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Felix Elex 2

There's no shortage of characters to meet throughout the world of Magalan, and some of them will do their best to take advantage of you. Felix, who can be found near the Morkon stronghold is one that tries, but with the answers below you can net yourself a cool Elexit. Here's our guide to the Elex 2 Con Job Mission.

When he asks - tell Felix you're in, and to really earn some solid money on the Con Job Mission, bet 1,000 Elexit every time.


Elex 2 Con Job Location
Easy to answer if you played the first game!

Question 1: During the war with the Albs, who was the highest-ranking Warlord in Edan, known as 'the Pilgrim'?
Answer: Warlord Thorald

Question 2: Which community was in power in the Domed City of Abessa just before the end of the war with the Albs?
Answer: The Clerics

Question 3: What is the name of the first Elexetor that occupied the throne of the Ice Palace during the war with the Albs?
Answer: Tarek


At the end of the 3 questions, you'll be faced with a choice.

  • Low Destruction - If your level is low enough, you can choose the peaceful path and you'll keep your 3,000 Elexit and Felix will walk away.
  • High Destruction - If you want to fight, or your Destruction Level is high - you can fight him, and get some extra Elexit by cleaning out his pockets further.

All in all, it's an easy little side mission that can net you some really solid Elexit (+3,000) to use towards your crafting, upgrades, or just buying more food. If you played the first game, you should have known all the answers that he threw at you! If you want to make even more easy money, check out our The Capital Temple guide, too!

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