ELEX 2 Faction Guide - How to join the Clerics

Last Update: March 1, 2022


ELEX 2 Cleric Hagen

The Clerics are one of the factions that you can join in ELEX 2. Backed by unyielding fervor and powerful technology, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Here’s how to join the Clerics faction in ELEX 2.

Where to find the Clerics faction in ELEX 2

You’ll get an idea of the factions that you can join in the campaign once you’ve met Adam in the Bastion. He’ll give you a quest called “Tough Negotiations,” and keeping it tracked shows several markers on the world map.

To find the Clerics faction in ELEX 2, you’ll need to head northwest from the Bastion. Ideally, you’ll want to bring Caja along with you as a companion. Since there are several enemies along the way, she can keep them off your back while you continue running ahead.

Clerics Location ELEX 2

Alex, Hagen, and Reinhold

At the entrance to the Castle, you’ll meet a woman named Alex. She’s wearing gear that she scavenged, but she’ll be glad to offer you a tour. Follow her around the base and, if she asks whether you’re a believer or not, answer in the affirmative.

Shortly thereafter, you’ll listen to a full sermon. After that, Alex will take you to the headquarters where Commander Hagen is.

Hagen ELEX 2

Talk to Hagen and ask if you could join. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be that easy. Hagen will only accept you if you’re able to infiltrate the Albs, another faction that’s diametrically opposed to the Clerics due to their use of Elex. Hagen wants you to join the ranks of the Albs, at least until  you’ve reached Trooper rank.

REinhold Clerics

Likewise, you’ll find Reinhold here. Although he’s more receptive to your desire to join the Clerics faction in ELEX 2, he still wants you to go through Hagen. With that, your only option, for now, is to find the Albs headquarters and complete some of the faction’s quests.

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