ELEX 2 Albs mission guide - How to complete An Alb Agent

Last Update: March 2, 2022


ELEX 2 Alb Agent Mission

How to start An Alb Agent in ELEX 2

You’ll receive An Alb Agent in ELEX 2 after escorting Skibor to the Depot. With the initial phase of the investigation conducted, tell Commander Irissa that you’d like to know where you have to go next.

You’ll then need to investigate Skibor’s quarters located one floor above Irissa’s chamber. Inside, you’ll find another Alb named Zarik. Check the room to pick up Skibor’s Audio Log to hear him recite numbers. Tell Zarik about this, and use the code “2-3-1-4” on the safe.


Skibor's Quarters

You’ll find a Cleric uniform inside. You have the option to give it to Zarik and, upon reporting back to Irissa, he’ll set you up. Thankfully, Irissa will still take your side. She’ll ask you to find out if the Clerics are behind the explosion, but you and Zarik will have to join forces.

Next, talk to Azok and ask where Zarik is. You should find him in the vendors’ area to the east. He won’t tell you why he tried to set you up unless you’ve got 20 Cunning. Still, when you tell him about Irissa’s orders, he’ll have no choice but to comply.

Journeying with Zarik

An Alb Agent in ELEX 2 becomes an escort mission once more. Continue following Zarik through the mountain passes. He’s got powerful melee strikes in case opponents go near. Unfortunately, his script will sometimes act wonky (i.e., he’ll just stand there and wait to get hit instead of wailing away at foes).


In one particular instance, your group will get ambushed by Skyand Deviants, though you can hang back and let Zarik take care of things. He’ll get incapacitated, only to get back up and tank the hits.

Skyands Zarik

Eventually, you’ll reach a tunnel where a woman named Veronica tells you to follow her. You’ll have to speak to Buzz, the leader of the “merchants.” Well, it turns out that these fellas aren’t merchants. They’re actually bandits.

You can try to intimidate Buzz if you have 30 Strength or you can attempt to fight him (which would be brutal due to so many hostiles). Still, it’s possible to ask if he wants something else in return. Buzz will tell you to get Zarik’s armor, which the Alb soldier would decline. However, Zarik provides 1,000 shards so you can bribe the bandits and be on your way.  As an additional note: You'll need to wipe out the bandits if you're going to work with the Clerics.


Meeting the Clerics

Soon, you’ll find yourself in the Castle stronghold of the Clerics. This stage of An Alb Agent in ELEX 2 requires you to speak with Hagen, followed by the engineer, Keno.

You may also ask Keno if he needs help with his mech, which will malfunction and turn hostile. Since everyone in the vicinity will attack it, you’ll get some easy XP. After that, you can open Keno’s Chest in a section up the steps at the back. This nets you the Production Log quest item.


Elex 2 Buzz Choice

Return to Hagen who’ll ask you if you also took the 1,000 shards in Keno’s Chest. Don’t bother lying to him. If you tell him about what happened to the scout patrol that you encountered earlier, Hagen will just confiscated the 1,000 shards that you obtained.

Hagen Chest Choice

Looking for Viper among the Outcasts

Report back to Zarik and say that the Clerics had nothing to do with the bomb. With that, your next lead takes you back to the Crater where you first met Skibor.

Once you arrive, Zarik says that you’re looking for someone named Viper. You’ll notice several yellow circles in the zone. When you go to these areas, they’ll turn into little pips for specific NPCs. The goal here is to ask those specific NPCs for Viper’s whereabouts. You’ll specifically want to talk to the tavernkeeper, Mick, who’s found in the northeastern section of this zone.

Viper Location ELEX 2

Mick will say that he doesn’t know where Viper is. However, as you approach another key NPC, Mick’s child will give you a clue. Haggle so you only need to pay 10 shards, and the kid will admit that Mick does know of Viper’s whereabouts.

Speak to Mick again and he’ll arrange a meeting. You do need to rest until the next day in-game to progress this, which you can do directly upstairs. When you’re ready, follow Mick as he escorts you to Viper’s hideout.


Kid Conversation about Viper elex 2

There’s a bit of banter with Viper, but he does ask you if you want to work for him. This is useless, especially if you’ve been following the quest chain. All it does is lower your companion relationships, and Viper will still turn hostile.

In any case, you should kill him and watch as Zarik appears (he’s already taken care of the bodyguards).

Viper Fight ELEX 2

Follow Zarik to the outskirts and try to pick the friendly replies. He’ll say that he was wrong about his beliefs, and that he wishes to go on exile.

Finally, fast travel back to the Depot and talk to Commander Irissa. Acting on Zarik’s information, have her admit that she’s been hoarding more Elex. She opens up, saying that the substance makes her forget all the executions that she’s ordered.

Irissa Choice ELEX 2

You can decide what you want her fate to be, netting you the Irissa's Fate achievement in turn. We suggest telling her to join the Clerics so she doesn’t meet an untimely end due to Azok.

When all is said and done, you can go back to Azok and finalize your report. Say that Zarik died and conclude the investigation. This will complete An Alb Agent in ELEX 2. Even better, it finally lets you officially join the faction as a Scout. Next up, let’s talk a look at the things you can do to become an Alb Trooper. Later, if you wish, you can even betray the Albs to be a Regent for the Clerics.

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