ELEX 2 Albs mission guide - How to complete Skibor's Life Insurance Policy Mission

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Skibor In ELEX 2

Skibor’s Life Insurance Policy is an Albs mission in ELEX 2. It assumes that you were able to join the Albs faction, as the quest is provided by Commander Irissa. Here’s our guide to help you complete Skibor’s Life Insurance Policy in ELEX 2.

Where to find Skibor in ELEX 2

Skibor can be found in the Crater, the base of the Outlaws. Simply approach the area and ignore most of the NPCs. Soon, you’ll encounter him near the merchants’ square.

From there, Skibor will ask you to accompany him back to the Albs’ Depot. Mind you, this is going to be a janky trek.

Skibor Location

A janky trek

Skibor will talk to you periodically about his beliefs, but you’ll also end up getting attacked by wild beasts. Oftentimes, this will result in cutting the conversation short, causing Skibor’s dialogue to start anew.

If you have a companion such as Caja or Nyra, then they can distract your foes. Likewise, Skibor is armed with a plasma cannon, though this can be a little iffy. Sometimes, he’d blast targets immediately. But, there are also instances when he’d be idle or he’d use a sword instead.

Skibor Battle Mission

Eventually, you’d get accosted by a man named Howler. You can either give him 200 Shards or intimidate him if you have 40 Strength. Otherwise, you’d have to fight.

Past this point, Skibor would ask if he could rest, and he’d tell you to return to the sloping path where you met Howler to see if there’s anyone following you. After scouting, go back to him and resume your journey.

The Albs Depot

Finally, you’ll arrive at the Albs Depot. Skibor will head to Commander Irissa on his own, so just make your way there as well. This will complete the Skibor’s Life Insurance Policy mission in ELEX 2.

However, you’re not done yet. Irissa will tell Skibor to leave, but that’s soon followed by an explosion.

Follow Irissa to see a silo blown sky high. If you investigate the human remains, you’ll realize that a bomb exploded here. Talk to the guard as well to proceed.

Alb Bomb

Lastly, go back to Irissa and ask where to go from there. This will continue a quest chain called An Alb Agent. This allows your character to officially join the ranks of the Albs and, further onward, as a Regent of the Clerics if you wish.

Irissa Elex 2

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