Elex 2 The Weapon of An Artist Mission Guide

Last Update: March 1, 2022


Lasse Blacksmithing

Whether you run into Lasse during Thorhild's Cultivators or talk to him to improve your smithing or buy weapons - he's got a unique quest that can net you a fantastic weapon. But there's a catch, if you want to complete The Weapon of An Artist Mission - you'll have to kill a few critters and then wait for him to craft it.

The creatures you need to kill are around the outside of the Fort, and while the Pricklebacks and Critters are easy - you're going to have a tough fight with the wetlurkers if you don't have solid equipment.


  • Quick Tip: A shotgun does a nice chunk of damage while keeping you out of range.

Once you've cleaned up the monsters, and collected the items for Lasse, head back and he'll share his excitement to craft something unique with you - but you'll have to wait a week to get it.

What Weapon Do you Get from Lasse?

Either sleep for a week, or do missions until Lasse is ready, and head back to him for your reward. Your reward is a superb one-handed sword, called "The Butter Knife" - one of 20 Unique ELEX 2 weapons you can find!

Butter Knife Stats
Pretty solid!

Once you've left, if you come back later Lasse will ask you how the weapon is, too!



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