads, as trying to go through the snow-capped mountains will severely deplete your health.

Alb Location ELEX 2

Entering the headquarters of the Albs

Eventually, you’ll reach an abandoned town. Beyond that is a massive facility. As you approach the sloping path, a soldier named Radyk will accost you.

Because of Jax’s defeat of the Hybrid in the first game, the dialogue of Albs NPCs will reflect their mistrust of your character. Still, if you play it cool, you’ll get to join the Albs faction in ELEX 2 soon enough.


Introduce yourself to Radyk and follow him on a tour of the facility. In a short while, you’ll be in a hall where Elexetor Azok is waiting. Tell him that you wish to join. Azok will agree, as it’s seen as a means of rectifying your “mistakes.”

Azok Alb Base

You’ll want to head outside to the yard, tagging the teleporter in the process. You should then go to the towering building where you’ll meet Irissa. Respond nicely and say that Elexetor Azok sent you. She’ll then provide an additional quest to complete.

Likewise, be reminded that joining the Albs in ELEX 2 and doing a few quests for them is actually a requirement if you want to join their rivals, the Clerics.


In any case, before you set forth, we suggest going to the eastern section of the base. There, a short cutscene will play and you’ll be introduced to Nyra. You can then complete her task to recruit Nyra as a companion.

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