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Group of ELEX 2 Unique Weapons

ELEX 2 builds upon what the original game started, offering improvements on how players can build their characters, as well as collect and upgrade gear in a few new ways. Players can pick up weapons that enemies drop, and upgrade them at the smithy to get improved versions of them. That is a great way to increase your damage-dealing ability, but the numerous unique weapons you can find are important if you want to really maximize damage. Here are all of the ELEX 2 Unique Weapon locations we've found, both with a map and individual locations!

We also have an ELEX 2 Map Piece Location Guide and Map, if you're seeking those out too!

There are 29 Legendary Weapons in ELEX 2:

  • 7 One-handed Unique Weapons
  • 2 Unique Shields
  • 4 Two-handed Unique Weapons
  • 9 Ranged Unique Weapons
  • 7 Heavy Unique Weapons

ELEX 2 Unique Weapons - Full Map


ELEX 2 Unique Weapons Locations - 1 Handed

Thumper ELEX 2 Weapon

#1 - Thumper (Mace)

This is likely the first one you'll come across, as you walk up to the Bastion for the first time.

Troll Reaper ELEX 2 Weapon

#2 - Troll Reaper (Axe)

Probably the second best 1-handed weapon in the game (Cutter below is #1), still incredibly solid at end-game. This one is atop the lighthouse, which can be reached even with a basic jetpack.

Hero's Call  ELEX 2 Weapon

#3 - Hero's Call (Axe)

Found in some abandoned ruins on the far west side of the map. You'll have to go here during one of Crony U4's missions.

The Razor ELEX 2 Weapon

#4 - The Razor (Sword)

Found north of Thompsontown, behind the counter of a car repair shop.

Butter Knife ELEX 2 Weapon

#5 - Butter Knife (Sword)

Solid sword during early and mid-game. You'll be able to have this crafted by Lasse in the Berserker Fort in "The Weapon of An Artist" Mission

Grinder ELEX 2

#6 - Grinder (Mace)

Found Northwest of the Crater Cliff teleporter, you'll find this on the ground surrounded by enemies you'll want to take down first.

Cutter ELEX 2

#7 - The Cutter (Sword)

Arguably the best 1-handed weapon in ELEX 2 - you'll find The Cutter inside the Epsilara Former. You'll have to head all the way inside, into the room with the column of light. It's at the top of the winding staircase, guarded by numerous Skyands.

ELEX 2 Unique Shields

Steel Net ELEX 2 Shield

#8 - Steel Net

This 100% Damage Reduction shield can be found in the ruins of Thompsontown, indoors leaning up against a couch.

Guardian ELEX 2 Shield

#9 - Guardian

Found inside the "Betara" Former a little southwest of the Alb Depot. This is just inside the door of where the computer console to shut down Betara is.

ELEX 2 Unique Weapons - 2-Handed

The Executioner ELEX 2 Weapon

#10 - The Executioner (Axe)

You'll find this down on the ice, east of the Ignadon Old Converter, after you take down an Ice Troll you can snag this.

Basher ELEX 2 Weapon

#11 - Basher (Mace)

Just outside Mararcor, you'll find this along the road near some boxes.

Hacker ELEX 2

#12 - Hacker (Axe)

You'll find this in a scrapyard on the furthest west edge of the map, leaning up against a locker.

Steam Hammer ELEX 2

#13 - Steam Hammer (Mace)

You'll find this just outside Betara's Teleporter, atop of a column of rock surrounded by Lava. Best two-handed weapon in ELEX 2.

ELEX 2 Unique Weapons - Ranged

Fang Crossbow ELEX 2

#14 - Fang (Crossbow)

Like Thumper, you can get this one early on for some solid damage output. At the front of the fort, right across from the teleporter - you'll find it up in the guard tower that looks north.

Bringer of Blessings ELEX 2 Weapon

#15 - Bringer of Blessings (Energy Weapon)

You'll find this inside a well-camouflaged hut to the southwest of Thompsontown. If you help Ivan in The Berserker fort, you'll run right past this.

Calaans Light ELEX 2 Weapon

#16 - Calaan's Light (Energy Weapon)

You'll find this atop the old Converter to the northwest of the Berserker Fort.

Seeker Bow ELEX 2 Weapon

#17 - Seeker (Bow)

You'll find this at the top of the tower in the Upper District of the fort. You can jump up in 2 full jetpack boosts early on if you jump up to the right of the opening that takes you to Rat.

Phantom Caller ELEX 2 Weapon

#18 - Phantom Caller (Bow)

Much like #7 - you'll find this to the south of the Alb Depot, and you can snag it after taking down another Ice Troll.

Door Opener ELEX 2 Weapon

#19 - Door Opener (Grenade Launcher)

You'll find this southwest of the Alb Depot, at the top of the steps outside a massive door.

The Wrathful ELEX 2 Weapon

#20 - The Wrathful (Grenade Launcher)

Inside Mararcor on the southeast side, behind the pulpit of a crumbling church.

Master Blaster ELEX 2

#21 - The Master Blaster

Found in a small ruin just outside of the Bastion.

ELEX 2 Thunderclap

#22 - Thunderclap (Shotgun)

Easily the best Shotgun in ELEX 2, you'll find this atop another skyscraper. You'll need your Jetpack maxed 100% for this one, and it is tough to get to.

ELEX 2 Unique Weapons - Heavy Weapons

Boom Boom Bye Bye ELEX 2 Weapon

#23 - Boom Boom Bye Bye

You'll find this inside one of the Skyand "growths" on the south side of Thompsontown - you'll have to come here for the main quest.

Captain Spike ELEX 2 Weapon

#24 - Capt'n Spike

You'll find this at the Ignadon Old Converter, inside a crate on the west side, close to the converter.

Thunder Barrel ELEX 2 Weapon

#25 - Thunder Barrel

After taking down all the reavers in the dome furthest right, you'll find this behind the bed in one of the structures up against the walls.

Firebreather ELEX 2 Weapon

#26 - Firebreather

You'll find this on the catwalks in the structure to the direct east of the Berserker Fort.

Death Stick ELEX 2

#27 - Death Stick

You'll find this at the top of the skyscraper on the north side of Thompsontown, next to Map Piece 11. You'll want an upgraded Jetpack for this one!

Can Opener Heavy Weapon ELEX 2

#28 - Can Opener

You'll find this one just outside of the Outlaws Crater City - guarded by a Troll next to the bridge that heads northwest.

Sorrowbringer ELEX 2

#29 - Sorrowbringer

Found within the Deltara Former, in the room with the column of light. Filled with Skyands you'll want to beat first!


There you have it, every Elex 2 Unique Weapon! Hopefully, this guide helped you gear up! Let us know if we missed any, too!

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