ELEX 2 Clerics faction guide - How to become a Regent for the Clerics

Last Update: March 2, 2022


Join Clerics Regent

As we mentioned in our original Clerics faction guide, the process to join the faction is a lot more involved and convoluted. Basically, it requires you to complete a quest chain that lets you become a Scout for the Albs. Then, you have to complete another quest chain that unlocks the Trooper rank. To top it all off, you need to hit level 20 to be promoted. Now you can move on, and we'll show you how to hit the top of the Clerics, in our ELEX 2 Regent Guide.

But, it doesn’t stop there. At first glance, you might think that it’s as simple as becoming an Albs Trooper then reporting back to Hagen. No, not at all. Instead, you have to talk to Azok of the Albs to ask about your next mission after becoming a Trooper.


Jax as alb

This requires you to head to a marked location, a factory teeming with Skywand monsters. At the canals, you’ll find a group of Outcasts. There’s a good chance that you’ll end up fighting with them, but you can pick up Hagen’s Orders from their leader.

Now, rather than going back to Azok, you can meet Hagen in the Clerics’ Castle instead. Show him the document, and he’ll tell you that the Clerics are actually recruiting more Albs into their ranks. He even offers the Clerics Regent rank in ELEX 2 if you prove your worth.

Once you go outside the courtyard, you’ll meet the new recruits led by Viola. If you want to continue as a member of the Albs, then you have to take them to the Depot. But, if you want to side with the Clerics, you have to accept Viola’s reasoning. Don’t take her squad back to the Depot so you can continue the Clerics’ branch of this quest.


Choose Clerics ELEX 2

Next, speak with Hagen once more:

  • “I’m committed to the Directive of the Albs” and/or “I can’t do it” - you’ll side with the Albs.
  • “What do you need from me” - Hagen provides your next mission.
ELEX 2 Hagen

If you agree with Hagen’s plan, you have three in-game days to complete this task: you’ll need to head to a location south of the Depot (just keep the quest tracked to see the marker) to meet another squad of Albs.
The scouts are led by Shira, and you have two options:

  • Accept Clerics
  • Reject Clerics
Choose Clerics Shira ELEX 2

Choose to accept the Clerics, leading to a skill check. If you don’t have 60 Intelligence, then you need to eliminate Shira. With the deed done, report back to Hagen in the Castle. He’ll be happy with your actions. Once you reach level 30, Hagen will promote you as a Regent of the Clerics in ELEX 2.


ELEX 2 Regent Choice



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